Friday, June 03, 2016


I had seen several ads posted on Craigslist for free bee swarm removal, and thought it would be cool to actually have a swarm.
Around May 23rd or so (date pretty foggy there) I was out working in my garden and thought I heard bees buzzing by. I looked around but didn't think anything of it.
May 26th I was out in the back yard again and knew I heard bees. I looked around and saw that we had bees who had decided "su casa es me casa!"

I love bees but I know that hubby is highly allergic and while having bees in a hive is awesome (honey!) having bees in your wall is not awesome. So right off I contact a friend of mine who keeps bees who upon hearing that the bees are in my wall has me contact John, who has me contact Stuart. Stuart says he has an opening on June I want it? um yeah!

Today Stuart opens up the soffit

takes a few pictures.  
hive after opening up soffit
after vacuuming off most of the bees
I grabbed a few also...there are more on my camera. My dining room made for the perfect bee operation view point.
He vacuumed the bees using a shop vac with hoses that ran through a special bee box first. The bees get caught in the box. He cut out the comb and we discovered that the queen (who was hiding behind the very last comb) had been very busy laying a lot of eggs. After finding the queen bee and cutting out all the comb, he went to lunch to give the bees a chance to figure out where the queen had moved to.

Funny, at first the bees were flying mostly around where the hive used to be, but after a while they figured out where the queen was and stayed by her...some fanning her with their wings.

After lunch, vacuumed out the rest of the bees in the soffit, and started putting it back together. now the soffit is all sealed back up and the bees are on their way to a new home...I don't know where. But Stuart said that last year he had to provide his own bee removal service because one of his swarms had decided to move into his own house. :D I hope this swarm behaves better for him.
oh no honey in our no honey for anyone.