Friday, May 25, 2012

latest projects...

I decided to try my hand at making these.  What are they?  you ask...  They are felted coffee sleeves.  Right now they are drying because they just spend time in the washer to become felted.
    Right now I have 7 made.  I'm making so many because I'm doing this as a fundraiser for Darly's Mission Trip.  She and 9 other youth from our Church along with 4 adults will be going to Gulf Shores AL to help with a VBS and School Supplies outreach that our sister congregation runs each year.  We currently have about half of the money that we'll need for the kids to go.  
Currently I have them in purple and teal, I also have a pink & brown yarn that I'll be making them in.

And here we have pictures of the plant box that I made from the pallets featured in my Achey Brakey Back post.  See, not very pretty, just functional.  Plants in the box are Roma Tomatoes, Green Bean seeds (you can't see them) Eggplant, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers (two varieties) and slicing tomatoes.  The red box to the left will be squash and the red box to the right is lettuce & spinach.  Then on either side of that are maple trees (a project that Darly & DH are doing to see if they can get them to grow!)

If you would like a felted coffee sleeve, let me know.  Right now I'm limited in my yarn colors, but as soon as I check out what kind the major sewing place carries I'll probably have most any color.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Achey Breaky Back!

I had to move my garden this year. The place in my yard that I had been using for the past 9 years is now completely shaded in by trees, so last year after attempting to plant my veggies where I had been able to before I had to dig them up and move them in an attempt to get something out of my money. This year I knew that the garden would have to be moved, but I learned from moving the garden last year that the best spot for the garden is one that gets a lot of wind and I had to do something to protect the veggies. I also had 3 mini-pallets that I had made a bridge for our Girl Scout troop out of sitting in my garage just providing a nice home for the spiders since our Girl Scout troop disbanded. So I decided to recycle the wood from the pallets to make a box to enclose the containers that I'm gardening in this year. First I had to get the pallets apart. Let me just say that while it may appear that pallets are put together cheaply they aren't! Those buggers are not going to give up and fall apart. All the nails were counter sunk into the wood. That meant I had to get up under the wood slats to pry up the nails. Luckily DH had a very nice pry bar that I could use for this task. Once I got the hang of using it, I was able to get the pallets apart. Unfortunately that meant that I had to put the pallets on the ground and bend over them to get the best angle on lifting the nails. After I reduced the pallets to stacks of wood, some that still needed the nails removed from...I moved my project from the front yard (because the pallets were stored in the garage and I didn't want rogue nails ending up in our tires) to the back yard...the final resting place for the box I was building. Back here I could use the retaining wall to lift the project up a few feet so that I wasn't bending over quite so much. Building the box wasn't quite as much work as getting the wood for it...the hardest part was finding straight nails (recycled from the pallets) and convincing them to go into the box straight. It went rather quickly and I was able to start planting! Next up, mixing dirt! I grabbed my trusty folding wagon to haul the dirt back to our old garden, because that's where our compost heap is and I wanted to put some of our compost into my dirt mixture. DH asked that I use up all the old potting soil he had brought from his mom's house so that it was out of the garage. I then added some soil that I had purchased from the store. Since I had so much bagged dirt, I decided to avoid using any of our good old Colorado clay in my mix. I think that my mixture should make the plants very happy out there. I might have to add to it as it was very fluffy and should sink some with water. I filled my containers and loaded them into the wagon to move them to the new garden the box. Oh it started raining while I was mixing up the dirt...the plants will be happy. Now it was time to transplant the seedlings into their new home. Since the soil was pretty fluffy, that went quickly...good thing as the rain was now coming down quite a bit. I got all the seedlings into their new home before the lightening. I also got the yard all cleaned up before DH could come home and complain about it. Tossed myself into the shower and put on my jammies. Of course DH reminded me that we were supposed to go to I had to change. But at least I didn't have to make dinner after all my hard work! My next project will be to get seeds planted quickly (today) for beans, squash and lettuce. Since they grow so quickly I didn't bother starting them early. Hopefully we have veggies all about the same time, but it will be okay if I have to wait. Now to figure out what all I plan to do with these veggies. DH is worried about the onions as he hates them. I plan to make veggie stock and maybe learn how to dry the onions and make onion powder? I don't know...I may just have a ton of veggie stock. :p

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

a recap of my Mother's Day events for you... As you know I was uber busy with Darly's play for the past 10 weeks. So there was all of that plus her confirmation plus her regular end of our school year stuff! Perhaps I should move the end of our school year...just to make this time of year easier? IDK So I knew I wouldn't be able to send my mom her usual Mother's day present (Girl Scout cookies) because Darly didn't sell any this year and we bought our stash from the girls posted at the grocery store. *pout* So I racked my brain over what I could get for Mom. Let's see... well she could use this... but who wants that for a present? right sigh! so after getting a bazillion ads for flowers as Mother's Day gifts, I decided to get mom some plants delivered. Ideally it would be nice to just call up a nursery near her and have some plants for her yard delivered...but she really can't plant them herself anymore and my step dad is just as hopeless. So florists sell plants...I'll get her plants. My credit card of choice sent me a coupon where I would get a deal and get extra cashback. However, since I told hubby I wasn't going to use it, he cut out our address and put it in the recycling bin. When I dug it out, he had also cut out the coupon code. So instead I used the florist who is attached with our member card. For that one I log in and it sends me to the website...their florist is FTD. FTD has you enter the zip code for delivery and then shows you a list of what is available to order. Mom lives in Florida, so getting most anything shouldn't be a problem. I picked out a very nice 25% off for my member card and got it set up to deliver on the 11th at 4:30. Right away I got a confirmation email...the next day I got an email that they had shipped my delivery via FedEx with a tracking code. Check FedEx and yup, they set up for pick up. This was on May 9th. On May 10th my tracking still looks the sign of pick up. Hummm I wonder if they just didn't scan it or something or if the computer is being slow. On May 11th in the morning it still hasn't changed any...but I was busy with the play that morning. At 3:30 my time (5:30 her time) I checked and FedEx has now deleted the expected delivery time as the package was never picked up. I contact FedEx and was told the shipping label was printed, but no package was ever shipped. So I contacted FTD asking for a trace on my package. Ignoring me FTD sends an email saying that my order has been canceled because the product I ordered wasn't available. WHAT??? How can I order something that isn't available... your site said it was in stock?!?! Oh and the email said I could order something else and get $10 off of it for my trouble. "Um... my original discount of 25% was more than $10 off!" Numerous emails from me were flying...all of them ignored except for the auto generated emails that say "we care about you...blah...blah...blah" Okay, now what will I do about Mom??? So I hop on Google maps and see that there are 3 florists in her is right down the road from her house AND they have a website. I get her a bigger basket of plants for about the same price AND they can deliver it on Mother's Day! Wow! Saved the day! Click, click, click...DONE! I sent glowing reviews for that florist. Now for my mother's day... Saturday night we were up very late as we had to do the 7pm show and then had to get all of our stuff out of the theater. Kids were all excited and it took a long time to get all the costumes turned in. At one point I asked some kids to go & see if they found anyone else still in costume. We got all loaded up and home at 12am...but I still needed food for Darly's confirmation party. So we run to the store to get that...home by 1:30. Beat, we go to bed! 7am roles around way too early. Get ready and to Church by 9am. My brother's family made it not only on time but early! They took the boys over to McDonalds to play before Church. The service was wonderful! I'm biased, but my daughter's witness statement was the best! Well it was at least the best delivered... her acting chomps showing very well...she could be heard and she kept the audience interested. :D My Mother's day present? Um well hubby did the grilling and all the dishes for me. So Darly & I went shopping. I got myself some plants and some new hot rollers on Monday. Tuesday I found out that I had won a gift certificate for my favorite garden center so I got myself some more plants! :D Now to get some dirt and go plant all my prezzies! :D Oh and I need to buy groceries. :p

Sunday, May 13, 2012

All Done!

Well we made it! The show is over. The kids were great! We managed to somehow get all our stuff out of the theater. Another CYT season is done! Today was Darly's confirmation. That went really well and I'm so proud of her! and now we don't have a lot going on until nearly the end of next month. I don't know if I'll be able to deal with all this free time! LOL!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Unfriended :(

I have Social Fixer on my Facebook. Among other things that it fixes about Facebook it also shows me who has unfriended me. At first when I decided to use that feature (I can turn it off if I want to) I didn't think it would bother me. But then today I noticed just a bit ago that I got unfriended. I know exactly why I got unfriended by this person. He had posted something and I commended with just one word... AWKWARD! Now before you get to feeling all sorry for me... he he ... this person who had the nerve to unfriend me is a teenager. I had only friended him because he and my daughter have been in a few theater shows together. He isn't in our theater group any longer. I mostly try to friend Darly's Facebook friends so I can just be aware of what they're up to. So the unfriending isn't a huge loss. What did he post that I thought was awkward? Something to the fact that his jock strap not only protects him but carries his confidence. hummm sounds awkward to me!


So currently we are working on Darly's play... Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr AND her confirmation*. The play runs from May 10-12th. Confirmation will be on May 13th. This week we had a Confirmation class last night where the kids went over their witness statements and how the ceremony will go. They also did a review of all that they have learned over the past two years. Oh I forgot that Tuesday I received an email asking us to come and perform one of the numbers from Millie to advertise the show to other folks who pretty much already know about the show. Since we were already booked with a ton of stuff to get done that day, we didn't go. Today Darly has her class showcase. This is where at the end of taking their classes the kids show off all that they have learned. In order to be in this theater group the kids are required to take classes. This evening should be fun to see all the cool things the kids have learned. Tomorrow rehearsal. (normally a day only used if we had to cancel a rehearsal due to bad weather...we didn't have any canceled rehearsals, but the directors chose to have this one anyway.) Saturday is Super Saturday. This is an extra long rehearsal where the cast will run through the show twice. I got a call yesterday that the directors were considering asking us to bring in the costumes so the kids could run the show in costume and learn their fast changes... a great idea. HOWEVER... waiting until 3 days before to spring this on us was so not cool. Our normal Super Saturday for costumes is to prep the costumes for the show. We iron or steam them, make sure they are all labeled and ready for transport to the theater. Some of the costumes aren't even made yet! The location where they will be doing the Super Saturday rehearsal is NOT set up with dressing rooms or even a back stage area, so it doesn't really give them an idea of how things will go. And doing this means we 1) don't get the costumes ironed (unless I do that all by myself today & tomorrow...which I am obviously NOT doing if I'm typing this out. lol) and 2) means the costumes have to be packed up and transported to the rehearsal and then packed again to go back to my house until we can move them into the theater on Monday night. Luckily, after I emailed all the directors and my costume committee about the possibility of this happening, the directors backed down. And Super Saturday will be our normal ironing session. Course that means that hubby will be hiding...but he joked about sneaking in a few of his shirts to get ironed. Next week we have Monday night - move into the theater. Tuesday & Wednesday rehearsal. Thursday 2 shows. Friday 1 show. Saturday 2 shows and pack EVERYTHING up and move out of the theater afterward. Sunday is confirmation! :D Just call me CRAZY! Oh I wonder if anyone remembered that we need to recognize the kids who are graduating this year??? *Confirmation: In our Church after a period of instruction our youth "confirm their baptism" and profess that they believe in God and accept Jesus as their Savior.