Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm a Girl Scout Leader again

So when Darly & I went up to Tomahawk Ranch June 1st we met up with some very friendly scouts who live pretty close to us and have a very small troop of girls (just 3 scouts) a bit older than Darly.  Darly loves scouting and was missing it since we disbanded the troop I used to lead.

I asked "Tink" the troop leader about Darly joining them and after several chats we decided to go ahead.

Well when Tink called up the GS office she learned that her co-leader wanted to take over their old troop (kick Tink and her daughter out) but still keep the troop going. 

To have a troop you need at least 3 registered scouts and 2 registered leaders. So to start a new troop for Tink's daughter "Boo Bear" we needed another leader and hey guess who is a former leader? ah Renee! no one asked me!  They needed a leader, and just signed me up... I found out from GS, not from Tink.

I got the first email, letting me know that our new troop had been set up with the Leaders being Tink & myself.  Second email said "welcome back!"  

Actually Tink and I have been in communication a lot about this, but it is all after I get an email from GS. They aren't sending Tink the emails which is ODD because Tink paid my membership. :-/   Tink still doesn't even know how much they are charging her for the memberships...but I'll pay her back as soon as we find out how fact I may just pay her the old rate and then the difference when we find out for sure if they charged the old or new rate.

It is sad funny what a mess GS is in due to lack of funds. They just laid off another 17 people from the office and no one there knows what is going on.

Darly will be heading to GS camp in about a week.  Boo Bear is working at the camp this summer.  Hopefully if things work out Boo Bear will be up there as well (it is kinda iffy because Boo can only work the first week of this two week camp.  Normally they want the counselors to work the entire camp, but we're hoping they make an exception.)  

In other news... We found out yesterday what theater classes we have to choose from and we found out two weeks ago what shows will be put on in the fall.  We're still waiting to hear who will direct the shows before we choose our show.  I might not be doing costumes...we'll see.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How did they know?

That this is exactly what I need...

AMC> is On-The-Go

Whether you’re sitting on the couch, pumping iron at the gym, or daydreaming at work, you can plan your next trip to AMC.
Check out the new features!
  • Plan potty breaks with RunPee. Click the ‘RunPee’ button on any movie page and find the best times to go, so you don’t miss any crucial plot twists or action sequences. We’ll let you know what you missed, and if there’s anything after the credits.
When we went to go see Les Mis I was happy to find that our theater has a bathroom under the risers of each movie theater.  So while I couldn't see the movie while I was in there, I could still hear everything that was going on and I didn't have to trek half way across the theater to get there so I didn't miss out on much.

This new app sounds wonderful though...

Too bad I don't have a smart phone.