Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Monday

Crazy Casa KOops!  It's Tuesday.  LOL

I got this from my friend over at Woodstone Prairie and decided to take her up on it.

Things that made me happy yesterday... hummm?  Well since yesterday was a federal holiday, dh was home.  Normally having dh home isn't always a good thing.  He tends to get cranky when he sees how we do things when he is here.  But yesterday he had a project to keep him happy...and he was.

I started a new math program with Darly and while she complained a lot about having to do it, she didn't have a hard time with it.  I'm happy that I was able to find a lesson that EXPLAINED why she needed to know this.  She gets so frustrated with math because it is all "Just Do It" and when she asks why the only answer is "because I said so" which of course isn't good enough for her.

But of course as soon as I got up to use the restroom she left and was gone.  However, I managed to get my main goal done.  So we're good...and today she can just double up.  right?

That's about it for being happy yesterday.

Today is still youngish.  But this morning I took Lilly to the vet for her 12 week post-op check up.  This is her final check up on her ACL surgery.  And the vet was very happy with her progress.  she has about 1/4 of an inch of muscle mass to build back up on her leg, but has been progressing very well...so much so that I've had to start being the mean mom again.  Silly dog still thinks that she can fly.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lilly & Koda

Koda is my friend J's dog.  She's a very sweet Norwegian Elkhound (I had to go look it up for spelling!)  By the way, Lilly and Koda have never met as Lilly is quite freaked out by dogs larger than her.  Must be from her days in obedience class with being drooled on by that Bernese Mountain Dog.

Well as Lilly approaches her 12 week post-op appointment next Tuesday... our friend Koda is going in for ACL surgery Tomorrow.  Poor puppy.  From her "mom's" description she may have messed up her knee a lot worse than Lilly did.  They have Koda on two pain killers and she is still in pain.  Where Lilly was too fine on just one painkiller.  She ended up messing up her knee some more before her surgery.  But the surgery replaces the entire knee...she's all bionic in there.  I know Koda's vet will take good care of her.  I'm a bit concerned for Koda's recovery as J is also taking care of her daughter.  I wish I could take care of Koda for at least two weeks for J, but I know that Lilly would flip out at having a larger dog in the house.  And Koda needs to be an only dog for her recovery.

Lilly is doing super awesome on her recovery.  I've had to reduce her pain killers again as the silly pup keeps wanting to jump over the retaining wall instead of going around it.  I know she feels much better but she's not supposed to do such things until she is 6 months post-op.

I need to convince hubby that we should put my vegetable garden permanently against this retaining wall so that Lilly can't be a flying dog anymore.  She's 10 and a half years old now but she insists that she's still a puppy...sounds a lot like a Seinfeld loving blogger friend I know. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Lilly update

Lilly went in for her 10 week post-op check up Tuesday.  And she is doing great.  She is using her leg more and more and now I have to watch her even more.

The other day she ran for the retaining wall.  I hollered "Don't You DARE!!!" and she looked at me as if to say "then how?"  I said "Go Around."  and she did.  (don't tell me my dog doesn't understand!)

She's been running in the house.  But still slipping on the kitchen floor.  Oh well, can't have it all.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Not sure who's worse!

My mom is quite the nag.  I've mentioned her several times here before.  She makes me quite glad that I live so far away from Florida.  When we go to visit, I make sure to book us at a hotel...a really nice hotel.  The last time that I stayed with my mom I regretted it...that was the time I went for my grandmother's birthday and I only stayed there two nights!

Well now we get to the title of my post here...  My aunt!  My mom hasn't talked to her sister in at least 20 years, probably closer to 30 years now.  It has always been an issue.  I wish that I could say that my mom is much happier not having her sister in her life, but she isn't.  Another story!
So when I go to Florida to visit, I try to schedule a visit to wee my aunt and grandmother, but sometimes that doesn't happen.

Recently my aunt signed up for Facebook.  She friended me and went through all my pictures and "caught up" on my entire life.  And for the most part she doesn't bug me too much...except for if it has been a month since she's been on and she goes and "LIKEs" everything that I did while she was gone.  o.O

Well she saw that I was sick and decided to write on my wall that she thinks I should go see a doctor.  Hummm I'm over the cold/flu (except for that cough that lingers) but she thinks I should go and get a blood test to see if I really had the flu or not.  I don't think so.  I don't really need to know if I REALLY had the flu, it's over...let it die!  And here's where it gets like she's trying to be my mom or something...she was insisting that I go to the doctor.

Whatever!  I just started ignoring her. 

Monday, February 04, 2013

So tired!

This past week was another wonderful CYT show.  Darly & I worked our tails off for it...even though we both caught the flu (we stayed home while sick) but as soon as we were well we went to work.

I'm assuming that I'm so tired from being sick.  I don't know what all is going on though.  I keep waking up around 7am (that's normal) but then about an hour later I feel as if I need another 4 hours of sleep.  ugh!

Well until Sunday we have nothing going on, so hopefully I can catch up again soon.

But next week we start work on another show.  Yes, we're gluttons for punishment. ;o)