Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oops! I forgot to title my Thursday 13!

Thirteen Things about Renée

1. Okay, it’s almost Thursday here, so I’m gonna do this while I’m still up and thinking.

2. Today (Thursday) is my Mom’s Birthday. I sent her a card and ordered her some presents that should be there soon, but not in time for her b-day… bummer.

3. I need to try to call her. I just don’t know when or how that will happen.

4. I got an appointment to get my hair cut today. No idea what I’ll have them do to it… it needs color too, but I’m sure it’s still too damaged for that.

5. I looked at 3 different stores yesterday for some sort of dress to wear for Christmas this year and couldn’t find anything. Everything they had was either sleeveless (burr in CO!) or too frumpy for me. And stupidly I walked into Dillards…nothing good, but everything that was kinda okay was over $100! I’m not paying that much for sleeveless in December.

6. I may have to get a pattern and make my own dress. Look out folks! I can sew, when I have the time.

7. Wow, I’m only at #7. It’s been 2 weeks since my last 13 and I can’t think of much else to say… this is pitiful!

8. Thanksgiving went pretty well. There is still turkey in the frig, but no one will touch it…except DH says that he still wants it. I won’t serve it outta fear of killing him… but if he ticks me off….

9. I was bad, I peaked at the computer while DH was trying to shop for my Christmas present. He was looking at digital cameras. I would rather have the bunny picture that I put on my wish list bookmark.

10. I really really really need to call and get two more field trips set up for my Homeschooling group by tomorrow. I hate that I’m such a procrastinator!

11. Chic-fil-a had a pretty cool quiz on the kids meal bag today. Darly did pretty well on it with some help. I guess she doesn’t know the world quite as well as I though, but she can tell you where all the continents are and she got 2 of the 6 countries on her own. I just gave her extra clues for the other 4.

12. I took down the Hallmark star and tried it out in my bathroom this morning. It seems to work best from a height of 4 feet. So to get it to do what I wanted it for, I would have to either raise my ceiling or lower my tree. I took the star back and got my money back. The one lady was very nice and no problems. The other lady (older) was asking “are all the parts in here and the directions?” while she’s digging in the box to make sure. What a crab!

13. I don’t feel too bad about not calling my mom because she doesn’t call me and she doesn’t call her mom either. We’ve got a totally weird family. When I do call her, I know she’ll just hog the conversation. She doesn’t have a working computer because it got a virus and they haven’t bothered to get that fixed… oh bother!

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Okay, fess up!

subject: *Re-Gifting

Do you?

Have you?

Would you?

Why or why not?

*Re-Gifting = wrapping up and giving a gift that you received but didn't like or couldn't use to someone else.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Christmas list...

Darly: done shopping! Although I did see a cool thing to get for her at Big Lots...hummm? Maybe next Monday. ;o)

DH: done shopping!

MIL: done, I think...I got her a gift card.

Mom & SD: gift cards too. Mom's b-day is Dec 1st & got real present then.

DB & SIL: don't know yet... have one item

nephew/god child: don't know what to get yet, waiting for SIL to tell me...last year I did it on my own and SIL bought him the same thing! So I guess I chose correctly...just not fast enough!

Gift Exchange: I have an idea, but they were out of them...

Darly's God Parents: she's making a craft gift for them

Christmas cards: almost ready. DH wants to include a pix from his trip. I make a pix collage.

Other Sibs: we only exchange gifts when we're in the same town. Yay! Some don't even bother to send out cards... oh well.

This looks so cool!

I found this at WalMart and didn't pay nearly that much for least I hope that I didn't...running to check receipt! Whew! Only 1/2!

Dh said that I already have something like this...but it's on paper. This will save paper as I can re-use the magnets. Yay! A new toy to play with. I can't wait until my old calendar is used up.

I tried to upload a picture for you, but blogger is being contrairy tonight.

Great big ol' waste of money!

I admit it, I fell for the ad! I went to the store and they were out of it, but called another store and had one sent over for me. They said it would be in on the 28th, it showed up on the 25th and they were annoyed with me for not rushing right in to get it.

I picked it up on the 28th, and set it up this morning. It's going back tomorrow if I can get it down.

Here's what it is: I removed the rest of this link in an effort to clear up what it is doing to my formatting. Look for the Illuminations Tree topper.

I suppose that part of the problem is that I just don't have the 2 to 3 feet of space between the top of my tree and the ceiling. But it so totally doesn't do what I was expecting and I don't feel it's worth $50! Thank goodness they threw in the power box for free! I thought it plugged into the extension cord.

I'll figure out something better. And it won't cost that much either!

Friday, November 25, 2005

In a Turkey coma...

still in my pj's in a turkey coma and thinking of going back for more! LOL! The turkey came out great as always and the sides were all yummy too...

need to get dressed and go shopping... I hate shopping on this day. But all I need is milk so it should be painless.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas Heart-Attack

I've managed to get a lot of my Christmas shopping finished already...YAY! See my earlier post about how I like to be all done by Thanksgiving...

So today since DH was taking Darly to a program, I thought that I would run out to Target and pick up a few items that I still needed. Well first off they didn't have everything that I was looking for. So instead of just zipping out to one store with 1 and 1/2 hours I had to hit 3 stores to get everything that I was looking for.

I get home with "time to spare" and rush upstairs to hide the items. Had to come up with another location to hide one of the items because it was so big. Run downstairs to hide the rest, realize that I forgot to close the closet back up and shut the back down and hear the garage door. Oh Crud! They're back already!

Manage to get everything outta site before they walk in. Whew!

Darly runs off somewhere and I tell DH that I had just run downstairs because I heard the garage door. He laughs.

BTW: There is a box of ordered stuff sitting right here in plain sight in the computer room that no one has said anything about. Why? you ask? Because the computer room is such a mess that no one can tell that it's a new box. LOL! Being a slob pays! HA HA HA HA

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Thursday 13 time again!

Thirteen Things about Renée

1. I’m a La Leche League Leader. What’s that? LLL is a support group for breastfeeding & pregnant women. We provide information and support for moms. Well, yesterday I got a call from a new dad. He was pretty nervous talking to me about this, but his wife speaks only Spanish and they needed the info. I was okay talking to the dad…even if it wasn’t a real call (we do get pervs calling sometimes) we treat it as real and just hope for the best. This call sounded very legit though. I hope that everything works out for them.

2. I’m also Homeschooling my DD and I plan field trips for our Homeschooling support group. Sometimes they are great…sometimes not so great. Lately, I’ve been very lucky. The kids and parents have both been pleased. YAY!

3. Part of our Homeschooling group is a coop that you don’t have to participate in, but it sure is fun. That’s why I’ve been so busy. I printed out all the classes and let Darly (my dd) choose which classes she wanted to take. She picked most of them. LOL! It’s a good thing I edited out a few before she picked.

4. As part of LLL, I’m also the treasurer for our area. This means that I keep the money and pay the bills. I also have to attend planning meetings 4 times a year. Our last meeting was on Saturday. It’s pretty much an all day affair and they held it about an hour and a half away from my house this time (the location changes). But we didn’t get all the people who were supposed to be there because of the distance. Funny, everyone wants the meetings to be in their backyard before they’ll attend…but they also think that we should have folks from all over to be there. Go figure…whine whine whine!

5. The best part of the meetings are the pot luck lunches! Everyone there are great cooks…well at least everything that I tried. I stay clear of those weird looking bean salads. And everyone loves my cooking. I brought pumpkin soup again and they all want my recipe. It’s good stuff…I saved some for Thanksgiving, even though I still have 8 more pumpkins to cook up.

6. The bad part of the meeting was telling everyone that we need more money. But we came up with some really good ideas for fundraising. And we’re working on getting an on-line donation website. Hopefully that pays off as it ain’t cheep.

7. Speaking of pumpkins and Thanksgiving, DH has arranged that I will cook our turkey at MIL’s house. But I need to talk with her to get all the info. I don’t know if I’m supposed to bring the entire meal and cook it there or if just the bird. I don’t mind any of it, just need more details. This came about because I said that I was cooking a bird anyway and it didn’t make sense for MIL to have a bird too since she can have our left-overs. So I’ll just get a bigger bird.

8. The grocery store that I shop at puts turkeys on sale for $5. In the past I’ve looked for the smallest bird I could find..since we’re a family of 3 and we usually have Thanksgiving at someone else’s house first. But this year, I’ll look for a bigger bird so that MIL and us can have the right amount of left-overs. I’m figuring on about 3 days worth of bird each.

9. I’ll go shopping for this today. That should give me plenty of thaw time and time for oops I forgot something trips too.

10. On to a totally different subject now. Our Museum of Science & Nature has a Grossology exhibt going on now. If one comes to your area, you should see it. It’s really cool and educational. We were at the museum all day. I thought the IMAX movie on The Human Body might bring up some questions for Darly, but her only question was “Why did they show so much about the pregnant lady?” I explained that’s how the body starts growing…and that was the end of the discussion. Wondering if this kid is ever going to ask about how pregnancy happens at all? She knows a lot…just not how sperm gets into the female. Although she knows that other animals mate to do this. I think that she’s still too young to get that humans do this too. Or maybe it’s too young to care about it. She has a book that explains this pretty graphically, but I don’t think she has read that part yet. I need to ask her.

11. Yesterday Darly went to a symphony concert with a friend. She had a great time and loved the music. This is even though she whines when DH plays something that isn’t one of her CDs on the sterio. So we’re getting a copy of the CD they put out.

12. I don’t think that I’ll be posting this next week. I’ll be spending the day at MIL’s house cooking up the bird. I hope that you all have a great week. I’m sure I’ll post something before T-day though. I wonder if someone will come up with something special for next week.

13. In case you wondered or cared… I actually typed this all out yesterday (Wednesday) and saved it to my ‘puter to post it today. I didn’t want to forget about it or be late. I still don’t have a catchy title yet…but I’ll come up with something by then. (okay, I’m typing this all on Wednesday but acting like it’s really Thursday…how messed up will my week be??? I’m already messed up with DH staying home yesterday…it felt like a Saturday.) TTFN!

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Thursday is coming...

I thought that I had better get ready for the next Thursday 13...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My A to Z

Swipped from Texas_Ivy10
who Snagged it from Scooter Commuter.

A is for Age - 38
B is for Booze I don't drink anymore. I'm too much of a control freak for that. ;o)
C is for Career Professional Mom! I also volunteer for LLL & our Homeschool Group
D is for Dad’s name HUH? Don't know what that is.
E is for Essential items to bring to a party - food
F is for Favorite article of clothing New purple zipper sweater
G is for Goof off thing to do Computer time!
H is for Hometown Benton, LA
I is for Instrument you play piano, clarinette, recorder, drums
J is for Jam or Jelly you like - Cherry Jelly
K is for Kids 1 girl
L is for Living arrangement Live with my DH & DD.
M is for Music I like Contemporary Christian... KLOVE
N is for Name of your first pet Penny
O is for overnight hospital stays Adenoids & birth
P is for Phobias hummm
Q is for Quote you like I found a really cool one about education a few years back... but can't remember it now.
R is for Reason for blogging Why not?
S is for Siblings 3 brothers
T is for Texas , Ever been? Lived there '92-96
U is for Unique trait I usually remember everything
V if for Vegetable you love I like just about all veggies! My MIL once asked if I was vegetarian because everytime we went out to dinner I ordered veggie meals...LOL!
W is for Worst traits lazy
X is for X-Rays you've had chest for surgery, ankle for sprain, orthodontia for braces.
Y is for Yummy food you make I'm a really good cook. Everything that I make is good.
Z is for Zodiac sign capricorn

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday thirteen! these weeks are going by wayyyy too fast for me!

Thirteen Things about Renée

Edited to add: I figured out that I wasn't showing up on my list of other TT's so I've edited my title to see if that helps... wish me luck!

1. It seems like I just did this yesterday...or maybe it was the day before that, or the day before that.

2. Loving the new purple code for this... can't wait to see the whole thing. I'm a purple loving person. As a kid I had two purple bedrooms (not at the same time!) My DH won't let me have a purple bedroom anymore because he doesn't want one.

3. I also love rabbits. I only have two live ones (and it's better that way) but I collect pictures, figurines, and yard art. And it may be silly but when I see live wild rabbits anywhere I believe that I'll have a good day. Hasn't failed me yet! =;3

4. Today was super crazy busy. I had a field trip for my homeschool coop... it wasn't so great. The place had a bunch of stuff closed down for repairs & winter...but failed to let anyone know this. Then we headed to a regular homeschooling field trip. That one was much more fun. Then I had a homeschooling board meeting. My kid should know everything by now...hee hee

5. According to my counselor, I homeschool because I'm a control freak. NOPE! I homeschool because I want my kid to live... I homeschool because of Columbine which is not too far away from where I live. I also homeschool because I believe I can do a better job of teaching her in her style of learning and because she can do a better job on her own than the schools can provide. LOL

6. Darly my dear daughter went to her first slumber party on Saturday and had a great time. Made it the whole night and didn't miss us at all. :o( My baby is getting all grown up! She's 7.

7. Dh left for Vegas this morning. Hopefully he brings me home some money. That would be nice for Christmas. And I hope that he comes home w/o his cold too...he's been sick for like forever!

8. Hey! I was just reading over #5 above and realized that my counselor gives me such grief for projecting my feelings onto others... assuming that they must feel this way; but I just realized that by his comments that he is projecting feelings onto me. Gotta call him out on that. He doesn't even begin to know who he's dealing with!

9. Darly had a science fair this past week. For her experiment we choose the air pressure one where you get a peeled hard boiled egg to drop into a thin necked bottle. Well all of our trial eggs got fed to the dog, because no one here likes hard boiled eggs. When I went to make up another batch of hard boiled eggs, the dog started licking her lips!

10. I've been cleaning the house (well DH & Darly helped too) because MIL is coming over tomorrow night to watch Darly on Saturday for me. DH did a lot of the cleaning. I'm not sure if he did it because he wanted it done right for MIL; he did it because he wanted to be sure I let him go to Vegas; or he did it because he cares about me and wanted to help me out. Hummm? I'm sure he'll only admit to the last option.

11. Darly is trying to get her reading program finished up... I just found her asleep on the couch with a book on her chest. So sweet!

12. Oh goodie! My hold on the newest "Series of Unfortunate Events" is ready for me to pick up. I don't know when I'll get to read it, but I wanna.

13. Tomorrow we have another field trip, MIL is coming and I have to make something for a potluck lunch on Saturday... pray for me. :D

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Christmas & DH RANT

I like to have ALL of my Christmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving. Why? Because shopping after Thanksgiving is a mad house and I like to avoid all places of commerce during this time. When did Christmas become such a pain???

Anyway. So I show DH some of the items that Darly wants. And he says that he thinks I should scale things back a bit. Okay, how so? He says that we should have some sort of budget. Okay, how much? He says he doesn't know, just not as much as last year... He doesn't need 7 presents. But he inferred at first that I shouldn't get so much for Darly this year either.

I guess this is all coming from last year when I finally figured out some good things that he NEEDED* (more on that later) and bought all of them. So he looked like a shmuck when I got him way more than he got for me.

NEEDED: DH won't tell you what he wants for a gift...EVER! You have to listen really carefully. And if he didn't ask for it and he doesn't NEED something, he won't use it at will just sit there (unless I return it.)

So I still have no idea how much or how many gifts I'm ALLOWED to buy this year and time is ticking away.

Why won't this man say what he is thinking??? Why does he have to make gift giving such a pain? BTW: I have no idea what to get for him this year. The closest thing I have is a replacement watch because he lost the watch that I gave him for our first anniversary on the trip to MS...but he hasn't given up hope on finding it again.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What? It's Thursday again already???

Thirteen Things about Renée

1…. Wow! That week went fast! I'm so out of it this week, DH stayed home Tues and I've got my days all messed up. Dh needed to get his car emmisions tested and then went to MIL's house to do yard work...but brought home 2 bags of her leaves for my compost heap! Yay! isn't that a lovely gift? hee hee (actually, I thought it was quite nice of him... my strawberry plants are loving him right now.)

2. My computer is making chunking noises (terrible things are downloading themselves onto my computer w/o my knowledge) and making my 'puter freeze up. NOT GOOD! Must remember to run anti virus & spyware.

3. Apparently, I'm a HUGE Control Freak. Well at least my counselor thinks so. This all comes from me telling him that I told DH that he could go home and hand out candy on Monday night instead of coming to talk to me. I should have asked DH if he wanted to talk or go home to hand out candy like he said that he wanted to do a few weeks ago when I originally told DH that I wanted him to come and talk to me. When will I ever learn?

4. Oh this freezing up is really ticking me off. Half the time I can't even see the typos that I'm making on this list!!! I so need a new 'puter! So freeze up all you want, stupid ''re history soon! bawha ha ha ha ha!

5. Things with DH seem to be going really well lately. Of course he's sick right now so he won't kiss me (no germ spreading) but he did play our song on the sterio and we danced to it. We made Darly & the dog jealous of us...he he.

6. hummm... only at #6? I guess I can talk about foreign languages that I know... I know a little spanish (lived in FL), a little korean (lived there too!), a little german (DH's family is german), a little french (failed that in college), and a little latin (took that in high school). ouuuu you just learned a whole lot about me there! ;o)

7. since last Thursday, we went to a Halloween Party on Friday...and then to the grocery store in our costumes... I'm not sure that anyone noticed. hummm...

8. On Halloween we went to a party, Darly had gymnastices class but only 3 other girls showed up... so they wore her out very well! I left the class to go & buy dinner so that I didn't have to lasted us 3 nights. Yay, no cooking!

9. Dh took Darly out for trick or treat and they had a lot of candy. And since DH said to give each kid only 1 piece of candy, we still have a lot of candy from our hand out bucket. Anyone want some?

10. I should figure out how to get rid of the carmels before they are all riding on my hips.

11. I worked out for 10 minutes today, but I climed the stairs a whole bunch was laundry day.

12. Darly was sick this am. Don't know what was up with that. She did that a few weeks ago too...really weird. Puked until empty, took a nap and all fine again. Eating like nothing ever happened. I wonder if she's getting into something or if she keeps (like we suspect) drinking old milk from the frig.

13. My counselor wants to talk about my parents next week. Oh boy! I come from a long line of disfunctional families!

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