Thursday, July 20, 2006

Drop Everything... I'm doin another Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen ways to explain My Black Eye

1. The truth! Last night DH, Darly & I were playing wiffle ball in the back yard. Darly was at bat, I was playing catcher. DH threw the ball, Darly missed the ball, I went to get the ball, Darly continued to swing and WACK!

2. I walked into a door... Does anyone believe that any more?

3. I fell. Hummm on my face, I'm not buying it.

4. The ball bounced off my glove and hit me in the face. Plausible

5. DH hit me. Not plausible...especially if you met my DH. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

6. Darly hit me. Not plausible either, at least not on purpose.

7. Lilly jumped up to lick my face and rammed her nose into my eye. Plausible but not likely as I don't allow the dog to lick faces and she knows it. She still tries, but only half heartedly.

8. The rabbits... Nah! No one is gonna believe that.

9. I was having a blonde moment while putting the dishes away and hit myself with the cabinet door...ouch!

10. Computer blogging eye just the right eye... yeah, that's the ticket.

11. Runaway battery operated massager. =o

12. I was breaking up that ice chunk in my freezer's icemaker with an ice pick and a chunk of ice went flying and hit me right in the eye!

13. I don't think that anyone's going to believe any of that garbage... When was the last time you had a black eye? And what would you tell folks who asked?

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  1. make sure you milk it for some sympathy ;)

  2. I am sorry that you have a black eye. I like the ice chunk one.

  3. Hmm, I've never had a black eye *knock on wood*

    Does it hurt? I'll bet it does!

  4. ACK sorry you have a black eye, I agree though blame it on the blog! ;D

  5. I had TWO black eyes the day I met my husband.

    I got them from running up my basement apartment steps, well more like falling up them.

    I tripped over the newspaper, had my hands full, fell and hit the bridge of my nose on the edge of the concrete step, thus giving myself two black eyes!

    TRUE STORY - I would just comment to people "you should see the other guy!" LOL

  6. How it's not a black eye, my mascara and eyeliner exploded while I was trying to put it on in the car.

  7. LOL
    they all sound plausible to me but i am a klutz!
    my tt is up too

  8. Personally, the attack rabbits sold me. I'm a Monty Python fan.It's totally plausible. What about the exploding jawbreaker.

    Actually, the last time I had one was when I literally ran into a door.

  9. Its been a long while since I last had a black eye.... I believe I got it by walking into a piece of equipment at work... no really! I did!

  10. Grambug had a package of TP fall on her head and it gave her a black eye. Nobody believed her, but it was true. Feel better soon, k?

  11. I've never had a black eye.. sounds painful!

  12. I love being number 13.
    No one ever believes a black eye story.
    Have you ever seen the I Love Lucy episode about Lucy's black eye.
    It's priceless

  13. Great list....hard to tell the truth today! I like the blogging one!
    Take care!

  14. lol! thankfully i've never had a black eye but as clumsy as i am, its gonna happen sooner or later. i should really bookmark your TT for when it does.

    i've posted 13 too at

  15. You're not giving away our ice pick!

    OK, I'm stagnating. All my comments are Seinfeld related. I gotta shut down and retool. I'm coming back with a new format--scandals and animals!

    I remember getting hit by a wiffle ball bat one time when I was little. Word got back to the parents of the, er, girl, who hit me, and they didn't understand it was a wiffle ball bat. They thought it was an aluminum bat. They were freakin' out, man.

  16. got hit by a wiffle ball bat!! Sorry, that just reminded me of a movie.

    #2 is believable to me...I've done it several times in this house.


  17. lmao at thats the ticket..that is one of my favorite lines...
    I make them up all the time, yeah, yeah, thats it, I erm, umm, was fixing the sink, yeah that's it, I was fixing the leak, yeah that's it, and the cat jumped on me, yeah thats it, I jumped and bonked my face into the ledge..thats the ticket..
    I liked yours better..
    Hope your shiner goes away soon..
    Wear sunglasses?
    My TT is up too

  18. Thanks for dropping by my 10 cent tour!
    The yard does indeed slope down toward the house. They actually regraded it so that there is a divet that diverts the water off around the house. With all the straw, you can barely see it. Before they regraded, the water pooled where the deck is being built. I want a swimming pool, but not like that!

    Have a great day!

  19. I KNEW it was the massager. You bad girl!

    We're still having tummy trouble.

  20. Oh boy!

    Back when I was in therapy school, the director of the clinical school (who was married to a university exec) came to work sporting a black eye. Tongues wagged. Being a fellow faculty wife (as well as a lowly student), I asked her how she managed to get such a shiner and she said that her 2-year-old jumped up and hit her with the top of his head as she was bending over to get him. Ever since that time, I've known that this was going to happen to me, eventually.

    I thought I'd somehow escaped the curse after the last baby I birthed grew past the terribly bouncy age...then came TWINS! I know I'm gonna get it, probably both eyes.

    I'll let you know when it happens.


  21. I've never had one, either. I ought to get out more. Pretend you got it in Vegas. Oh, and I love the "You ought to see the other guy!" line.