Monday, January 30, 2012

It is what it is

and the audience LOVES it!

The kids did an awesome job.  My Darly did her part so well that our Pastor couldn't recognize her until she did her line that she told him about.  I cannot wait until I can get some good pictures to show you.  For now, I'll post this one...

Darly is in orange.  She plays the Disney cartoon this character is only referred to as "The Archer"  Her character is ruthless and she plays it really well.  Everyone keeps telling her how well she is doing and she never breaks character. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Costume Parade - FAIL!

Well the director didn't like what we had for the costume parade.  She was really upset that we hadn't followed her color scheme ideas... ummm kinda hard to do when you are relying on donations of fabric and clothing.  She was also upset that the robes we had did not go to the floor... ummm safety issue as the kids have to climb the stairs to get on the stage and dance.
So now we are scrambling to finish up the projects we still needed to finish before and then add to and change the ones the director didn't like.
Oh and sometime I've got to figure out how to paint 22 t-shirts that I won't have until Friday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Costume Parade

Today is the costume parade for Mulan (Darly's current play).  A costume parade is a chance for the directors and kids to see what our hard working costume committee has come up with for them to wear.  We don't have all the costumes in place yet, but I'm fairly confident that we'll get that done today as we have a lot of outfits that aren't assigned yet.
Then we'll need to finish making the costumes.  We are all kicking ourselves for waiting until after the holiday to start sewing, but honestly we didn't want to have to do this at all!  I foresee a sweat shop of sorts going on in my sewing room this week.  ugh! 
I will say that I'm extremely pleased with what the other gals have come up with for our show.  One mom was tasked with outfitting our Huns and she did an awesome job!  Another mom was given the Mushu Dancers and I loved what she did, even though she's very nervous about it.  I hope that she's there to see the kids' reactions to her hard work.
I found out last night that YAY we don't have to come up with another 20 some-odd helmets for the kids.  One mom really doesn't want to dye her daughter's hair (I don't blame her one bit!) and was hoping for some head wear to hide the fact that she has red hair.  The director is okay with covering her hair with a cloth though.

Well I should shake a leg and a kid to get the ball rolling today.  I've got to run and get more fabric because I wasn't paying attention when I cut out one of the robes last night and now I don't have enough to make the robe...argh!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Snow!

We have yet another snowy day here.  (ah there the trash truck has finally arrived!  I thought they might try to wait until tomorrow like they do for all holidays even though when we hired them they said they wouldn't do that.)
The weather folks all predicted 2-4 inches.  It has been snowing on and off since 5am.  I'm pretty sure that anyone can tell you that adds up to way more than just 4 inches! 
I've gone out to shovel 3 times, trying to get it cleared off enough that our very tiny bit of sun could melt off any new snow.  At 2pm I thought I had it conquered, but now at 2:40 more snow is falling.  So it looks as if I'm going to have to shovel again and then sweep the remaining snow off so that the sun can do it's job.


Monday, January 09, 2012

Failure to communicate...

I'm not a fan of cell phones.  I find cell phone users to be rude, annoying and I really hate when they almost kill me with their very poor driving skills while talking on their phones.  I hate that now days you can't go through your life without owning one of the blasted devices. 

So I do own one, but I hardly ever use it. 
I had to turn texting off because I had some silly teenager who had the wrong number texting me constantly...and even though I never read her texts I was still getting charged. 
I had to set up a system for my ring tones so that the phone rings one way for people I actually want to talk to and another way for folks I don't know, because even though my phone is on the Do Not Call list, it still receives SEVERAL phone calls from folks who want to sell me something...usually to refinance my mortgage.
My car has bluetooth in it, but I shut that off because every time I got a call on my cell phone the bluetooth would kick in and scare the carp out of me and Darly.  Then we would have to figure out how to either answer or reject the call all the while trying to NOT get into an accident.  I figured that it was much better for me and everyone else on the roads if I not try to take a call while driving.  There was also some system check feature where the car would call to somewhere (I have no idea where) to give them a report on how it was doing.  I shut that off too, because it loved to do it while I was on the interstate.  ummm SO NOT helpful!
I don't have the voice mail set up on the cell phone because I don't want to have to pay to hear my messages (yeah, I'm that cheap!)  So folks I actually want to hear from can call my house and leave a message there...or better yet email can do that from your phone too. :p

And that leads me to today's rant.  Emailing from your phone.  It seems that just about everyone I know uses their cell phone to check and respond to their email.  Today I sent an email (from my computer) asking a very important two part question.  "Do I do this, or that?"  The return answer from her cell phone was "YES"... so I wrote her back that I didn't understand her response because I asked a two part question.  I just got notification that she returned my email with a proper answer.  Sigh!

So if you ever wonder why you don't have my cell phone above.  And if you do have my cell phone number you have been given the rules for it's proper usage...please don't make me reject your call. ;)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Silly hubby

Dear Renee
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above... -James 1:17

Hare today. Gone tomorrow. Another year gone by. Happy Birthday!

Here's hoping your birthday brings you laughter, a light heart, and love. Happy Birthday!

It's your birthday but don't be depressed...10 years from now this will seem young! Happy Birthday!

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body! -Anonymous

To misquote Martin Luther: It is your birthday. What does this mean? You should celebrate, eat cake ... (and thank the Lord for a year of blessing).

May you have a very Happy Birthday!!! Love, hubby