Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Fodder

Tonight at dinner with DH & Darly the following conversation took place...

we were discussing shoe sizes (because of our ice skating today)

Darly: What happens if you have a really big shoe size?

Me: I'm pretty sure that most people have to order their shoes.

Darly: What happens if you have a really small shoe size?

Me: They have to order their shoes too...

DH: They wear clogs!

Darly: Why would they want to wear those brown furry things?

DH & Me: What?

Darly: The brown furry things they show on know clogs!

DH & Me are still confused

Darly: You know sink clogs

maybe you had to be there, but we were ROTFLOL!

Auditions at Wendy's Come check them out!


  1. LOL!!! That's hysterical!!

  2. That is HILARIOUS!

    Yeah, I wouldn't wear clogs (like that), either. Smart girl!

  3. The instructions are here: I remember it was a little tricky, but not too bad. Let me know if you need help...

  4. LMAO!!! What a fun kid!

  5. I like it when children are comedians without even trying. Darly is delightful.

  6. That is funny. It's so cute how their minds work.

    The Pink Diary

  7. Random!! That's a smart kid!

    Wendy sent me!

  8. Wendy sent me back again....I am going to go check out your TT! Happy auditions!

  9. Oh man, that is FUNNY!!!!!!!

    Yuck, that image is great.

  10. Anonymous4:48 AM

    are they dutch? huh.
    my girls both have what i consider to be large feet, the oldest wears size 9/10 and the youngest, at age 11, is already into size 10. hope her feet are almost done growing.

  11. Wendy sent me back again. Hope you are having a great Saturday!

  12. Are you going to do the whole Colonial Williamsburg thing? I have always wanted to go there.

    Wendy is to blame for my stalking you yet again! :)

  13. I love it! The mental image of trying to wear sink clogs on your feet is too funny! (and pretty gross!)

  14. That is just tooo funny. I remember when clogs were the rage in about 1975? There were so many to choose from.

    It's like my kids not knowing what a "record" is. I actually have a record player and records. They were so curious how it all worked, lol.

    Saw you at Wendy's casting call and came by to say "Hi."

  15. Ha ha! That's really funny. I wouldn't want to wear them either!