Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Audition time again!!!!!!!!!

Run over to Wendy's to audition for a part in her next big feature... read the small print.

See ya there!


  1. Getting pictures where you want them - Renee I saw your question on Catzee's blog. I hope I'm understanding what you mean with my answer!

    I upload all my photos first, before I add text. I can then either -
    1 - add my text before, between, or after photos
    2 - move them where I want them.
    a - In the compose editor, photos can be moved with drag and drop. Sometimes I have to move them several times to get them as far down on the page as I want
    b - in 'edit html' I cut and paste the pictures html code to where ever I want it in the page. I just have to make sure to get everything between
    < a onblur ....... and ...... /a>

    I hope this is what you wanted to know!

  2. Can't audition since I nearly kill myself at the gym today... spinning class, first time :)
    Happy thursday!

  3. Thanks for the link to Wendy's. I'm from back from there.. oh, yeah, "Wendy directed me here today." What fun. I'm posting today about this and some other contests. Have a great one.

  4. What is LLL???

    Visting from Wendy's blog. :-)

  5. You should do a Thursday Thirteen that shows parts of your bunny collection & tells the stories behind the pieces. :-)

    I would find that interesting.

  6. What does gritching mean. Your blog says it is about "gritching." At least I think that is what it says.

  7. Guess where I am coming from ???
    Wendy says hi :)

  8. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Well...Wendy sent me here too! Cute blog. I enjoyed the visit. We just got our girl scout cookies yesterday. Now we just have to deliver them all!!

  9. Couldn't see the small print...must need reading glasses, darn:~(

  10. Are you having fun with the audition?

    -Visiting from Wendy's blog. :-)

  11. I am glad that you participated in the 2,996 project...I did too. I plan to participate next year if they do it again.

  12. Small print...what small print???

  13. The audition sounded like fun. I admit though, the idea overwhelms me!