Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shamelessly stolen from Jen

My good buddy Jen over at Jen's Hoard posted this today and it's worth spreading around...so here it goes!

Make the Connection

Merck Pharmaceuticals is giving one dollar for cervical cancer research for every free bracelet kit people order here. I found this at Snopes, which has also listed a lot of important information about HPV and cervical cancer, so go check that out, too.

HPV is so common, and it seems like the word isn't getting out how many women are at risk because of this virus.

So, don't forget to get your superhappyfun yearly exams and go order a bracelet kit today! (Jen posted about her last exam, but I didn't tell you about my exam...just the mamogram. Oh well, maybe next year. Mine aren't quite as eventful as Jen's though...just the normal stuff. Maybe I should see her doc?

Bunnies still waiting to be hung....

Okay that title sounded really weird, huh?

This is the picture that Santa got me for Christmas this year. I would like to hang it in the family room, but I want to paint the walls first. And I have not gotten around to painting the walls yet. Been too busy.

So maybe if I get a week with nothing to do (yeah right!) I'll hang the bunnies. I'll let you know when that happens.

Right now the picture is propped up against the wall in my guest bedroom.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ut oh! I feel like Mr McGreggor!

This morning after breakfast Lilly was whining very loudly at the back door. We look out and spy a rabbit. This is the second time that a rabbit has gotten into our back yard and we can't have this with my garden back there.

So I let Lilly out to take care of the rabbit (I know that she can't actually catch one). Well it turns out that there were two of the little buggers out there. Of course they took off in two different directions. Lilly and rabbit #1 went one direction and I took off after the other one who was heading for a dead end. I wanted to open the gate and let it out, but it ran past me instead and went straight for my vegetable garden.

Darly found it in the back of the vegetable garden, so I grabbed some shoes and went into the garden (remember the fence?) to chase it out. And it did get out. Apparently the fence is NOT rabbit proof. But as I was investigating the fence I noticed a hole in the ground that was not previously there before.

OH NO! Don't tell me that there's a bunny nest in my vegetable garden! So I get down on my knees to look into the hole.

Whew! No baby bunnies. Can you imagin the set up? A fenced area where the dog can't get to you and all the veggies you want, if you let the plants grow.

So I filled in the hole and adjusted the fence...mostly for the dog, the rabbits can get in anyway. Then I went to block off the areas of my yard's fence to keep the rabbits out of the yard. I thought that they had come in threw the second gate that is all warped. But we watched rabbit #2 leave threw the gap between the fence & house. So I blocked that off too.

DH thought that I should not have let Lilly chase the rabbits. But I think it was a good thing.

1) hopefully the rabbits will remember the dog the next time they think of coming after my garden.
2) Lilly has a great memory and everytime that she goes out she looks for the rabbits...instead of looking to bark at the neighbor dogs.
3) Lilly got plenty of excercise today... She insisted on checking for the rabbits in the front yard too. LOL!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Super crazy busy mom almost looses it...story at 11...


Well you know if you're a regular viewer that this is the blog of a very busy homeschooling mom. A mom who's so busy, it's a wonder that her kid learns anything...but she's a learning sponge I tell ya...learns and remembers everything.

So after Girl Scouts, Astronomy night, Home Depot workshop, End of Year party, Gymnastics, Prairie nature walk, Board meetings, Park Days, Teacher's Night Out, Living History Museum, Helping out at Church twice!, cloudy night Observatory tour, HayStack Goat Dairy, and all the stuff on my list from the other day where the dryer broke and I dried my clothes outside...

I was finally going to sit down and work on the donkey pinata for VBS next week. Oh I should say that I also had to fake a budget to figure out if we could spend $3000 to send some folks to a meeting in Chicago...oh I so hope we really have that money.

Anyway so I'm in the bathroom up to my elbows in paper mache and the phone rings. Darly says that she'll get it and she brings it to me. It's a mom needing breastfeeding information. After talking to her it seems like an easy enough fix but the mom really wants for someone to come and make sure she is doing it right. So I agree to come and then she tells me that she actually lives about 25 minutes away. There are two other LLL groups that are much closer to her...BUT I know that the Leaders with both of those groups are seconds away from retiring and wouldn't go help her.

So I clean off as much as I can, grab my books & keys (oh and my kid) and hop in the car to drive over there. Wouldn't you know it, that EVERY single stop light on the way turns RED...EVERY one. I just couldn't believe it.

But we get there and the little guy is cute and seems to be nursing just perfectly...his only problem really is that he wants to suck for comfort and hasn't figured out how to do that without getting a face full of milk. So of course he's mad...who wouldn't be?

I did my very best to help her out, I even called another Leader from my cell phone (SHOCK!!! I ACTUALLY USED THE DREADED DEVICE!!!) to make sure that I was on the right track. And mom gave me a donation for my group.

Which made things better. I guess I was just really upset because the paper mache donkey is still not any closer to getting finished and now I have even less time to do it AND I'm really mad at the other Leaders who live so much closer to this mom who probably didn't answer their phones for her.

Which reminds me, I need to email someone...but not about that. ;o)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

no tt, just having fun...

Tu-tu cute!

Matilda's a wallaby

1860s map

kids petting kids

front flower garden

Wordless HA HA HA Wednesday

I added the Ha Ha Ha because I never shut up...even when I don't have anything to say...

So here are the pictures

Garden first planted

Garden later

Garden now.... ha ha just kidding

Monday, June 19, 2006

No time to remember....

I've got no time for a monday memory today.

I've gotta pee Update: Done

I've gotta finish the laundry Update: Dryer died! Had to fashion clothes lines between fence and swingset to hang clothes out to dry. Worked pretty well. Clothes seemed to dry faster outside in the sun & wind. But now they are all stiff and scratchy feeling! Oh and it messed up me getting ANYTHING else done!

I've gotta do all this paperwork on my desk (includes making a deposit and entering the checks into the database...paying bills...filing) Update: None...they are all still sitting here mocking me!

And I've gotta make a paper maché donkey for our VBS. Update: Darly just came in here with parts of said donkey asking me to work on it. I'm too dang tired! Maybe since she's a ball of energy I should let her do it?


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Friday Frizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well this is going to be totally random stuff...

Darly managed to loose two teeth. This is HUGE because they have both been loose forever and the adult teeth were both coming in behind the baby teeth. Apparently she was afraid that pulling her teeth out would hurt. These were teeth #3 & #4 to come out, but it has been a whole year since she lost the first two...which has me wondering...

Aren't they supposed to loose the two bottom front teeth (central incisors) and then the two top front(central incisors) and THEN the two bottom to the side of the first ones(Lateral Incisors)??? Well she lost the two on the bottom.

Okay I was RIGHT! http://www.gatorgripper.com/babyTeeth.asp

I know that DH will think I'm totally nuts, but I'm getting Darly this gripper thing! Then maybe her next teeth will come out quicker and I can stop nagging the poor kid about it! LOL

We went to a local fair here and can I just complain about how loud the music was??? It was so bad that we had our fingers in our ears durring the ride and when we got off the police officer across the street came over and told the carny to turn it down...YAY...but why couldn't he have noticed that sooner? I know that we as a family are sensitive to noise, but this was way beyond loud. Other people were saying it was loud too.

We live at our Church. LOL! We went in on Wednesday to fold the newsletters too. And I found out that another Church member died. I didn't know this one...but it feeds into that superstition that they go in "threes." And everyone in the Church office were agreeing with it too. Funny how we should know better but we believe it anyway because it does happen. We all feel better.

Darly decided to get her hair cut short like a friend of hers. She really likes this girl, who I don't see giving her all that much attention in return...but she isn't mean either. So we went and got it cut in a Bob about chin length. It looks so very cute. I seriously considered getting mine done the same way...but I've got all these dreadded layers in mine and it wouldn't look good. Besides I've got a horrible picture of me with a bob. What I need is it cut like it was in my Avatar picture. I should take that with me to the hairdresser. LOL!

I got convinced that I should become a Girl Scout leader. So I've been taking the at home class. They have where you can go to a 3 hour class or take it at home and they guess that it takes 12-15 hours to complete. Well I've got just one question left and in actual work done on it, has been more like one hour...maybe two. On the last page (yes, I skipped one question to do it last) it asks for my evaluation of the study manual. Okay, first ya don't wanna get my opinion...cuz I'll tell you! Ha ha ha ha So I told them that I wished that they hadn't scared folks by saying it takes 12-15 hours to do that thing! I don't think that even a slow reader would take that long.
A friend of mine has warned that I didn't ever want to do this because they will be asking me to do everything else. It aint happening... because I have a good excuse. "My Family is More Important" and there is seriously nothing that they could want me to do that involves my family...I've already said I would help with Darly's troop...that's it. I know...famous last words....

Dh is driving me nuts (what else is new?) He wants to go to Las Vegas. In one breath he asks me "When do you want to go?" and I tell him. Then he asks "Who is gonna watch Darly?"
Okay, maybe I'm taking this the wrong way. But to me it sounds like he doesn't want me to go because he doesn't want to impose on his mom to watch Darly.
So because I don't want to upset Darly by argueing about this in front of her, especially if he doesn't want me to go...then she doesn't need to get upset about me going unnecessarily.
I wrote him a note, telling him just what I told you. I can't tell that he really wants me to go. So I wrote that if he wants to go...go. And if he wants for me to come with him...he needs to call his mom to see if she can watch Darly.

How much you wanna bet that I ain't goin?

BTW: I hate Vegas. I'm just going for alone time with DH. It would be our first alone trip since Darly was born. The last time I went to Vegas, I was two weeks pregnant with Darly.

Okay, that looks long enough.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Monday....

interesting day...

I should start this by filling you in a bit. When our Church's current office manager took over the position she quickly learned that she could not handle all of her responsibilities and answer the office phones on Monday mornings. I don't know how the previous office manager handled all of this just fine, but anyway. So she asked the Church council if she could ask volunteers to come in on Mondays to answer the phones...and they agreed. So Darly & I go about once a month now to answer the phones and do other office tasks.

Today I had to drag myself out of bed early (as in before 9am! I love homeschooling! ;-) and get Darly up too so that we could go answer the phones at our Church. {NO! Darly doesn't answer the phones.}

I'm not sure why but I didn't get myself to bed Sunday night at a reasonable hour...kept finding stuff I wanted to watch on TV, but fell asleep during them. Crazy, I know.

So I drag out of bed and get a shower, and then go to wake Darly who doesn't want to get up either. I made my coffee and get this... I did NOT TURN ON THE COMPUTER! Yes, I said it. I did not turn this thing on first thing in the morning. I am not addicted to this thing. Really, I swear it.

We get to Church and get the run-down on all that is happening and who is actually there(hardly anyone). The office manager(OM) tells me about how she is trying to get everyone to turn their phones to "do not disturb" when they leave so you don't have to wonder if they are there or not...but so far it's not working yet.

Miss S's Memorial is happening on the 16th (ooh! I just realized that I can now go!) and she asked if I knew all the details for that...which I did.
And that our VBS (Vacation Bible School) registration is now closed and full...so don't take any more registrations because we've already had to return money and try to get the CDs back and that just gets ugly.

The OM then gives me some paperwork that she is trying to catch up on and quickly shows me how she wants that done. It turned out that all the pages that she needed entered into the computer were already entered and I just had to print out the reports...but anyway.

The phone rang three the entire time I was there. Amazing! Usually it is ringing off the hook! But the one call was for our Youth Minister and he was outta town. It was about a reservation that he had made that needed to be paid for or it would get canceled. YIKES! Luckily the Pastor & OM took that.

I had two moms come in to try to register for VBS. The one was kinda in disbelief when I told her that we were full already. I found out later that another Church is doing the same program but is charging like 3 times more so we were getting flooded with kids trying to get in. Parents tend to get all cranky with VBS registration...like its politics or something. One year this lady came on the opening day and wanted to sign her kid up. Our director said that we were full and the lady says to her kid "Come on! They don't want you here!" ummm no, we don't wany you here lady. I'm just kidding. But anyway.

I got one call about Miss S's Memorial and I gave her all that info...including stuff she didn't even ask for, but hey I figured why not. There is going to be a Pot Luck reception afterward and A-M is supposed to bring Salad & N-Z bring Desserts. The OM & I thought it might be a good idea to ask the Salad folks to bring veggies & the dessert folks for breads...spread out the offerings. I hope it works out well.

Pastor brought in his dog. I never did find out why. She was very nice though.

Darly did some sorting in her usual way...work for 10 minutes and take a 40 minute break. But she did get it all done before we left. And she got a lollypop for her efforts. I didn't get a lollypop!

But we did get a nice lunch at Quiznos afterward.

update: there are two reasons for running out of room for VBS... 1) not enough volunteers we have a 1 adult to 6 kid ratio...and 2) we actually do run out of space for all the kids.
But the real reason we have a cut off is because if we didn't they would be coming to get in until the very end of VBS and then complain that it was over! We have to cut off registration so that we can buy all the t-shirts and iron on the decals before we start...we also have to figure out which crew the kids go into.
And no this isn't a Lutheran thing. Our program is non-demoninational, so we get all kinds of kids for it. It seems like most parents are using VBS as a cheep day care for their out of school kids.
And we charge because the program that we buy costs money. The Church budgets so much per kid and then we have to raise money to cover the rest and ask for donations of supplies (mostly food).
What the kids get for their registration fee... a CD of songs from the program, a t-shirt with decal from the program, 5 Bible memory verse buddies, program book, and 5 crafts based on the program.
Yeah, we could come up with a program of our own and it would be cheaper...but it is worth it to us to pay for someone else's creativity.
Here's the link to our program Group Fiesta

Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome Home

Miss S

Mrs W

Today I got the news that the second of these two lovely ladies was called home. And while this news should not have been a shock, I was shocked.

The first picture is of a dear friend of mine Miss S. Her passing was a shock to everyone as she died quickly at home on Tuesday May 23rd. I was on a first name basis with this lady. She was so full of life and friendly. S was on so many different boards and in so many groups at our Church that I saw her everywhere and she could talk your ear off. She was an awesome lady and she'll be missed so much and not just for her lovely homemade greeting cards that she sold at Church with all funds going to our Crisis relief fund. She leaves behind her daughter who is in our Praise Band and her son who was in the Praise Band before he moved to Golden. While I've done projects with both of her kids, I was closer to her. Her memorial service will be held on June 16th so that the members of our choir who are touring in Germany can attend.

The second picture is of Mrs. W. I didn't know her as well as Miss S. We had chatted with each other a few times while getting bulletins and newsletters ready for Church. Mrs. W has been fighting ovarian cancer for over a year now and her death was expected. About two months ago, while on a field trip to a cemetary here in town I found Mrs. W's husband's grave. So I assume that she'll be laid to rest next to him. I don't know Mrs. W's family. Her service will be this Sunday at 3pm. I wonder if the choir will be able to attend (I'm not sure when they are getting back from Germany.) Mrs. W was a member of the choir for many years...at least as long as I have been attending this Church.

I won't be able to attend Miss S's service as we have something else on that day. And I still haven't decided if I will attend Mrs W's service. I think that it is less likely as DH didn't know either lady that well. I'm a big blubbering idiot at funerals. I don't know exactally why. I think a big part of it is that my parents chose to not expose us to any as kids. I would like Darly to not feel this way, but I fear that my reaction will influence her. I really don't want Darly's first funeral to be of family.

Time to have a deep discussion with DH...

UPDATE: It looks like I will be able to attend Miss S's memorial now as the previously scheduled event was canceled...I'm sure that someone had a hand in that. :D Now I have to figure out what dish I'm bringing for the pot luck.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Memories: The story of Lilly

I first posted this as a comment on Lazy Daisy’s blog to her Monday Memory. But she suggested that I post it here and since I already typed it up, I figured why not. So here it is with a few more details…

In 1999 our family included DH, Darly, one dog, two rabbits and myself. However, the Air Force decided that needed to change and sent us to Korea. So with a very heavy heart, we gave up our beloved pets to awesome new homes.

As soon as we got back to the States and got our own house I wanted to return our family back to normal and get pets. DH did not think that was a good idea. I think mostly he wanted the freedom of not having to find someone to watch the animals when we were gone. I thought that was “Hooey!” because we barely go anywhere anyway!

So we bought our house in October of 2001 and by January of 2002 I had adopted our rabbits Trina & Trudy while DH was out of town. DH wasn’t thrilled, but didn’t put up too much of a fuss.

By the end of 2002 I had been hinting to DH that we needed a dog. He was still protesting. I explained that a dog would be good for Darly and provide some protection when he was out of town. He still wasn’t convinced. I said I wanted one before he went out of town again. He said maybe… Then he went out of town…

I had been searching online for a dog at our local shelters. The one near us had a listing on Saturday for a Lhasa Apso mix puppy named Sue Lee that DD & I were very interested in. She was 4 months old. I couldn’t get to the shelter until Monday. By Sunday her listing was removed and we were disappointed.
On Monday I checked again and her picture was back up...so we went to the shelter to find out what was going on.

Sue Lee was there when we got to the shelter and they shared her information with us. She had been dropped off on Fri night after her owners had found out from their landlord that they were not allowed to have any pets. Apparently Sue Lee was adopted from a box of puppies at the grocery store.
She went home with a family on Saturday who had just lost their older dog Lhasa Apso.

She was returned the next morning because the family soon realized that they were not ready for a puppy. Apparently Sue Lee kept them up all night.
When we got to the shelter on Monday there was a HOLD on her. The interested party had to see if their landlord would allow pets. I asked if we could be the second hold, the shelter said no I had to be there when the hold expired. At the time I was miffed, but thinking back now it made sense to not have that many holds on the dog. She was very cute and couldn’t be left in limbo.

So DD & I went to the mall that was across the street at around 12:30 and returned at 4:30 (hold expired at 5pm). No word from the hold family.

But this lady who comes to the shelter everyday looking for a dog wanted the dog too...but after she met DD she said that we could have her since we were there first and DD was almost ready to turn on the water works. hee hee I found out from the shelter guy we had been talking to that this lady comes in almost every day and they really did not like her much. She had taken a few dogs home only to return them because they were not what she was looking for. They were very happy that I had talked her out of the dog.

At 4:45 still no word from the hold family, we've been "there" all day and the shelter guy starts processing the paperwork for us. YAY! He asked us a bunch of questions about our family and our house and then brings in Sue Lee for us to meet. We told him that we wanted to change her name to Lilly and he was thrilled. He thought that was a much better name for her.

The very first thing that Lilly does when she meets us is jump at Darly. She was a ball of fluff and energy! Darly who was almost 5 at the time was startled and began crying. I hugged Darly and we ignored the dog. The shelter guy said that was the perfect thing to do because it showed the dog that she can’t get our attention by jumping. Bad things happen to dogs who jump. I ask Darly if maybe she doesn’t want the dog now and she says that she still wants her. After Darly calms down, I tell Lilly to sit, which she does and we pet her. Of course she doesn’t stay seated long and she wiggled the entire time.

We get almost everything done (it is a long process to adopt a dog!) and the original owner shows up. Her landlord said they could pay a pet deposit...but the shelter said she couldn't have her back because they don't allow you to take your dog back after you surrender it. Their thinking is that if you surrender your dog once, you don’t have a very close bond with it and they want dogs to go to homes that they will be in forever.

We finish our paperwork but can't take Lilly home with us because they have to spay her first. (I still don't understand how that one family had her overnight with no spay. The shelter couldn’t give us a good answer for that.) So Lilly is put back in her pen and DD & I "say good night" to her. DD is in tears because Lilly “wants us”. Lilly is jumping and barking at us through the glass. And 1st owner is still there she figures out that WE took "Her" dog...so she follows us to our car and tries to talk us into giving her the dog back...she'll pay us.

I say no because DD is in the car ready to turn on the water works. A guy from the shelter comes out to make sure we're okay. Crazy 1st owner is trying everything she can think of to get the dog back and I say no...but I did tell her that I would think about letting her visit...yeah right. I wasn’t about to begin a relationship with someone who wanted my dog.

On Wednesday I called the shelter to make sure that everything went well with Lilly’s spay and they say that we can come to pick her up. They tell us that she may be groggy, she isn’t. I have her go potty and put her into her crate for the ride home.

Once we get home, I ask her to go potty again before allowing her into the house for the very first time. And I take her out every two hours after that (yes all night long!)

I knew that we wouldn’t want Lilly going into our dining room/living room, so I put up some gates to keep her out of there. I soon realized that she needed to not go upstairs either (she kept going potty up there) so we had a gate at the bottom of the stairs too.

It took about a month to get Lilly trained to sleep in her bedroom (aka the laundry room). I camped out on the couch.

DH called the night before he was to return from his trip and silly me, I had put Lilly in the laundry room to answer the phone…she barked and Dh could hear her. He was pretty mad! He didn’t say a whole lot to me for a while after he returned. But he softened up to Lilly pretty quickly.

The guy at the shelter had said that Lilly was scared of men. But when DH got home she went up to him happily as if she had known him her entire life. I can only assume that she knew he belonged there from his smell in the house.

I signed Lilly & me up for obedience classes and she was a star pupil. It seemed that either she had already been trained or she was showing off for all those other dogs. The instructor said that I should train Lilly in agility classes. I’m sure she would do really well, but I just don’t have that kind of time.

Lilly is now a well behaved member of the family. She still forgets that she isn’t allowed to jump, but she has learned everything else very well. There are tests you can do to see how smart your dog is and Lilly showed that she as a really good memory…which I should have known before I did the tests because she will go and get her toys if you ask her to (and she wants to). She also is a really good camper. She just doesn’t like when we leave her to go out of town. I suppose that if we went more often she would get used to it, but we’ll take that as it comes.

Do I feel bad about taking the crazy lady’s dog? Not very. I knew that I would give the dog a better life with no worries of a landlord. I figured out pretty quickly that her first owners (probably the husband) hit Lilly as she is hand shy. She is very happy here and we have never once thought about getting rid of her for any reason. She's an awesome dog.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Questions about my Thirteen

I love doing this. Answering the questions y'all asked me about my 13 and commenting on the comments. Its a really easy post.

So here we go...

Socks and Abby said...
Oh, I'm the first! Sounds like you had some fun. I cant knit very well either, but I can crochet. Yes, you're first here. Yes we have lots of fun. I can crochet too and I keep thinking that maybe it would go much faster if I took this knitting project and tryed to turn it into a crochet...because I still don't know how to cast off anyway.

Geggie said...
Whoa...you had a busy month. Lots of fun, though! Thanks for stopping by my list.
Some days it seems that I'm really busy...especially when we have more than one thing going on per day. But most days its just doing what we're supposed to do. Today we have two things scheduled, but yesterday we stayed home and planted flowers.

Christine said...
Sounds like you had a busy but Fun month. My husband lives at Home Depot, I'll have to check to see if there is anything for the kids. He can take them too, and I'll have a peaceful afternoon. Thanks for the info. Have a great TT! Here's the link on the Home Depot workshop Lowes does one too but we've missed the last two months because of other stuff and I like the Home Depot projects better. Dh & I usually trade off on who takes Darly to these giving each of us a break. So we do HomeDepot on the first weekend, Lowes on the second weekend and then there is Kids Kulture on the 3rd weekend. It keeps us from spending all our time at MIL's. ;o)

Fated Hearts said...
I wish we have home depot near us. That seeds activity is so interesting!!! I do love your list, full of activities except when you got sick, hehehe. They also do this at Lowes but they want you to sign up for that one. Scroll down to change the zip code unless you wanna come all the way to Parker CO...hee hee. I hate getting sick too and this cold was the kind that keeps you congested for weeks after the cold has gone. I still have a little of it...blech. Darly caught it and is driving me crazy coughing all the time...DH called her Coughy the other night.

Chaotic Mom said...
MAN! You had a fun month. Except for getting sick, I guess. I would have LOVED the book sale! ;) The book sale was nice I bumped into 4 other homeschooling friends and we had a blast shopping. Shopping in groups is always so much fun and of course the caused me to spend more money...but I had a $10 off coupon.

dragonden said...
Busy busy month of May. I bet June will be just as busy. :) Yup! June promises to be just as busy...starting with Girl Scouts and a Family Astronomy Night tonight!

Lisa said...
What a busy month!! Kids LOVE trampolines - even all hot and sweaty, they still go back for more. :) Yeah, the problem with the trampoline is that we can't enforce the only 2 kids on at a time. This house has 6 kids and there are a few of them with "selective hearing."

Wystful1 said...
I LOVE the Cheyenne Moutain Zoo. Tell me, do they still have the red panda? Nope. We didn't see a red panda, but the Denver Zoo has them. One of these days I have to drag Darly out of bed early to go see them. The Denver Zoo is so hot that the animals are all sleeping by the time we get there and then when they wake up its time to go home...bummer.

Denise said...
OMG! You certainly did A LOT!!!! I'll have to check on that Home Depot thing. Check out the Lowes one too. I know you wanted lots of stuff to do with the kiddos this summer.

Trinity13 said...
I've never taken my son to a Home Depot workshop...but I'm sure he would love it! I'll have to check into it. I posted the link to Home Depot & Lowes above. I'm sure your little boy will love them. Oh I forgot to mention that when you first go make sure you tell them its your first time and you'll get an apron and other goodies too.

Jennifer Sprague, High Top Baby Designs said...
WOW what a busy BUSY month you had! :D Gotta keep busy and keep learning!

Reverberate58 said...
I think it is so great that the kids get to do so much in their month. Growing up with public schools we never got to see so much! Great list to share! My list is up! I grew up in a tiny one horse town and we didn't do any field trips at school until we got to 4th grade except for Girl Scouts, which my mom was the leader for. I think that Darly is learning so much for all of these trips...of course I'm beginning to worry about what we should do next...but then another homeschooling co-op comes along. :D

Laci said...
When I was a kid, I lived for the days of the Scholastic Book Fair! :) I'm such a sucker that when our Church's Preschool has a Scholastic book Fair I still go. Even though the Warehouse sale has all the same books for 1/2 off. When I told my Homeschooling friends about this sale, I titled the post "Hide your Checkbooks!"

Laura said...
sounds like a great, merry month of may. Yup! We have a lot of fun.

Jackie said...
Wow were you on vacation? Or just really organized and into doing things at home? Sounds fun either way. No vacation yet. This was just our normal busy schedule.

"D" said...
You do soooo much for Darly and her home schooling - that is so inspiring! Well, thanks for saying that. I think that we would both get very bored if our homeschooling was actually at home. ;o) She learns so much from all our fun that when we do stuff at home she doesn't fuss about it. Yesterday we were planting flowers and I started quizzing her on math stuff using the flowers. There were 6 containers of 6 plants divided between two beds...etc. Darly says "What is this? The Math Garden?" :D

Sherri said...
Wow, busy month!! Gotta stay busy

Mom's Secret Life said...
Too fun, Renee! My list is also up, but I can't do the fun linky thing. That's kinda tough to figure out because each type of blog uses different language...I think. I'm not up on all of that. Blogger has a link you can click on to get the linky thing to work...or you can learn the language. I use the clicks.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...
i've done a few of those things as well, the home depot kids event, the book fair, and trampoline at the neighbors, and i too, did not go on! I can't do the trampline anymore or I'll need ... well that's TMI.

Scone said...
Sounds like a blast. Sure was!

Cristie said...
Wow, you guys were busy in May. I wish I had done a few of those with my bunch. Well, theres always June! Thanks for the info on the book sale, I had no idea they did that. I cant wait to go. I forget how I first learned about the warehouse sales. Probably a Homeschooling friend told me about it. For those of you who aren't teachers or homeschoolers...you might have to fib about that to get in...although no one is manning the door. They do want to put you on their mailing list though...to let you know about more sales.

Bone said...
Good heavens! I'm not sure I've done that much the entire year.
Actually, if you take everything I've accomplished in my entire life, and condense it down into one day, it looks decent! You're still young and you've got plenty of time to do stuff. When I was your age, I hadn't done nearly this much.

Chickadee said...
Oh man, what a busy month you've had! I remember those "Field Days". I hated them with a passion. I like the lima bean lesson and the search for seeds. What a fun way to learn about plants. And that scholastic books warehouse! Ohhh that would have been heaven on earth for me! I didn't care a whole lot for Field Days either, except that it meant getting out of class for the day. Darly doesn't have that problem...hee hee. And the kids loved disecting their lima beans, I had to give them all several. I'm a sucker for the book sale. Although I'm still waiting for HP#6 in paperback at 1/2 price, but they haven't released it in paperback yet.

TLC said...
Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you homeschool? I had no idea Slim Goodbody was still around! I remember the character when I was a kid. Yup! We unschool mostly with a tiny bit of "structure." I thought that I might have heard his name before, but I had never seen him. He (the guy we saw) was much older than I was expecting. He was very nice and came out after the show when most kids had already left to shake hands with our kids. There were a TON of school kids there. Events like that with the School kids reinforce for both me and Darly how much better we have it learning at home.

Well, looking at my calendar for June I see that so far we have only 10 things planned. But I'm sure it will fill up before the end of the month. :D