Friday, February 24, 2006

Good day with some bad news...

We knew we were going to have a busy day today... but being the uber-multi-tasking mom that I am I decided to throw in some more to the mix.

So we had to be at Presentation Club at 10AM. After much consideration, I decide that before we head to that, we should try to deliver some Girl Scout cookies over at Church... so we head over there first.

We get to Church and deliver one box and then head to the office and get the Bad News. A family that we don't know all that well (I can tell you who they are, but haven't actually met them yet) lost their baby boy today. James was not even a year old and I don't know what he died from.

So after that we head over to Presentation Club. There are a lot of kids 15 presented. The kids just got up and presented anything that they wanted. Darly read a short story that she wrote a while back. Then the kids voted on what to do next month. Darly was bummed that Animals wasn't chosen because she wanted to do dogs...they chose Cultural. So I said that we could do a thing where she told where different breeds of dogs come from. Tah Dah! It's a cultural dog thing. So now I've got to find a large world map to attach pictures of dogs to it.

Then we sold some more Girl Scout cookies...this one mom the longer I was near her, the more she bought.

After lunch we went to the park to meet up with some of the Homeschooling Group moms and I got to "play" while Darly played with her friends.

Then this evening we had a totally awesome field trip. We went to the Plains Conservation Center for the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE NIGHT OUT. We've gone there a few times before, but never for this program and never at night either. So we get there early and wait at the Museum. They have some local snakes (in tanks) on display. The rattlesnake was suprisingly calm...I guess he's used to kids in his face by now.
After we were all there, we got the brief of what we were doing and all the rules.
Then we were allowed to take a handwarmer (aka Hot baked potato) that we could eat if we liked and head over to the sod house.
There we split into two small groups and our group headed to the school house. Where Mrs. Mouger was teaching school. From our previous visits we knew that we could be in trouble for attending school in our "pantaloons" so Darly & I made sure to wear skirts. Mrs. Mouger appreciated our thoughtfulness. She also went over the school rules such as "Children are to be seen and not heard." So the kids had to make sure that they asked permission (raised their hand) before speaking. One poor girl slipped up on that...oops!
Mrs. Mouger talked to us about life in Laura Ingals Wilder's days on the prairie. Darly & I had gone over quite a bit of The Long Winter book today so Darly knew quite a bit and did very well with raising her hand and answering questions.

I kinda think that Darly would do quite well in this kind of school versus a classroom of today. The fact that the kids had to be quiet and well behaved made Darly more at ease (she doesn't like loud noisy kids).

After school we got to go to the sod house and help bake some cookies. The kids got to check out the house and play some games while the cookies baked and then we got hot chocolate too. The one presenter got a little perturbed when she asked a question and two kids interupted her with non-related stuff instead of answering her...can't say that I blame her. After the cookies were done we cleaned up and helped bring in some fire wood. The trip ended with a "waggon ride" back to the Museum.

I made the mistake of mentioning that our Girl Scout troop had cleaned the sod house for them and they were quick to mention that the school house really could use a cleaning if we wanted another service project.

While looking up the website for this post, I noticed that this event was a one time deal and that our Troop was the only one that took advantage of it. That's a shame. They really missed out. I hope that they do it again...I'll be back.

The tags that I chose this week...

I caught this tag over at Whiskey TalkingThe rules:

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I Am - Mark Schultz
What If - Nichole Nordeman
Just The Way I Am - Big Daddy Weave
Only Grace - Matthew West
How Great Is Our God - Chris Tomlin
I Am Free - Newsboys
All In The Serve - Michael W. Smith
My Jesus - Todd Agnew

And then this tag over from Veronika’s place
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1. a girl named inky
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Next, select five people to tag.
1. You
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What were you doing 10 years ago?
That would be February 24, 1996. We were living in San Angelo, TX. DH was stationed at Goodfellow AFB and I was attending Angelo State University. I would have been attempting to take Calculus 3 and Zoology. (yes, I was crazy) This is also when I first got sucked into the world of the web and I was visiting about 3 different message boards…none of which still exists.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Potato Chips (Sour Cream & Cheddar!)
2. Tortilla chips and salsa
3. Ice cream
4. Girl Scout cookies
5. Flavored crackers…Cheese Its

Five songs you know all the words to:
1. See the above tag, I know all of them
2. Most any song that I’ve heard more than twice & liked
3. You’re All That Matters To Me – Curtis Stigers
4. 99 Luftballons - Nena
5. Impulsive – Wilson Phillips

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Pay the taxes on it
2. Invest ½ of it so that we could live w/o working again
3. Give some to my Mom
4. Buy my first dream home
5. Travel

Five bad habits:
1. Being “chronically early” as in I feel as if I’ll die if I’m late
2. Trying to mind read instead of just asking what’s going on
3. Saying, "Yes" too much; taking on too many tasks
4. Procrastinating
5. Interrupting

Five things you enjoy doing:
1. Reading
2. Visiting & talking to my friends
3. Sewing
4. Blogging
5. Volunteering

Five things you would never wear:
1. A moo moo
2. Something too revealing
3. Something that totally doesn’t fit right
4. A thong
5. High heels

Five favorite toys:
1. The computer!
2. My massaging chair pad
3. My stereo right next to the computer
4. the internet (I can claim that separate from the computer, right?)
5. My blog

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday 13: School Daze

Thirteen Things about Things I remember about school

1. Head Start. This was a program for poor kids to get them prepared to go to kindergarten. I think that Mom signed me up to get me out of her hair mostly. I don’t remember doing anything really like school work… just getting on the bus each day and going. And the strange thing is they had us pee into Styrofoam cups and toss the previous day’s pee outside at one point. I don’t know why and I don’t remember telling my parents about it either. I also remember sticking a bead up my nose during nap time…I never napped. Updated: Although I can't be sure, I believe that the peeing in cups thing was that the septic tank was in need of emptying and they were trying to conserve space...but that doesn't explain why they kept the pee overnight?

2. Kindergarten. Mostly what I remember is that one of my best friends had an old bed spread for her nap-pad and instead of napping (which remember from before, I never did) we would pull strings out of her bed spread and make ourselves jewelry… nice orange jewelry.

3. 1st grade. We learned to read “See Spot run” books.

4. 2nd grade. Teacher was Mrs. Thomas. She taught me to HATE school. I guess that’s why I remember her. Her daughter was a year ahead of me…not a nice kid.

5. 3rd grade. The first part of the year I was living with my Aunt & Uncle in Florida and was doing really well in school there. Nicer teachers. Well I liked those teachers much better than old Mrs. Thomas! But after Christmas break I was back to my parents and back to my old school. My teacher was Mrs. Graves. I remember getting to stand in front of the class as punishment for not doing my homework and at recess I had (for some odd reason) decided to put both of my socks on the same foot…so on one foot I had two socks and the other had none and Angela pointed out that I had only one sock on…and I had to explain that No, I really had two on, they were just both on the same foot.

6. 4th grade. Teacher Mrs. Brooks. She was also a member of my Church. So trying to be silly, I put my name down on my paper as my middle name… She knew it was my paper, but I’m not sure if it was that it was by handwriting, because there was a paper from a kid with a name she didn’t have and no paper from me or if she knew my middle name from Church. Probably the first. I don’t remember too much more about 4th grade than that.

7. 5th grade. Teacher Mrs. Davis. She would turn out the lights and read to us each day. She read us the Fudge books by Judy Bloom and maybe the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. I also remember doing a book report on “Harold and the Purple Crayon” for her class.

8. 6th grade. My parents separated (another 13 story?) and I was living with my Mom and going to school again in Florida. In FL 6th graders went to a school on the other side of Tampa with only 6th graders in it. I had one teacher for a while and then they switched us to another teacher in another room…I kinda think the first teacher had some medical problems. I learned how to play chess that year and how to write a limerick …
“There once was a cat named Cleo,
who fell in love with a fish named Leo,
he jumped into the bowl,
because of his soul,
and now Cleo and Leo are a Trio!”

By Christmas break Mom decided that she couldn’t take care of me and sent me back to live with my Dad, so back to my old school.

9. 7th grade. We had more teachers that year and lots more subjects. I signed up to take geography… they failed to tell me that after Christmas break that I had to take some weird class about plants. I wasn’t at all interested in that class, so I just went back to geography class. The teacher of geography class was the councilor who had “helped” me sign up for the classes and he just let me stay in his class. But since I had already taken the class, I had to write a research paper on a country. I picked Korea…which is very very odd since I ended up going to live there later.

10. 8th grade. I had two horrible male teachers that year. The first was Mr. Gilbert for LA history/civics. He belittled students in front of everyone. There was a new boy at school and I thought he was cute, so I had tried to become his “girlfriend”… but he chose Laura instead. I had cried about this all during English class. Somehow the news got to Mr. Gilbert and when I got to his class while handing back our most recent test, he announces to me/the class that he has bad news… 1st the new boy likes Laura, not me and that I failed the test. Nice… The second horrible male teacher was the gym teacher. We had lunch before that period, but they had us go to class and leave our books there…line up to got to lunch…have lunch and then recess and then go back to gym class. So I had dressed up that day (nice dress and high heals). Not sure what the big deal was but we always rushed over to be first in line for lunch. I was first with a few of my friends behind me. Coach says to us “Hello ladies, and you too Renee.” I didn’t find his little joke at all funny and I kicked him, trying to dig the heal of my shoe into his calf. So as punishment he sends me to the back of the line. I guess that was pretty good considering what I had done.

11. 9th grade. Finally living back with my Mom in FL. And this school is a Jr. High school with 8th & 9th graders. When my Mom called back to LA to get my records transferred the secretary says “she should have stayed here…she would be in High School now.” If I had stayed in LA in High School the older kids would have “hazed” me as being a freshman… but moving to FL I was in the older class. Although since I registered late I was put into a homeroom class with kids with last names beginning with A… My last name began with R. There was also a guy with the last initial of W…there may have been a few other “extra” kids too, I don’t remember. I do remember that W left a very crude note in my locker one day, but I saw him do it and purposely made sure that he didn’t see me get the note. I got the note during a class that I had that was near my locker. I didn’t tell W that I ever got his note until 12th grade.

12. 10th grade. First year in High School. Our school was built like a mall… A big huge main mall where our lockers & eating area were with halls extending off of the mall for all of the classrooms. There was no “hazing” of sophomores at this school; at least I didn’t see any. In fact I had lunch each day that year with a Senior & two Juniors…all guys. A friend of mine introduced me to them.

13. 11th & 12th grades. The teachers in the math department had finally figured out that I needed to be put in the advanced math classes (because I was blowing the curve for the regular classes). I did okay in the advanced classes, they also put me in advanced English classes too. I didn’t care too much for the homework…I never did like homework. If it didn’t get done at school, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I managed to pass all my tests without it.

I got a scholarship to the college of my choice and went there the fall after graduation…for only one semester. I was dating that guy W from 9th grade and he didn’t like it too much that I was smarter than him (or I applied my intelligence in a more constructive way than he did). So being so stuck dumb by love I gave up school for him.

Eventually (4 years later) I wised up and left him to go back home to my Mom. Of course I couldn’t afford to go back to school on my own; I had to earn a living as Mom surely couldn’t afford to pay for me. So it wasn’t until I got married that I went back to college. I still don’t have a degree, because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

It's still Monday...

Well that's what I get for being late...I can't get the code. LOL! I guess that's okay though...I'm still trying to decide which memory to post about.

Did I tell you about the time I got in trouble for doing something my mom would have wanted to do herself?

This is another memory from when I was a kid. I think I was 8. One day we were driving to Shreveport and my Mom says "Why don't we go to the airport and watch the planes?" So we get to the airport and are watching planes for a while and then someone that my Mom knows gets off the plane near us.
Turns out this person is my Mom's sister and her two boys. But I hadn't seen them in so long that I had no clue. And did you notice how Mom didn't bother to tell us anything about them coming or that's the real reason we were going to the airport?

Anyway, so we get all the way back to our house which was at least a hour away. And we are all in the back yard playing. By this time I realized (again) that my cousin Len is a real prat! (I'm reading Harry Potter again and this word seems to fit Len really really well.) Len had been getting on my last nerve since we got into the car. So I got a bucket and started filling it with dirt...nice Louisianna red clay dirt! Then I climb up "my" tree with the bucket of dirt and I wait. I didn't have to wait too long. :D And Len is under the tree playing with one of my brothers' cars. 3-2-1! I dump the bucket of dirt onto Len's head! Wow what a site!

Unfortunately, Mom and Aunt were sitting in lawn chairs right there. And Mom immediately sends me to my room. Whew! I'm away from prat!

It's the middle of summer so all the windows are open in hopes of getting a breeze. I'm in my room playing with my toys. All 5 boys (my 3 brothers & 2 cousins) are outside with my Mom & Aunt. At one point Len comes up to my window and hollers in for my attention. I come over and he says that I should just go say I'm sorry to my Mom and maybe she'll let me come back outside, it works for him all the time.

I must have been getting bored by then so I tried it. HA! What a joke. My Mom was even madder at me for trying it than she was for me dumping the dirt.

Years later, I of course learned that Mom was secretly very happy that I dumped the dirt but had to put on a good show for her sister. And that I had tried something that her sister would have caved in on was just not going to happen because she had to prove that she was stronger than that.

My cousin is still a prat who is most favored by his mother. Len still keeps messing up his life and his mommy bails him out.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Here's what actually happened Feb 16, 2006

So it was very very late on Feb 15th and I was trying really hard to come up with my Thursday 13. But then I realized that in a few minutes it would be Feb 16th, the anniversary of when DH proposed and wrote my lovely TT about that.

So after I logged off for the night, I left DH a nice little Happy Anniversary note for him to find in the morning. And then I go to bed.

I get up around 8:30am-ish in the mornings. DH leaves for work at about 6:45am. So I go down and see that my note is still pretty much where I left it with nothing from DH on it. (in the past, "I love you" notes usually have "I love you, too" written on them. That's all I expected for this day.) So I'm wondering if he didn't even see the note.

When he gets home that evening, I show him the note and he just looks at me.

Me: "You don't know what anniversary this is?"

Him: "The day we met?"

Me: "No."

Him: "Oh, the day I proposed."

Me: "So not a Happy Anniversary?"

Him: "I'm not going to say anything about that." (pleading the 5th)

Hummm So I have to wonder if remembering another anniversary is just too much or if he has regrets about that day. I'm more inclinded to believe the first, but I know that sometimes I get on his nerves.

Like yesterday...
Darly & I made brownies for DH's birthday on the 12th. We had been each having a brownie for desert each night. Wednesday night I went out to TNO and didn't have my last night there was one brownie left (my Wednesday night brownie) so I go to eat it. Darly states that SHE wanted that brownie. I give her a dirty look as it is MY brownie, but since I don't want to start a war over a brownie I give it to her.
Then as soon as I decide to give it to her, she decides that No, it's really my brownie and I should have it. But I've already surrendered the brownie and I really don't want it anymore. So she's feeling really guilty and wants me to have it, but I've already picked a different desert and started eating it. So I tell her "eat the brownie or throw it in the trash." Well apparently that wasn't the thing to say because she draggs DH into it and now he is ganging up against me. WHAT??? And I don't even know how this happened (probably from picking her nose again) but she got a nose bleed and it gets all over her sweater. GAHHHH!
So now DH is upset with me for not rushing immediately over to take control of the situation. I calmly tell him "I'll clean the sweater AFTER her nose stops bleeding." Dirty looks!

So now he is all ticked off at me for "starting" a fight with Darly. Hummm I didn't start the fight, she did. And no matter what he thinks, I AM allowed to fight with her and she is old enough to deal with my anger. And now I'm ticked off at him because he ALWAYS takes her side in our arguments.

The funny thing is: He thought that I should eat the brownie, but he's always after me for what I'm eating because the thinks it's his job to make sure that I don't gain weight again... They are both driving me CRAZY!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday 13: Anniversary

I took the table off this post because it was messing up my formatting. Renee

Thirteen Things about Today

1. Today is the Anniversary of the day that my DH asked me to marry him.

2. We met each other on December 16th, 1990.

3. On the day we met, he asked me to go with him to Busch Gardens on the 29th of December.

4. On Dec 26th, He asked me over to his apartment to watch a movie (Pretty Woman) and have pizza. I had already agreed to pick up a friend from the airport that evening...but I agreed to go over anyway.

5. I stayed at his place as long as I could (calling the airlines to check on my friend's flight) before leaving to pick her up. I spent the night at my friend's place talking about him...and she was talking about this cute guy that she had met on her flight.

6. I told my friend "He's a nice guy and all, but I don't think I'll marry him or anything." She was making plans to marry the guy that she had met on the plane.

7. In April, He had to go to Las Vegas for a business trip and was planning to take a few days vacation and visit his parents in LA after. I am pretty sure that I asked if I could fly out to Vegas to join him and he said yes! He even bought the tickets... I had assumed that I would be paying for them, so I took that money out of my savings acct to pay him back... he never took the money and I never put it back in my acct, so it got spent. oops! But I didn't spend it on this trip.

8. When we had been dating 6 months, I sent him flowers at work. The florist called his office to get directions there and his co-workers all knew that he was going to get flowers before he did, so they all made sure they were there when the flowers arrived... he was very embarassed.

9. In October 1991 He tried to break up with me for no given reason. I was determined to make this work and finally he admitted that the reason he was trying to break up was because he had to go out of the country on business for 3 months and he didn't want to make me wait for him. I told him that I wanted to wait.

10. He was gone for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & my birthday. I collected his mail & watered his plants while he was gone.

11. He called me about once every 2 weeks in Nov, about every week in Dec and every few days in Jan. He also send me quite a bit of mail while he was gone.

12. The first weekend when he got back we celebrated Thanksgiving (I cooked him dinner at his apartment), we celebrated Christmas the following weekend, we celebrated my birthday the next weekend and then his birthday a few days later. Then on Valentines day he invited me to attend the wedding of one of his co-workers with him. I caught the bouquet, he caught the garter.

13. To celebrate the anniversary of the day that we met (1 year and 2 months later) on February 16th, 1992 he asked me to marry him.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

42 Things about Me

Shamelessly copied from Running2ks.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 6:45 am. I heard DH leaving and rushed to kiss him good bye. He lets me sleep in the AM.

2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds, but I’ll take the pearls too (got fakes of both for VD day and love them!)

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Madagascar

4. What is your favorite TV Show? Good Eats

5. What did you have for breakfast? Coffee

6. What is your middle name? Darlene <-that’s actually where Darly’s handle comes from. Darly isn’t her real name or even part of it.

7. What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican

8. What foods do you dislike? Peanut butter

9. Favorite Potato Chip? Lays Cheddar & Sour Cream!

10. What is your favorite CD at the Moment? I don’t listen to my CD’s much…mostly KLove I would probably love a Newsboys CD

11. What kind of car do you drive? 1994 Ford Explorer

12. Favorite sandwich? Turkey Ranch & Swiss at Quiznos

13. What characteristics do you despise? Mis-directed rudeness

14. What are your favorite clothes? Fuzzy sweaters

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go? Europe or Hawaii…I really wanna see the volcanos!

16. What color are your eyes? brown

17. Favorite Brand of Clothes? I’m not into brands…I’ll take whatever fits!

18. Where would you want to retire to? The beach

19. Favorite time of day? Evenings with the hubby

20. Where were you born? Barksdale AFB, LA

21. Favorite sport to watch? none

22. Coke or Pepsi? Water!

23. Are you a morning person or night owl? Night

24. Any new and exciting news you’d like to share with everyone? I’ve got Girl
Scout cookies for sale!

25. What did you want to be when you were little? I had NO IDEA! As I got older, I thought that I wanted to be a lawyer and later work with animals (vet?)… but it
wasn’t until Darly was born that I figured out that I had always wanted to be a mom.

26. What is your best childhood memory? Going to Girl Scout camp

27. What are the different jobs you have had in your life? Babysitter, animal sitter, paid trick-or-treater (kinda like babysitting), Arby’s, Gift shop, Registrar’s office at college, waitress, more fast food places, copy & mail room of electric company’s main office (we didn’t make the power there, just sold it.), receptionist & later accounting for a property management company (we supplied the staff for apartment complexes & paid their bills for complexes that were owned by the bank.), Church Secretary, volunteering at Church in the office, Mom, LLL Leader, Homeschooler, treasurer for LLL, Field trip planner for Homeschooling group

28. Piercings: 2 in each ear

29. Ever been to Africa? no

30. Ever been toilet papering? Just last year we did
Jen’s house! My first ever.

31. Been in a car accident? Yes. Dad rolled the van & I rear-ended a car once.

32. Favorite day of the week? Sunday

33. Favorite restaurant? Steak & Ale

34. Favorite flower? Pansies in my garden

35. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla, but I also like Caramel Caraboo

36. How many times did you fail your driver’s license? None… never missed more than one question.

37. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? None, I couldn’t spend that much money ever!

38. Bedtime? Between 10 & 2 depends on what’s going on.

39. Last person you went to dinner with? Darly at Applebees

40. What are you listening to right now? “All in the Serve” Michael W. Smith on KLove.

41. What is your favorite color? Purple

42. How many tattoos do you have? Zero

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Memories: weird trip to the State Fair

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about my weird trip to the State Fair?

Okay, this was a very very long time ago (I think that I was 13 or 14) so the memory is very fuzzy...but I think I've got enough of it for you.

One of my brothers (pretty sure it was the middle one) had a friend who's family was Mormon. I was young enough at the time to think I heard them say they were Morons... my appologies to any Mormons out there...remember I was just a kid.

So Rob (he would have been 9 or 10)comes home one day and asks us if we want to go to the fair with his friend's family. Since we had no idea if our father would be able to take us, we said sure. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

So we go to his friend's house. They have very big family with kids aging from high school to infant. Once we got there, I realized that I knew one of their kids, but she was 2 years older than me. They had added a new wing to the back of the house to have rooms for the expanding family... the bathroom that they put in was a shower that happened to include a tolite & sink. I guess the idea was that multiple kids could shower at the same time. The kids bedrooms each had at least two sets of bunk beds. But I'm digressing here... on to the fair.

So we all load up into their huge vehicle to go to the fair. We get to the fair and are all directed to follow to the Draggon Ear concession stand. It was there that we learned what we had been brought there to do. Inside the stand were multiple tables with many people pressing out the draggon ears. (BTW: Draggon Ears are a lot like Elephant ears [flat fried pastries] only Draggon Ears are all hand pressed.) So some people were mixing up the dough, some were measuring it out, many racks of dough rising, and then trays are brough to the kids at the tables to get pressed out into circles, then the dough is brought to the friers to cook, then the fried dough is covered in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar and sold.

So we washed our hands, sat down and started pressing out the draggon ears. The stand also sold soft drinks and we could have all we wanted of the draggon ears & drinks. Since I was older, I was also allowed to man the fryer, or measure out the dough. I remember making my own special draggon ear that was smaller than normal...I measured the dough, pressed it out, and fried it myself.

I don't quite remember how long we had to work, but we were allowed to take breaks and go enjoy the fair. This is where it gets really fuzzy, because I don't remember if any adults went with us when we were out doing the fair stuff. I do remember visiting the exhibition hall and trying my first Orange Julious (is that how it is spelled?) I also remember that we didn't have any money so we didn't get to do any rides, but that was okay as most of the were really scarry.

That's all I remember of the trip to the fair...

But I also remember that this same family took us to a elect Ronald Reagan rally and had us help put Ronald Reagan fliers on cars... (my father is a democrat.)

They were a really nice family and I don't remember them talking to us at all about their religion... but we were always welcome to their house.

We ended up getting to go to the fair with our father and his girlfriend's family as well so we were exicted to have two trips to the fair. I'm pretty sure that dad lied about how old I was so he didn't have to pay as much to get us in.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

My baby can't hear!

and it's really driving me up a wall!

Darly caught a cold a few weeks ago and last Saturday it turned into an ear infection. Well the kid hates to take medicine (so unlike her uncle ron!) and my "How to Take Care of Yourself" book says that the doc will want to wait before giving anything anyway... so we didn't go to the doc until very late on Tuesday.

Meanwhile she hadn't been eating and had been sleeping a whole lot.

She's been on her meds since late Tuesday and started feeling better on Thursday. She insisted that we go shopping, but about half way through (we ran to the Library, Wal-Mart & the Grocery store) she was starting to give out.

Today she's still the same and still can not hear. So I called up the doctor's office. They tell me that the hearing loss can last until after her meds are gone!


So I immediately started surfing the web. I found a ton of sites that will sell me something to tell if she has an ear infection, which I already know. But then I also saw that I can give her an antihistamine to reduce the inflamation in her eustachian tubes and that will help them drain, which will help her to hear. We tried some of our allergy medicine and it seems to be working a little.

Now if I have her attention (which I can get by clapping) she can hear me from 10 feet away. This morning I was standing right next to her and she couldn't hear me unless she was looking at me.

wondering if she's lip reading?

BTW: My mom gets these infections every year and it used to drive me completely up a wall when I lived at home. She was practically stone deaf when she was sick. So I know where Darly gets this from... I suspect that Nana, Darly & I all have something with our Eustachian tubes because we all have problems with altitude and our ears...Luckily I have never had an ear infection...knock wood! Maybe that's because I had my adenoids removed???
I need to do more research...maybe if Darly gets hers out it might help. But I'm sure the doc will make me wait until she gets chronic ear infections. I should suggest this to mom.

Update Monday Feb 13: Darly still cannot hear so we're going back to the doctor to have her ears checked. When I called them on Friday they said I shouldn't be concerned yet... Darly normally goes to gymnastics class on Mondays, but I don't think it's safe for her to go if she can't hear the coach.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

You're questions Answered here on today's Thursday 13!

Thirteen Things questions you asked me!

Norma said...
My question for Renee: How would you sell Parker, Colorado to someone new to the area? Argh! I have to sell this place huh? Okay, Parker CO is a nice little town just 20 minutes from Denver. We have all the stores that you could possibly need, so no worries about trekking into town for supplies and we are hooked up with nice roads to get you where you wanna go fast. Great views of the Mountains!

Jen said...
Who's your very favorite person in the homeschooling community named Jen with the last initials L-G? Hummm… let me think about that and get back to you. Updated: Okay, okay! In the interest of saving a friendship, It's you!

Laura said...
here's my question for you:
so how many bunnies do you actually have and you must describe or share your favorite. I was telling my favorite Homeschooling person just Saturday that I counted all the bunnies on just my main floor of the house and came up with 78, but then I realized that I had forgotten all the ones on my refrigerator and I counted things like my calendars and tins as just one. That did not include my bunny guest room, which has less than the family room. I like to collect bunnies in different mediums. So I have brass, rusted metal, glass, ceramic, stone, wood, resin, quilted cloth, stuffed and bunches of pictures. Oh and my favorites would have to be Trina & Trudy the live ones or they’ll beat me up! See pix below.

Barbara said...
If you were given a magic "do over" what would you do differently in your life? You seem to be giving me more than just one day to redo. Wow! That’s a toughie, because if I redid some of my past would I be where I am now? I’m happy now, would I be happy if I went back and changed it? I do know that there are some things that I did in my past that I regret and changing those would be good. I could be really mean and say I would have chosen different parents. Ha ha ha!

WendyWings said...
If you could go back and relive one day ( not changed at all ) just for the sake of doing it again what day would it be and why. Hummm what day to do over just to live it again… I think taking Darly to Disneyland for the first time. Just to see her all excited again.

YellowRose said...
¬If you were able to live in any time period, (Renaissance, Victorian, Wild West, Future, etc..) which would you choose and why? I have always been fascinated with the early American pioneers. Yup! I watched Frontier house and said “I could do that!” and I think that I could, but I’m sure happy to have my microwave oven now!

Holly said...
OK... now for a question. What are the three nicest compliments you've ever gotten? That my buddy Jen thinks that I’m a cool person in person! That people appreciate my organization skills and how reliable I am. And that my family would rather I cook certain meals than to eat them at a restaurant!

Veronika said...
If you could open up your own business, what type of business would it be? Well I don’t like working and definitely not selling anything. So I think the best business would be like that shop that Dharma opened on Dharma & Greg where people just came in and traded stuff.

SurrenderDorothy said...
"Did your dad ever brush your hair?" Not that I ever knew of. My dad was not happy that his first born was a daughter, among other things! See the choosing different parents thing above.
I asked my grandmother that question once. I had never known much about him. I didn't want to know how long he worked, or where. I wanted to know about his love for her. In the face of my recent post...Was he the kind of dad that would brush his little girl's hair? Follow up with "Will your daughters be able to answer "yes"? I'm just glad that my answer to that one will be "yes". And yes, Darly can say that and that her dad plays Barbies with her all the time. They have an awesome relationship, that I’m proud of and jealous of too.

Lazy Daisy said...
Which of the seven dwarfs would you be the most like? ( yes, I know you think you are Snow White...but that wasn't the question!) Well sometimes I’m Grumpy, and sometimes Happy; sometimes Sleepy, but hardly every Sneezy (well except for cottonwood season!); Always the family Doc, but rarely Bashful and most definitely always Dopey!

Running2Ks said...
Oh, I miss Colorado, so I have to ask, what are your favorite activities and weekend places there. In excruciating detail, please!!! We’re kinda lazy and don’t do a lot of weekend trips here. But my favorites here are Breckenridge and Rocky Mtn Ntl Forest. We went up the Breckenridge last Feb 12th for DH’s birthday and had a bunch of fun “ice skating” on the frozen over pond. We just went out in our sneakers and had a blast. And then I just love all the stuff to do in the National forest, hiking and site seeing. I also love that just about everywhere we go there is a learning opportunity and that Red Tail Hawks choose to live near us! Too cool!

Bone said...
Could you post some pictures of your real bunnies? I’ll try to get them to pose for us, sometimes they can be really drama queens and would rather chew on the camera.

And, why do I sometimes wake up from a dream, get up, go to the bathroom, get some water, then fall back asleep and pick up with my dream right where I left off? So totally don’t know the answer to that one because for me once I get up that dream is done. I’ve tried really really hard to get a dream back, but it never happens for me!
What's your favorite TV show ever? Seinfeld!

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thank Your Fairy Blogmother Week 2006

Momma K has created a new holiday, just for Fairy Blogmothers! Here's her description of the special day:

"You didn’t know that you had a Fairy Blog Mother ? Why, of course you do. You may have more than one. You may even have a male Fairy Blog Mother. Your Fairy Blog Mothers are those people who first inspired you to begin a blog of your own."

I had heard about Weblogs on TV I think. But they were described as on-line diaries. So since I can't keep a real diary, I didn't have any interest in them at all.

Then my friend Jen decided to hold one of her Co-op classes for our homeschooling support group on starting your own blog. Still I wasn't interested (can you believe it?!?!?)

But I eventually became interested when Jen started sending us links to her blog. She was posting all sorts of cool stuff and it looked like fun. I figured I would give it a try.

My blog started off saying "I don't know what I'll do here, if anything..." but apparently I overcame that soon enough because I joined the blog Olympics! And I didn't do too badly either. There was even one point where I had TWO blogs, but I gave the other one up... I haven't figured out that 80 hour day so for now it's just one blog.

I don't think that I really came out of my blogging shell until I found out about, threw Jen (of course) Thursday Thirteen. Since then I've been a comment whore.

So that's my story. Who's your Fairy Blog Mother?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Did anyone see this?

Last night I watched WIFE SWAP. This is not a usual habbit in my home as it seems that the whole idea of the show is to make people miserable and to tell them that they are living their lives WRONG... but I was drawn in by the homeschooling issue.

I was actually pleased to see that homeschooling wasn't BASHED as it normally is... but I was concerned with the Hardin Family's reasons for doing it. The Hardin Family seemed intent on keeping their children sheltered from real life and used their religious beliefs as a reason for doing so. These poor kids had no friends other than their siblings... it seemed that they did not even socialize at Church...although that could have just have been the producer's editing.

This episode seemed to only point out what truely was wrong within each family. I loved that David told Melissa off for disrespecting him and that Steven finally got a backbone to tell Melissa off too.

And I found it very IRONIC that Melissa's business was in Romance Enhancement, yet she barely spends any time with her husband. I guess when they are together, it's really good and that's why he stays. I guess it's pretty obivious that I didn't approve of Melissa's life style. But I was glad to see in the end that she decided to spend more time with her family.

I did not see that the Hardin family will change much, other than David is much more appreciative of Kathy...of course after living with Melissa who wouldn't be?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Asking again...

On last week's Thursday Thirteen I asked you to ask me questions. On this week's Thursday Thirteen I answered them and y'all seemed to really like it.

So I thought that I would try it again. So ask me anything you want here in the comments and I'll try to answer them for my next Thursday thirteen.

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Renee asked: "Ask me a question?"

I of course reserve the right to take the 5th on any question that I don't feel like answering. hee hee But I will give you credit for asking it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

13 number 13's for Thursday 13

Last week I asked you 13 questions and the last one was what do you want to ask me.

So here are the questions that you asked me...

1. Are you going to ask questions again next week on T13? :D by Gabrielle
hummm... I don't think so. Because I'm answering your questions. But for the next week, I don't know. ;o)

2. Are you as cool in real life as you are in your blog? by Uisce
I would like to think so, but you would have to ask someone who knows me to be sure. Try asking Jen

3. what your originaly 13 was going to be that you deleted! LOL by Courtney
a few of you asked about that...

4. ummmm, boxers or briefs? wait, that's a man's questions. ummmm, thong or granny panties? by Better Save than Sorry
Well I hate butt floss!

5. Are you happy now? ;-) by Bone
After much therapy...yes. I am happy now. :D

6. I want to know about those guys in the past! ;) by Sleeping Mommy
patience, patience

7. If I came to visit you and looked in your closet what would I find? by Charity
Nothing...because when you first opened the closet door a bunch of stuff would fall out hitting you on the head and knocking you unconscious. Then I would drag you out of the house and you would remember nothing.

8. Hmmmm. I don't know. What do you think I should ask you? (See? I can play that game, too!) by Anna
Well the popular question of the day is what was my original TT post... but you seem to be an original thinker, so maybe you would ask me something like "Why do you like rabbits?" And the answer to that would be because they are so cute and furry and I just love their attitudes.

9. Should I start Thursday 13? I can't decide... by Sherri
I find them rather fun to do and a good use of my imagination.

10. Hmmm - I'm wondering what your first post was like. I was boring when I was young - no way I could come up with 13 risque stories. Now if I embelleshed the truth just a little . . . maybe. by Jessica
Now, I didn't say that all the stories about those guys were risque...

11 - 13. were Hummmm or ????

I was a good girl in High School (don't listen to stories that may say otherwise!) I didn't date a whole lot until my Senior year because of course to go on a real date the guy needed a car and that took age & money... and another factor was that I dated this one guy my Junior year for the entire year, so I wasn't available. But when he decided that we should see other people (according to Phoebe on Friends that meant that he was already seeing someone else!) I decided that I would check out all my options and have some fun.
So if someone asked me out, I went. If a friend wanted me to tag along to a party, I went there too. I went swimming (or got thrown in) in the winter months. I went to the beach.
Most of the original post just listed guys that I went "together" with. In 9th-11th grade there was usually just one guy for the school year...nah, I have to take that back. 9th grade I "went together" with 3 guys. 10th grade there were two. 11th grade there was mostly the one from November to Sept of our Senior year, but before him I went out with another guy a little and tried very hard to get another guy to go out with me.
I guess the "juicyest" of the stories is that one weekend I went out with 3 different guys, one on Friday, one on Saturday and another on Sunday... and then a few weeks after that, I was with 3 guys on the same night. Mostly just talking. I know that nothing more than kissing happened because it was that time of the month.

And believe it or not, that's it. See I got you all interested for nothing.

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