Monday, October 31, 2005

Don't have the cute template...

but I am thankful for a bunch of I wanted to post that.

Here's what I'm thankful for today

1. Today's Halloween! and it's supposed to be warm (for a change!)

2. We had a great weekend.

3. DH seemed happier than he has been in a long time.

4. DH & I were dancing together last night and we made the kid & the dog jealous...hee hee!

5. I'm healthy!

6. I don't have any boy children (teaching Sunday School yesterday was an experience!)

7. Most of the ladies that I work with in LLL are great (there are only a few that get on my nerves)

8. The procrastination of others means that I don't have to work. :D

9. That even procrastination is in my nature, I'm able to "force" myself to get my jobs done.

10. That I have so much to be thankful for...especially my biggest blessing.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Where did the week go? It's Thursday again...

Thirteen Things about Renée

  1. Oh my... let's see. Last Thursday we did a field trip to the Plains Conservation Center. Apparently we ended up in the right group as our friends told us that one of the ladies was very cranky and we missed all of that. LOL
  2. Friday we got very lucky again as we went to Chadfield for a guided hike and our tour guide was AWESOME! The kids learned so why it's a very bad idea to use Indian tolite paper as tolite paper... trust me, you don't wanna go there!
  3. Saturday I sewed Darly's Halloween costume. It came out great and she is so tickled to have it. She can wear it tomorrow to a party.
  4. I agreed to let DH go to Vegas... but he has to talk to me first. HA HA!
  5. Sunday I agreed to teach two more Sunday School lessons... "why, oh why doesn't anyone else want to do this?"
  6. We also went to MIL's house where DH proceded to do her yardwork. MIL said he didn't have to, but he insisted... My friend calls this "argument 12b"
  7. Monday we went to a fun coop class on making beaded charm bracelets. Darly loved it...she's so crafty.
  8. We also had gymnastics... and DH came to talk to me. He was sure ticked about it. But he did talk.
  9. I thought that I had the easy answer for our problems, but DH says it's not that simple. He says that I'm not the same person that he married. DUH! neither is he for me. I've learned to live with him. I guess it's that thing where "Women marry a man hoping that she can change him into the man she wants and Men marry a woman hoping that she'll never change." But what I'm seeing is that he doesn't like that I became a mother and started giving my attention to the baby. Hummm... I didn't do this by myself. It wasn't even my idea.
  10. Tuesday saw my counselor who told me that it will probably be a long time before I see DH putting any real effort into this. GRRRR! Why must I do all the work?
  11. Wednesday we went to park day and had lots of fun. The winter park is really nice and only one kid fell into the creek... he wasn't trying too hard to stay out of it.
  12. My pumpkins that I picked early (to keep them from freezing in the frost) are all orange now... I hope that means that they are ripe. I've got big plans for these babies!
  13. Today is the last day of the pledge drive. I actually got a call from the morning DJ's asking me to pledge. I had already done so online.

That's 13! Wow that isn't as hard as it sounds. If you're reading this, you should try it too. You don't have to spill as much of your guts as I have... we'll still love you just the same. :D

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

trying thursday thirteen...go easy on me

Thirteen Things about Renee

  1. I don't know if this will work or be a huge mess...I'm so not computer literate.
  2. I'm also not sure that I know 13 things to say about me today.
  3. I finally heard back from my PCP about my mamogram results...they filed my paperwork wrong. Idiots!
  4. I still need to go in for my follow-up appt... I have a cyst.
  5. I don't know when I'll have the time to do that as we are so busy.
  6. My marriage has been in serious trouble for years and we have both been ignoring it.
  7. I started seeing a marriage counselor who thinks that I am a doormat.
  8. The counselor thinks that I need to talk to DH in person instead of emails.
  9. Dh doesn't want to talk to me, I think that he would rather get emails.
  10. I sent DH a email this morning and I don't know if he will get it or not...I didn't get the copy that I bcc'd myself.
  11. I tried to talk to DH last night and this morning...he wants to go to Vegas for a slots tournament. I don't want him to go by himself. I suggested that I go too, but DH doesn't want to leave Darly(& the animals) for that long with his mother. And DH says that I would be bored as he intends to spend the entire time at the tables. In other words (and my counselor will kill me for saying this as it is an assumption) DH does not want me to go with him. (that should count for more than one thing...right)
  12. other things about me... I love rabbits and have two live ones + a bunch of figurines.
  13. made it to 13, I have a coop class this afternoon and I still haven't taken my shower yet!

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Okay Jen, here's how the "boob festival" went...

LOL! That title ought to get a bunch of looks, huh? ;o)

Well Thursday I drove over to the hotel to get set up. I arrived there right around 2pm (okay, I was 5 min early as normal) . 2pm was when we had agreed to be there. I had dragged the 7 45lb boxes of books up to the second floor where we were supposed to set up. I broke DH's hand cart/dolly because I was stubborn and instead of putting only 2 boxes on it at a time, I put all 7. I now owe DH new castors for the front of big deal. He wasn't even all that upset with least I don't think so (he never really says).

So the person in charge shows up at around 2:30pm, meanwhile we are standing around waiting.

Once she shows up we get checked into our room and then start getting things set up. It was a lot of lugging things around. Lots of boxes of supplies. I think that I ended up putting a lot of signs up. Thursday is kind of a blur now. I know that I didn't get to bed until after 12am and had to get up again at 5:30am... but I woke up at 5am thanks to my bladder.

Friday I had to run to the office supply store and the copy place. They were so happy that I didn't really have a set job and I could sign the checks to pay for everything. I was perfect for getting things and they took full advantage of it. I also learned how to register folks. We did a ton of directing traffic...oh and looking for food. For lunch I got to see a really great speaker who had some neat tricks for helping moms. (and today I even used one of those for a mom...sure wish that I had the outline for that talk.)

Saturday I did more running to get supplies. (why they didn't get all the copying done before I don't know.) I took some pictures for one of the speakers (getting to meet them) and I also drove the speaker from Friday's lunch to the airport. The speaker was really nice and fun to talk to. She was all excited that she had done her last engagement with our headline speaker. Our headline speaker was fantastic and he even stayed to see the other speakers (usually unheard of!) I had to eat my lunch in a hurry and miss the speaker's talk so I could drive to the airport...but the person I was taking wanted to finish her lunch and speak to someone. I didn't have to inhale my lunch afterall. I don't know if she made it in time for her plane or not.

Sunday I woke up to more copies to be made before 9am and had to get change for the book store. No one had thought before that we would need change and it was SUNDAY. Luckily the King Soopers gave us change. THANK YOU KING SOOPERS, I'm so glad that you're my store! They were also able to do my the copy place didn't open until 10am.

I missed most of the sessions that I had signed up for although I did make it to two of them, both totally worth it. I sure wish that I had made it to the first one on Sunday AM, but that's when I was getting copies and more office supplies. I didn't get any of my Saturday sessions, but those weren't as important to me.

We finally got out of the hotel at around 6pm and I drove threw Bronco's traffic to meet the family for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.
I should have gone to bed hours ago. I'm hoping that I'm just tired.

Image Scavenger Hunt

I saw this over at Jen's blog and it just looked like fun.

First you go to Google Image Search and look up the following categories. Post the first (appropriate) picture that comes up for each question. Have at it!-

The name of the town where you grew up:

Well this map actually shows where I grew up...not very imaginative, I know. I thought about posting the pix of the grave or the memorial brick, but those would have taken a whole lot of explaining.

-The name of the town where you live now:

But I prefer this pix:

-Your name:

I bet you thought that I would post Renee Zellweger! That's Renee O'Connor. See there are more of us out there! ;o)

-Your Grandmother's name (pick one):

Chu's Alberta English Angora by Betty Chu
Chocolate Tort Doe. Winner of 12 legs, 3 BOBs and Best in Show. Best Overall Wool in 1995 ARBA National Convention.

most of the images for Alberta were either of Alberta Canada or taken in Alberta Canada. So when I found this little sweety, I had to grab it! My other grandmother is Catherine...zzzzz

-Your favorite food: I don't know why but my computer or the internet is not letting me post any more pix here. I had a nice pix of a steak from here.

-Your favorite drink: And here I would have a Pepsi, but I would also have water
-Your favorite song: I'm not sure what song I would have here... I like a lot
-Your favorite smell: Vanilla

Monday, October 10, 2005

End of summer!

Well yesterday and today marked the official end of summer here in Colorado. They predicted 3-6 inches of snow...we got at least 8 inches. Everything is white and it's still coming down.

Lilly our dog refused to go potty all last evening because she hates getting her paws wet (it was raining then) so she held it all night. Then this morning was all covered in snow and she didn't want to go out in it. So I get all suited, gloves, heavy coat and go out there in the yard. I call her to come to me...she comes but then runs back to the door. I call her again and she comes and I tell her to go potty.
She goes potty on the porch...oh well she can't really tell that it's not the yard and at least she went.

But then, get this, she decides "wait a minute! This is that fun stuff!" and starts romping around in it... "let's play!" So we play for like a nano-second and then go inside.

Later Darly goes out to sled. Dh thinks she's crazy (It's Columbus Day, federal holiday so he's home today). Even later DH goes out to knock the snow off our trees which are all bent over like gymnasts. Lilly can't stand it anymore and beggs to go out again. So she's out there running around like a squirell on drugs or something. They are all still out there as I sit in the cozy warmth of the house.

Last week was usual. But it came with the added benefit of finding a lump in my breast. This week I get to have my first mamogram a diagnostic not a scanning where they are looking for lumps (since I already have a lump.) Funny the experts recommend that you get your first mamogram at 35 (which I didn't) but then you can wait until you are 40 for the next one... that would have missed this lump by two years. You have to see the humor in things when your are scared out of your mind.

So today we aren't doing anything except snow removal...which should all be gone by tomorrow because this is Denver. he he
Tomorrow I have an appointment and then TNO! Yay! I so need to get out. The roads better be clear or I'm putting the car into 4x4 and going anyway! I'll go pick up all my friends too! I need this.
Wednesday we have a coop class and then my mamogram. I'm taking a friend who can wait with Darly while I'm having my breast smushed beyond recognition. I still have to let her know that there is a lump...somehow.
Thursday MIL is coming to stay with Darly & DH while I go to a conference. I just found out that my room will be used by day as a nursing room... ha ha. I guess I'll leave a note that someone is using the room at night...don't get all snoopy. :D I won't be back until Sunday evening.
Oh Shoot! Next Monday is my LLL meeting. I may have to just wing it or talk about the conference...yeah, that'll work!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

since no one reads this should be okay to say this


Now that I've gotten your attention... I'm really really really unhappy right now.

And while I highly doubt it, it would be really cool if MIL was reading this...because she needs to come and smack her boy upside the head!

Monday, October 03, 2005

DH is home!

He got back Friday night a little later than expected, but all in one piece.

He called us on Wednesday (the 28th) to say he would be home on Friday. He said that he should be done with everything on the base by 5pm (or 17:00) and would need to be picked up at 18:00. I said that would could work out that when he actually got here.

So on Friday, Darly & I are sitting around w/ nothing to do waiting for DH's call. We had already cleaned the house like a madman. Finally he calls after 6pm to come & get him...tells me to come to the main gate.
I jump in the car and drive to the gate...IT'S CLOSED! No lights, no sign, no nothing...just a closed gate! I call DH's office and he can't believe the gate is closed either...he thinks I'm at the wrong gate. Finally he asks a guy in the office and he says "Oh yeah, they've decided to use the BX gate now."
So I get directions outta DH to the other gate and pull in there. This gate does NOT have Visitor's parking and I have NO ID card (confiscated by the guard at my last visit to the base...mind you, I HAVE NEVER TRIED TO GET ONTO THE BASE AT ALL, but anyway!) There was an area that I could pull over into...very small. Luckily the guards didn't pay me much attention...however, everyone else who drove past had to look.
Soon after I get there a news truck shows up. The guard tells the news truck that someone from PA will be with him soon. Then later says that everything they have to say has been said. We're not sure why they were there as all the news was there to catch DH's plane landing...he even got interviewed...but they didn't use him on the news...I guess he didn't tell gorey enough stories. (and he tells a very dry story anyway ;o)

So we got him home and he didn't freak out over the painting job that I did...of course he hasn't said what he thinks of it yet. He was okay with having to mow the grass...I couldn't get our mower to start (doesn't help that he installed the new start/stop lever upside stop is start & vice versa.) The dog was overjoyed to see him.

Speaking of the dog...ever since we took her camping she doesn't go willingly into her room when we leave the house anymore. I have to bribe her with a treat. Before she would be dancing around when we were putting on our shoes (that's when I feed her). dunno what's up with that. We're thinking that maybe she thinks that we'll take her with us if she protests. LOL