Monday, June 30, 2008

Awww Shucks!

I've gone and won another award! My good buddy Kailani over at An Island Life has awarded me with this...


Isn't it cute!

and all I had to do to get it was go comment over at her place... a lot. Hummm does that make me some kind of stalker? well if it does she seems to like me anyway. hee hee

Kailani has some really good posts over there. I just LOVE hearing all her crazy passenger stories (she's a flight attendant) and has the best job for people watching.

For any of you who are visiting me cuz Kailani told you to...thanks for stopping by. Stay and chat a bit, I'll whip up some virtual coffee and brownies. Photobucket

Friday, June 27, 2008

Answering my fan mail.

TC said...
Blondie #2 either had to go potty or his favorite toy was in his pants. I'll let you decide that one!


OMG... seriously Renee, you can't do that to me while I'm at work. I'm glad this is a little boy you're talking about and not a big one or I might have peed my pants laughing! :-D
I’m glad you enjoyed that. I know you got the entire picture of the event. I believe that the kids I had were all first graders (at least the Blondies were).

Lynn said...
No wonder you are exhausted! Nothing 'vacationey' about least not for the volunteers.

I loved how you described some of the kids...I've know a few "La La's" lol
I believe that the term Vacation in VBS means that the kids are on “vacation” from public school.

Heather said...
You are such a good SERVER! Go Renee... you rock! Now take a load off and rest!
I slept in to 8:30am this morning, and I felt like crud when I woke up. But I think the cruddy feeling had something to do with Blondie #3’s illness being passed on. I feel better now, but then I’ve had two cups of coffee too.

Carmen said...
you're such a good person, all that volunteering to help.

I always thought helping with music or crafts for VBS would be fun, but all the churches around me have it during the day, and I work, so no-go. We used to have it in the evenings, what happened to that? :)

Get some rest.
keep checking with your local Churches. In my area there are just as many that do VBS in the evenings as there are during the daytime. I think that you would be awesome as a station leader! I’m sure you’ll find one that can use your skills!

Joan said... seems to me that the term "vacation" is oxymoronic (or is that ironic) when it comes to all you did. What a good person you are to volunteer as you do.
Well, like I was saying to Lynn, I believe that it’s the Kids vacation from public school…not my vacation. ;)

Bone said...
You should write children's books.

I hate when I'm around kids then a day or two later the parent lets me know they've been really sick. Urgh.
Ha Ha about the children’s books. I'm not as bad as Rava! And I’m just totally mad at that mother for even bringing her kid back to VBS when she knew she was sick. What I can’t stand even more is the mothers that assume their kid isn’t contagious. I can’t tell you how many illnesses I’ve gotten from kids who were not contagious!

In other news: When we bought this house there were two trees in the back yard that were pretty nice but had thorns. Well soon after we moved in we noticed that these two trees kept making baby trees. There was one baby tree that we allowed to grow to about 4 foot before we realized that it was becoming more of an annoyance than anything helpful so we cut it down. Well now the smaller of the original trees has bit the dust…however, it’s legacy still lives on in abundance. It seems that the tree sent out tons of baby trees all over our backyard! Especially under our paver square patio! Little trees are coming up through all the cracks in the patio.
So last night DH & I spent a good part of our evening ripping up the paver brick patio and pulling up the roots of the old dead tree. I told DH that pulling up the roots reminded me of the sand worms in BEETLEJUICE…but I’m sure that there was another movie that had something like sand worms in it that I was really thinking of. The roots would go along close to the surface and then suddenly plunge deep into the earth! We would try to keep pulling them out, but many times we would give up and just cut them out. DH kept trying to slice through the roots with the shovel, and I had to roll my eyes at him cuz I had the bypass loppers right there. Anyway this evening DH is going to a friend’s house to watch the Rockie’s game so the roots will have to wait. But tomorrow…those roots are going bye-bye!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh I'm so tired!!!

I feel like a zombie right now. I've been trying to type this with my eyes closed cuz the bright lights of the screen hurt. Oh crap, I sure hope that doesn't mean a migrane is coming on! Maybe I'm just really really tired. I would really like to take a nap right now, but I'm still a bit wired.

See this week was VBS at my Church. And of course I volunteered to help out as a crew leader. I've tried other jobs and crew leader is my favorite cuz you get to play all day (well 9 to 12) and other than keeping your ducks in a row it's fine.

This year was Darly's first year as a crew leader helper. She's not quite old enough for a crew of her own yet, unless she wanted to take on a crew of pre-schoolers. She didn't, so no Pre-K yet. Since I had extra help this year, I was given a "tough crew." And it wasn't too bad, except for one girl who I'm not sure if she's high functioning autistic or what. Sometimes K is just off in her own little world. Then there were what Darly & I labled "the blondies." Three blonde kids who have known each other since Pre-K and think VBS is just a 3 hour playdate. I suppose that's better than kids who don't get along.

Every morning I got up with DH so I could shower and have some me time before it was time to face the crowd. So that meant getting up at six each morning...torture to a homeschooler...most of us don't get up until 9am if we can help it!

Then once we got there we wait for the kids to arrive. One child's mother thinks that she can just drop him off and take his sister to the Pre-K class and then come and sign him least I think that was her plan...I didn't let her get away with it. The rules state that in order for the kid to be with me, I need a signature! So I made him go get her. HA HA HA! I'm a mean crew leader!

La La's mom(cuz she's in La La land) was upset cuz her child got the same job two days in a row...well she was always last and got the last job. It wasn't a bad job and her kid liked it. So since her mom brought it up, I made sure today that she got to pick a different job...she wanted to do the same job again! LOL!

One of the blondies has a really hard time letting others have their turn to speak...especially if that someone isn't within arm's reach. I had to keep telling her that it was "the Pastor's turn to talk" or "Miss Julie's turn to talk."

Blondie #2 either had to go potty or his favorite toy was in his pants. I'll let you decide that one!

and Blondie #3 tells me yesterday that she's leaving early (this is at snack time that she's finally telling me) cuz she's going to the doctor for a possible ear infection!!! She wasn't at VBS today and I have a sore throat! GRRRR!!!

But other than that it was a lot of fun! I think I might have lost a few pounds...but probably not. LOL!

After VBS was over today I wanted to stick around and help clean up. The only person I could fine who looked like he needed help was the janitor. Turns out he needed a LOT of help!!!

First I vacuumed the sancutary!
Then we moved the furniture off the floor and vacuumed some more... all so that the carpets could be cleaned. Darly wouldn't let me stay any more for that...but seeing as he had only 2 carpet cleaners, I think we did our part.

I also vacuumed the Adult Ed class, much to Darly's chagrin! hee hee

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All of that for nothing???

Tonight a city near us was having a free outdoor movie. This is where you bring your own chair and popcorn and go sit near a blow up movie screen and watch the movie. Kinda like the new version of a drive in movie. We've gone to these before an even in the rain had loads of fun.

So tonight's movie was "The Neverending Story." And frankly Darly & I had never heard of it. Well I vaguely remember there being some movie about this in the
80's. At first Darly wasn't interested in going (a friend of hers said she had seen it and gave her a completely WRONG description of the movie.) But I looked it up on line and found that yes it was going to be the same movie from the 80's and gave Darly a quick summary.

Now Darly was interested in going! Oh shoot! She tells me this at 7:20pm! So I rush to pop some popcorn and get my sweater ready. And after a quick trip back to the house to pick up Darly's glasses, we zoom over there.

We get there and get parked...and I call a friend who was supposed to be there. Her hubby tells me that she's not feeling well and won't be there. No worries! Darly & I pick a spot to set up and I get out one chair...

The head guy (I guess he might be someone important in that city, but I have no clue who he is!) master of ceremonies and such had just finished telling folks that the movie would be starting soon and then right as I set my one chair on the ground he says..."I'm sorry folks, but we've been asked to evacuate the parking lot. You can leave your chairs here, but you're going to have to go wait in your cars or in a store until this storm passes."

At first Darly didn't hear him or understand him. Then he repeated his message and by then I had the chair packed. Darly was pretty bummed out. What were we gonna do?

As we are heading to the car we tell another family that we have to wait.

We get to our car and I decide to just load everything in the back...Including Darly & me! I decide to just sit there with the back hatch up and wait out the storm.

And so we sat and watched the storm. It was very cool. We talked about the storm and hurricanes and tornadoes and lightening. We talked about a bunch of other "living maniquins" since there was a lady in the shop window moving stuff around who looked like a moving maniquin.

We were also treated to an "Idiot Show!" Some guy was walking though the parking lot with a queen sized inflatable mattress on his head. The wind caught the mattress and blew it out of his hands. He got it back and headed under the awning of the store...he waited for a bit and tried to go out again...again he was blown around like a feather. Darly & I were both wishing we had a video camera.

Then the storm subsided. By then Darly was ready to head home...but I wanted to just see if the movie would take place. We drove by and it seemed that not many had stuck around to see if the show would go on. It sure didn't look as if it would as the vendors were all gone. So we headed home.

I missed a season finale for this...but it was worth it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Day

Darly didn't want to go to gymnastics class today. She was ready to be done.

When Darly & I got to the gym one of the moms came up to me and asked if today was Darly's last day (right in front of her coach). I said that it wasn't that we still had some time left...and I thought that we did.

But I was wrong!

I went into the office after Darly went into her class and talked to the office manager about our account because today was the end of this session. See the gym offers a discount for paying early, so I paid for 6 months worth of lessons. Then the gym "promoted" Darly up to a more expensive class after 2 months at the old rate. So the middle two months should have been at the higher price...however the manager didn't change Darly's price and she got the last two months at the lower rate! YAY! So she told me that for the next two months I only owed about $50.

And I told her that Darly was ready to quit and didn't want to pay through the end of August...and since they don't do refunds that we would just continue until her money ran out if that was okay. Well it turns out that the gym DOES do refunds, they just won't refund a partial session. (a session is 2 months...well ACTUALLY it's 8 weeks.)

Say your child just started and then decided that they didn't want to do it anymore...well then you're outta luck for the rest of that session.

But since Darly hadn't started the new session, we can have the money back. YAY!

I wanted to tell Darly right away that this was her last day so she could tell her friends and say good bye and all...but I missed where she changes rooms.

Later in her class Darly was feeling really down on herself for not getting a skill right (she's such a perfectionist!) Her coach was trying to talk to her, but it wasn't working. So I asked if I could talk to her...and I told her it was her last class.

At that point the news wasn't what she wanted to hear. She really wanted more time to work on that skill (her back handspring). So I assured her that it wasn't for good, as soon as she was ready to try again we could try again (probably with a different gym!) And that made her feel much better.

She went back to class and was a happy camper.

Her coach came out after class and talked to me. Gave me some tips for how she can help get better at the back handspring. And we said "see ya later!"

Darly started to question me and I said "little white lie." she giggled and smiled.

She's having ice cream now and is glad to be done.

I'm happy to have my Tuesday & Thursday nights back! YAY!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Camping Report

Today I will be interviewing Darly to let you know about her camping experience.

Mom: It’s very nice to have you here today Darly. I’m so glad you agreed to speak to us. My readers have been very excited to hear about your time at camp.
Darly: Hi ya

Mom: So did you like camp?
Darly: You bet!

Mom: What was your favorite part?
Darly : Learning French because of the girl from France (one of the campers in her unit was from France. Darly has been wanting to learn French.)

Mom: Did you do anything different this year from last year?
Darly: Um we slept in cabins with bunk beds? (last year she slept in a platform tent on cots.)

Mom: Did you learn anything new?
Darly: French

Mom: Did you make any new friends?
Darly: yes…LOADS!

Mom: Who were your counselors?
Darly: Starlight, T-bone, and Hyla ( pronounced EEla)

Mom: Who were some of the other people you met?
Darly: Chipp from archery, Disco another counselor, Smoggey ANOTHER counselor, Rat Rod a PA,
And Zillons more!

Mom: Any favorites? Why?
Darly: Chipp. She liked me for some reason. (I met Chipp on my way to the dining hall to pick up Darly. When she found out that I was Darly's mom, she was chatting my ear off and I was like trying to get to my kid!!!)

Mom: What was your favorite game?
Darly: Sausages (this is a very silly game where everyone in the group takes turns asking the person who is "IT" silly questions to get them to smile. The "IT" person has to answer each question "Sausages" without smiling or laughing.)

Mom: Here’s a good question…did you try any new foods that you think Mom should start making?
Darly: Um I tried loads, but you don’t need to make them (NUTS! I was hoping for something else I could make for dinner!)

Mom: Any other things you would like to share about camp?
Darly: not really

Mom: How did you feel about your Mom being late to come and get you from camp?
Darly: sad…I missed you!

Mom: Do you want to go back to camp next year?
Darly: yup but not with Iona ‘cuz she wants to request that we hike like mad!!! (my kid isn't a fan of hiking...especially the kind of hiking you do in the woods. LOL!)

Mom: Do you want to go back to camp next week? ;)
Darly: NO!

Mom: Can I go to camp?
Darly: Maybe as a counselor?

Monday, June 16, 2008

WHAT THE HEY?!?!?!?!

I never EVER hear from SIL#1. She doesn't do Christmas cards, we don't get pictures of her kids...she barely kept in touch with us while my brother was over in Afghanistan for a year (note: she only wrote to ask us to do something!!!) I asked SIL#2 and apparently she doesn't have anything against me, she treats us all the same. The only family that counts is HERS!

And then today she sends me a stupid chain email?!?!?!

What's up with that?!?!?! GRRR!!!!

btw: the score card

Brother #1 is married to SIL#1 who never keeps in touch. They have 1 girl-14 & 1boy-10.

Brother #2 is married to SIL#2 who I asked about SIL#1. They have two boys, 4 & 2 months old.

Brother #3 is single but living with a gal.

Don't forget to click on my new button...over there on the right, the top one! ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

see my new button?


My good buddy Jen is workin her tail feathers off to raise some money for MS, 'cuz her mom has MS.

If you could be so kind as to go check out her page and donate some money if you can, that would be awesome and so appreciated by me and Jen and all of those who suffer from MS too.

And if you would like to help spread the word, I would be happy to share the code for that way awesome button our friend Heather made. Just let me know and I'll send the code your way!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

STRESS! As if I needed any more.

Yesterday I sat around waiting for the appliance repair guy. He was supposed to show up between noon & 3pm because I needed to leave to go pick up Darly by 4:45 at the latest!

At a few minutes to 3pm he calls me and says he's stuck on the call ahead of me. He won't be here by 3. He asks me then if I still want him to come or just wait until next week. Well I miss my microwave, so I tell him to try. I'm expecting that he's about done with the earlier appointment and about on his way.

I was wrong!

I call up DH to see if he can come home early to be with the repair guy so I can go pick up Darly. DH is swamped at work and doesn't think he can make it. He was waiting for a signature on some paperwork that had to be rushed through after the paperwork was signed...but no ETA on the signature. He would try.

At about 3:30 still no word or sign of repair guy, but DH calls and says that he got the signature and can be home early. I tell him to not bother cuz I'm gonna tell repair guy to wait until Monday. Dh is relieved.

At about 3:55 repair guy shows up! WHAT?!?!? I told repair guy that if he had called me first I would have told him to wait until Monday. He thinks he can get the job done in 45 min and wants to try. I decide to let him try.

So repair guy is working and gets the parts switched out fairly quickly. But when he tries working! He's befuddled cuz it should have worked. He decides to try a different part...perhaps this one part is bad. And YES that's the problem! Puts in the new, new part and everything is running fine! It's about 4:30 at this point.

Now he has to put my microwave back together. He didn't sort out the screws that he removed so he's having fun trying to figure out which screws go where. (NOTE TO REPAIR GUY: When you know you're in a hurry, put the screws in different piles and in order so you know where they go! ie. bottom left; left side, top, right side, bottom right. see how much sense that makes?)

Finally he gets all the screws in place and then starts to re-hang the microwave. Did you know the over the counter microwaves are HUNG? It's loads of fun! That's why I decided to pay for a new magnatron instead of a new microwave!!! While repair guy is hanging the microwave his cell phone starts ringing. He ignores it cuz his hands are full of a microwave! These things are not light! The caller gives up and tries again! Ignored again! Finally repair guy gets the microwave on the hook and the electric cord up through the cabinet hole. phone rings again! He answers "Couldn't this have waited another 10 minutes??? I'm trying to install a microwave here!" Turns out the call was from his son who had rearended someone in a company truck!!! oops! Repair guy says there isn't anything that he can do about it...especially from here. Tells his son to wait for the police and get the accident report. He is working while taking the call.

Finally the microwave is repaired and installed! It's 4:47! Now I have to pay. We finally get everything wrapped up at about 4:53. I jump in my car and head out BEFORE the repair guy (he is outside in his truck).

I decide to take the toll road because no one likes to pay the toll so it's never busy. That works great until I get to the end of the toll road. Then I'm stuck in a moving parking lot!!! It took me 20 minutes to get from the end of the toll road to the first exit off the road. I called up Heather. She hasn't left yet, but she's closer to the camp than I am. She offers to pick up Darly for me, but I'm stubborn and ask if she'll just wait with her. She says no problem.

After another 20 minutes I finally get to where the problem is. You won't believe why we were stuck so long. :eyeroll: The DOT had decided to "repair" something in the median. There were two vehicles and about 10 guys sitting on the railing doing as close to nothing as you can imagine! "HELLO??? It's Friday, Rush HOUR Traffic here and you're sitting there shooting the breeze???" GAH!!!

The rest of my trip was fine and uneventful, but I didn't arrive to camp until about 6:20...I had wanted to be there before 6. And OH YES! I was speeding when I could!!!

Darly was fine. I wasn't the last person to show up. While I was putting Darly's luggage in my car, I overheard a father asking if the councelors knew which unit his daughter was in. His daughter has a not so common name. So I holler out that there was a girl by that name in Darly's unit (remember the letter home that listed the girls in her cabin?) and as it turns out, this is the girl. I get loads of thanks!

On my way to actually get to my kid one of the councelors wants to be chatty. She tells me that Darly is quite the marksman when it comes to archery. I giggle and say she takes after me.

I get to my kid and all is well... except that I can't breathe cuz at that elevation there's less air and I was hiking very quickly. Heather asks "Ready to leave?" and I ask for a minute to catch my breath. LOL!

On the drive home I stop for gas near the camp...with my grocery store card it's $3.92. I put in only two gallons cuz I plan to stop at my grocery store's station where I should get 10 cents off... In town I pay $3.91 per gallon! DOH!!!

Camp report to come later... Darly is busy playing with DH now.

Friday, June 13, 2008


well for me. LOL!

Today Darly comes home from camp! This is the longest we've been separated...ever! So it should be interesting to see how she did. I'm sure she was fine as Girl Scout camp usually keeps you so busy you don't have time to think about home. I tried to stay just as busy. Maybe she should guest blog to tell you all about her adventures. We'll see.

Today is also the day that my microwave is supposed to be getting fixed. I've so missed it! The guy is scheduled to come here between noon & 3, which means I should get off this computer and go get to the grocery store!!! LOL!


UPDATE: It is now 3:42. Appliance guy called me about an hour ago to say he was running late. I called DH to see if he could be here when I need to leave to pick up Darly and he can't. So now I've gotta tell appliance guy to come back Monday instead, cuz DH said I shouldn't have Heather pick up Darly instead. Oh well there goes my weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Letter from camp

I got a letter from Darly (who is at camp this week) today.

Here it is...

Dear Mother,
Today was not all that fun, this is day one.
Day two so far is AWESOME! I Love you veary much and I miss you. :( But no homesicknes in me! Just Iona 'cuz her mom and dad tuk her in. Poor Iona.
How is everything thear? Well I think I will live. ;) (wink) How are my Webbiekinz? If aney of them are sick bye the meds! Spend my money becuz you are in charge!
I am now on the verge of tears missing you. Will you send paper hugs? PLEASE?
Oh and the girls are...
she lists the names of the other girls in her cabin... Love, Darly

Well the Homeschooler in me is pretty proud that her letter doesn't have too many mis-spellings and that I can read it.

The mom in me is proud of her for only missing me a bit. (Yes, I sent her a letter with paper hugs!)
I'm also proud of her for showing empathy for her friend. I'm not so sure why her friend was missing her parents at bedtime on the first night since she spends the night over here all the time and doesn't seem to miss her folks. I don't tuck her in. But don't worry Heather, I'm sure that she is fine.

I'm just suprised at how quickly this week has gone by. I sure hope she gets my second letter. She should have gotten the first one by now. I won't send another letter because she comes home Friday and I don't know that she'll get it.

The appliance guy showed up around 2:30 or so. I didn't realize it, but DH had managed to get our ice maker fixed last night, so YAY! I didn't have to get that checked out. But when the guy checked out the microwave it seems that I need a new magnatron and that part costs as much as a new microwave (the over the stove kind...not a counter model!) But I told him to go ahead and get the part because while it seems as if it would be better to get a new microwave, I'm figuring it was a pain to put the last one in and who knows how long that magnatron will last!!! I'm gonna write to the company about this one cuz it's only 2 months out of it's warantee. Maybe they'll send me something.

So since it was only 3:15, I zipped over to the tire place to get my tires for the car cuz DH didn't want me driving up to Girl Scout camp with the tires that I have. The price was what we were expecting, but I wasn't expecting that it would take 2 Hours to get the tires put on! I think the guy spent the first 30 min checking my car for other things they could charge me for!!! All he found was that one of my license plate lights are out and that my air filter was "REALLY BAD" although the folks at Walmart said 3 weeks ago that it was fine. I declined the extras. And at about when the guy said my car would be done the mechanic had brought it up...but then realized that he hadn't done the alignment...that took another 30 minutes and then he forgot to clean the blue off of my tires...another 5 minutes!

by then I knew that DH would have already left for the ballgame tonight. So I went to the library on my way home.

Waiting & bored!!!

I'm sitting here at home waiting around for the appliance repair guy to call. They're supposed to show up between 1 & 4pm today. It's only 1:41pm... I sure hope he shows up soon. I need to GET OUT OF HERE!

and before I forget, I need to print out my coupon. I'll save $15 on this repair.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kid is at camp!

Darly went off to camp on Sunday with her buddy, Heather's kid. We were hoping that she would get a cabin AND SHE DID! which means SHE GETS TO SLEEP IN A BUNK BED! Which thrilled her to no end. LOL! Course she gets to sleep in a bunk bed at Heather's house all the time. The weather reports said we were supposed to have rain on Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday. I don't know if it rained up there Sunday...but it was nice and dry when I left there. And this year they didn't have to "throw me out". LOL! But since Darly had rain every night at camp last year, she's ready for it. I also bought her THIS to help keep her warm & dry.

But unlike Heather, I'm sleeping without my child just fine. I suppose it's because this is her second year and I know what a great time she had last year and will have this year too. I'm enjoying my "time off". LOL

Yesterday I went to get an estimate for getting my car fixed and then went grocery shopping. To get just the damage that I did back in December was around $200. To fix the entire car and paint it was going to be about $1400. Seeing as the car is only worth about $2000 (yeah I drive a 1994 Ford Explorer) we figured that it wasn't worth it to do the entire repair. And since the Microwave decided to be broke too, we went with the cheap fix on the car.

So today I took it in and they had the repair done in less than 30 minutes! It looks great and the biggest thing is that the door doesn't squeek anymore!!! YAY! The squeeking was annoying.

After the repair I went to the mall to return a purse that I ordered online. I'm still searching for my perfect purse. While there I got a manicure cuz my cuticles were a mess! They feel all nice and smooth now!

The appliance guy will be out tomorrow to fix my microwave & ice maker! Ooh I need to clean out the microwave and behind the frig before he gets here tomorrow.

I also need to get my donation of old stuff ready too, cuz they're coming tomorrow. Don't worry Jen, I'm just giving them my old clothes. I figured that you didn't want clothes for your sale...right. Which reminds me... My buddy Jen is going to do the MS Challenge Walk and could use your help. Please check out her page.

Monday, June 09, 2008

very long meme

but first, if you haven't already done so...I've been nominated for the 2008 Bloggy Hoss Elections.

I just don't know what to say...

oh wait! I do know what to say...

Please go vote for me in the Head Cheerleader section!

and now the meme

In your ENTIRE life, have you ever...

gone on a blind date? Yes, met DH that way.

skipped school? Don’t let Mom read this…but YES! Many times!

watched someone die? Yes. :(

been to Canada? no

been to Mexico? no

been to Florida? yes.

been on a plane? It's the only way to travel!

been lost? ummm... maybe?

been on the opposite side of the country? yes

gone to Washington, DC? no

swam in the ocean? No it was too cold, I only put my feet in…Oh wait! DUH! I’ve been to Hawaii…that’s an ocean too. And I’ve swam in the Gulf of Mexico many times.

had your booze taken away by the cops? no. but that was cuz my friend poured it out as we saw the cops coming!

lettered in a high school sport? no. Mom wouldn’t let me play because 1. We couldn’t afford it and 2. She was hoping to keep me focused on my school work so I could get a scholarship to college.

cried yourself to sleep? who hasn't?

played cops and robbers? no

played dolls? yes

recently colored with crayons? yes

sang Karaoke? Yes, But it was at the kids’ museum.

paid for a meal with coins only? yes

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? sure.

cheated on an exam? Yes. But only in K-12th grades.

made prank phone calls? Ya huh!

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? yes

caught a snowflake on your tongue? of course!

danced in the rain? yes

written a letter to Santa Claus? well, yeah!!

been kissed under the mistletoe? yup

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? no

been arrested? no - I've never been caught!

blown bubbles? yes

gone ice-skating. yes

been skinny dipping outdoors? Yes. We were house sitting for folks who had a pool and took advantage of it. I was in my teens and my parents didn’t know, of course!

had a nickname? yes.

been to Africa? no.

eaten cookies for dinner? yes

been on TV? Not officially. I might have been in the background a few times.

stolen any traffic signs? no. the thought never occurred to me.

been in a car accident? yes. I need to go see about fixing the damage today.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is your.... mother's name? Sharon

favorite drink? coffee

favorite alcohol? Wine coolers – do they still make them?

birthplace? Bossier city

favorite vacation spot? disney

favorite salad dressing? ranch

favorite pie? Cherry

favorite number? I dunno... whichever one wins me a million dollars.

favorite movie? Babe

favorite holiday? Christmas.

favorite food? Steak

favorite day of the week? I don’t think I have one. Everyday can be a good day.

favorite brand of body wash? I get the Oil of Olay knock off.

favorite toothpaste? Crest tartar control

favorite smell? vanilla

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do you have any... tattoos? no

body piercings? ears count?

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? SUV - 5 doors.

What do you do to relax? blog

How do you see yourself in 10 years? Cheering my child through college and maybe going back myself.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've been NOMINATED!

oh my goodness! I've been nominated for the 2008 Bloggy Hoss Elections.

I just don't know what to say...

oh wait! I do know what to say...

Please go vote for me in the Head Cheerleader section!

Friday, June 06, 2008

All was not LOST

couldn't help it. LOL

well the compasses & maps Girl Scout meeting went kinda poorly. I tried to show the kids how to use their compasses. But they had a very hard time keeping the compass pointed in the right direction...of course it didn't help that every time we took a step it seemed that north moved!

In the end even I got the coordinates wrong...and supposedly I knew what I was doing.

One girl's compass had a whistle on it and I declaired that it was the best compass since if we used a compass we would all be instead we should just blow our whistle until someone comes to find us.

But they all had fun playing at the park while the moms helped plan our summer meetings.


nope! Not the TV show...I've never seen it actually.

Today is our Girl Scout meeting and previously we had tried to take the Maps, Compasses & Orienteering class at our REI store. But we didn't find out until we got there that the class was geared toward adults and not at all appropriate for the kiddos...we also learned that the class was to be held outside and it was COLD that day. Turns out there was too much metal in the store for us to use compasses inside.

So we decided that we should try to do this ourselves on another day. Luckily there is a kit that we can check out from our Girl Scout council office.

Wednesday I picked up the kit. Yesterday I looked at the kit to see how to plan the meeting and someone forgot to put the compasses back in it! oops! Last night I was running around trying to find compasses and wouldn't you know it both Wally World & Targée were completely out of compasses! I still wonder what was up with that!

This morning I called up the Girl Scout office and she was able to find the compasses. I can pick them up on the way to the meeting...WHEW!

I'll just have to scramble to be there on time. There is a game in the kit for the girls to use to learn how to use the compass. I have to set up some pegs in a pattern. Then the girls choose a tag with coordinates on it. From the starting point they walk X degrees and find the lettered peg. Then from that peg go X degrees. If they've done it right the letters will match the answer sheet.

Darly has supposed to have been getting ready for camp this week. She will go up to the camp on Sunday and be there until Friday. I told her Wednesday to start packing...instead she sat in her room and played! I told her yesterday to start packing...again with the playing! I needed for her to be packed...or mostly packed so I could pick up anything else that she needed last night. I got the eyeroll when I tried to explain this to her. I was able to pick up a few things last wasn't a necessity, but it will make her very happy...glitter fabric pens for her to get her camping buddies to sign her camp T-Shirt with...I'll have to remind her to share with her buddies. I still have to go out and get one more thing that I know of.

And since I won't have Darly next week, I'm gonna try to get my car fixed. As you might remember I had a bit of an accident back in December. here are the details... Part one & Part two. We've been driving around since then with the doors all wonky. They still work but the back door is gapped so it wouldn't be a good idea to take the car through the carwash. lol!
I've called the body shop and they say to bring it in anytime for the estimate. YAY! now we just have to hope that they can do the repair this week. fingers crossed!
DH called up his brother to see if we could borrow his car (that is sitting at MIL's house) while my car is in the shop. I guess he said that would be fine cuz Dh said to call up the body shop. I didn't think that BIL would have a problem with it...and MIL said I should just take it when we were there last Sunday. LOL! I think she had alterior motives though...seeing as it's at her house.

oh I guess my title doesn't go with the post much...huh?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

hummm No ideas here

well that's not entirely true. I have ideas, I just don't know that you want to hear them.

my new microwave died. :( just outside of the 1 year warrantee too. :-/ DH normally fixes these kinds of things around the house and is very good at it too, but everything I have read about microwave repair says that it's very dangerous and best left to the professionals. I think I would rather have my DH around than a fixed microwave. So back to cooking the old fashion way. Good thing I have experience in this. lol

Darly had her physical to go to Girl Scout camp a few weeks ago and the urine test that they did showed that she had a high level of protein in her urine. That typically means that your body is buring muscle when you have this high level...or that you're not eating enough. The week that we had the test done we had been especially physically active...gone hiking and ice skating on Monday, Gymnastics on Tuesday, played at the park all day Wednesday and had the test on Thursday. The PA that saw us suggested that we retest on a less busy week. I laughed.
So we retested yesterday morning...hopefully with a restful weekend this test should be fine. But I haven't heard back either they haven't tested yet, lost the sample or she's fine. We'll see if we hear back.

Yesterday was really busy for us too. After dropping off the urine sample we stopped by Walgreens to pick up our Webkinz Cares stuffie on our way to a Yoga for kids class. Darly already knew all the poses but enjoyed doing them anyway. and then we went to a class on Protozoa...the kids got to look at "pond scum" under the microscope to see if it had anything living in it. that was cool, but my microscope isn't worth anything. lol Then Darly had ice skating. We got really dull skates again which makes me want to buy her her own pair even more. I zipped off an email to the rink about us always getting dull skates.
The excuse we got from the skate rental was that some kids had pulled the fire alarm while they were in the middle of sharpening the skates and they had lost track of which ones got sharpened. Um that was about 4 weeks ago... and all you have to do is look at them to know which are sharp. They should know how to tell. anyway