Thursday, January 31, 2008

I did a stupid thing the other day...

I was trying to sign up online for a free sample of Clorox Wipes. And I should have RUN as soon as the second screen came up...but I didn't cuz I wanted those wipes. The second screen was filled with other offers.

I clicked NO on all the other offers. But then the site is telling me that I have to accept one of the offers to get my wipes. WHAT? They're just wipes for petes sake! I still said NO to all the offers. Finally I just gave up on my wipes.

Now my email spambox is loaded with offers from every tom richard & harry, offering everything from mortgages & insurance to medications to enlarge my richard. Thank goodness my email provider dumps them all into the spam box, but it's getting ridiculous...the box is getting about 3 offers an hour!

UPDATE: I do have a SPAM email account that this spam is going there. And yes I could ignore the spam, it all goes directly into that folder...but I love looking at the subjects, it's so funny! So I look (I don't open any of them) and I delete them. It just seems sad that a person should have to put up with this for some lousy wipes.

Update on Cookie Lady & I'm still mad

The Cookie Lady emailed me last night that "she only cut my order by 35 packages" and I shouldn't need all the ones I told her that I needed. But that is why the girls need to get their orders in on time. She said that she had intended to allow me to get the cookies she cut before the cupboard opens and that I could get the rest of what I needed IF she has enough to fill all the cookie booth orders on the first day the cupboard is open.

No appology for ignoring my request to leave my order alone at all! And I could detect attitude with her email...but since my email to her was LOADED with attitude I can understand that.

So as it stands now... Best case: I'll get my 35 boxes right after she gets her delivery, get the surplus and the extras that I need by the Monday after the cupboard opens.
Worst case I have to wait for that Monday to get all of my cookies.


Course I'll be all worried & filled with Drama about this and Everything will be fine and she'll give me all the cookies I need right away. LOL! I sure hope so.

The sad part about all of this is that if she had left my order alone I would pick up my cookies about 5 minutes from my house. But since she monkeyed with it I have to drive 20 minutes out of my way to go get the cookies possibly 2 times. I hope it doesn't snow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just got an email from the system that we used to order our Girl Scout cookies telling me that my order was placed and to please check my delivery confirmation.

I check my confirmation and see that my order was CHANGED!!! OH I'M SO MAD!!!

I know why they changed my order, but we talked about this when I placed my order and I requested that they not change it! And they ignored my request.

See here's the deal...

The girls sell the cookies by the package. The company sells the cookies by the case of 12 packages. So when the Troop places it's order, it has to be by the case. Which means the Troop is then responsible for selling the surplus cookies.

Well this year due to our area merging with 4 other areas we are unable to return any open cases of cookies.

This made my cookie director VERY nervous. So when I met with her to turn in my order she was "fudging" the numbers so that no troops would have any surplus packages of cookies. For most troops this isn't going to be much of a problem because they signed up for cookie booths and they can just take the cookies they need from the booth sale cases. My troop did not sign up for a booth because I got sick and never got around to doing it.

When it was my turn to place my order, I requested that she not "fudge" the numbers so that our Troop would still have surplus cookies...

why? Because I knew that we would sell those cookies! I still had 2 girls who had not got their orders in on time to me and I advised all the girls in our Troop to KEEP SELLING because it's silly not to.

Well now I am not going to have any surplus cookies to help fill the orders of those 2 girls AND to "fudge" the numbers my cookie director shorted Darly's order by the numbers that went over the rounded down cases. 35 packages!!!

And the real fun part of this is that I won't be able to get part of the shortage until 6 days after we get or order and then I have to wait another 3 days after that to get the rest of them.

Now I get to sit down with Darly's order form and figure out which customers will have to wait to get their eh?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dead bodies look weird!

How's that for a title? hee hee

Well this morning I was scheduled to go work at our Church office. When I got there I found out that there would be a funeral there today, luckily the funeral would be after I was due to go home...but there was set up involved.

Mostly I had to answer the phones and give people directions to the Church. I found out after one call that whomever had placed the obituary had not put the entire street name for the Church (which is why folks were calling since they couldn't look it up themselves.) I also had to turn on the lights in the Sanctuary and unlock the doors to the Church.

And then they brought in the body and set it up in the Narthex.

This isn't the first body that I've seen...all have been in caskets though. I've seen those close to death before, that's a bit off putting as well. But after the morticians get the body ready it seems that instead of making it look better it looks pretty fake. I guess it's the makeup which instead of looking like real flesh looks more like my daughter's dolls...plastic and kinda orange looking. I know that the makeup is necessary as a body in it's natural state is rather grey looking, but I'm wondering in the is age of makeup miracles happening all the time why so orange?

Well after the body was all set up, our Pastor came and told the funeral directors that they needed to move it into the Sanctuary as the kids from the Pre-School downstairs might come up and see it there. Oops!

We had a delivery of office supplies and he saw the casket. At first he was a bit shocked but he quickly recovered and said it was a Church after all. Thank goodness it doesn't happen all that often at our Church...although I could probably stand to have a bit more experience.

TC said that she's seen some good and some bad makeup jobs. I am sure that is probably the case, it just seems odd that every one I've seen (all 3!) have been bad. Yeah, you read that right, I've only seen 3 bodies so far (I've seen a lot more on TV - I used to watch that show on E! about the funeral home). It should have been 4 but I chose to not take Darly to her grandfather's funeral. I know from the funerals that I have been to that I am terrible at them and I didn't want to expose Darly to me being a mess when she was just 2 years old. Yeah, the family gave me a hard time about it...but I don't have any regrets about it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Selling Cookies!

Tomorrow I need to turn in my Girl Scout Troop's cookie order.

So today I'm scrambling to get those numbers from the girls in our troop...not only that, I'm also scrambling to try to get all of Darly's usual customers to turn in their orders too!

I just called up my brother to see what he wants. I got the machine! I hate that. So I emailed him and his wife. (NOPE! I am not above asking the husband & the wife separately! LOL!) Oh speaking of that, I should get Darly up to run her by the Church office.

I know that a bunch of you have offered to buy from us if I delivered. Sorry I won't be taking a road trip to deliver cookies. But please order or buy from a scout near you in our honor. hee hee

Supporting Girl Scouts is a great thing. Thanks!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Little Linky Love

This link loving in 2008 came from The Erstwhile Librarian by Joan.

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Two Things Meme

I was tagged for this Two Things meme by Lynn over at A Tired Mama.

Two names you go by... Mom & Renee

Two things you are wearing right now...a sweater (it's cold here) and SOCKS (remember it's cold in here!)

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship...Trust and and good sense of humor (I think that's pretty universal!)

Two of your favorite things to do... read a good book and go shopping with Darly.

Two things you want very badly at the moment...A massage and some chocolate!

Two pets you have or have had...Lilly, Trina & Trudy.

Two people you think will fill this out...hummm, I'm not gonna tag suprise me!

Two things that you did last night...cough and fall asleep on the couch.

Two things you ate today...turkey sandwich, BBQ Chicken.

Two people you last talked to...Darly & DH.

Two things you're doing tomorrow...scramble to get our Girl Scout cookie orders done and my homeschool Group's co-op going.

Two longest car rides...ever? Probably the drive from WY to Seattle and then driving from LA (the state) to Montana as a kid.

Two favorite holidays...Christmas & Thanksgiving.

Two favorite beverages... water and Coffee.

Two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to - My Great-grandfather and his mom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Sick Girl update...

I know you've been here it is

There hasn't been much to report lately cuz I've been sleeping a lot, reading a lot and trying to buck this flu. It's pretty stubborn stuff, but it seems as if I might be able to see the end of this...for myself.

Unfortunately, Darly caught it too. Poor kiddo. She's been sleeping lots and her tummy is already hurting from coughing so much. For the most part we've been letting her fever do it's thing, but every time it creaps up over 102 she's been getting ibuprophen to knock it back down.

What I don't understand is the pain in my left leg (hip joint actually). It just doesn't want to go away and because I'm favoring it the pain is also in my knee. So I'm hobbling around everywhere.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Official... I'm sick...looks like flu

Head - feels as if it wants to explode!
Nose - full of stuff!
Throat - tickly and sore when I cough
Fever - 101.3 (that's a radio station here!)
Arms - sore from laying on them
torso - sore from coughing
right leg - hamstring is aching (probably from my fit of exercising the other day)
left leg - sore in the hip joint

The only thing on me that doesn't hurt is my feet!

Advil, Naproxin don't help the pain (didn't check if they helped the fever)
cough drops don't help the cough
ziacam - a joke!

I'm going to rest and try a shower and nasal cleaning (neti pot) and see if that helps. I just read that soaking my feet in hot water can help my headache and nasal congestion.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yesterday I really messed myself up
Here's what I did to myself to mess me up...

First I started getting empty boxes together for my friend to help her move. While I was downstairs in the basement I started packing up the toys that Darly wants to get rid of to donate to charity to get them out of those boxes so I could give those boxes to my friend as well. That required a few trips running up and down the stairs. Then I had to haul all the boxes and the bags of toys upstairs and to my garage.

And I don't know why but I was coughing all day... (today I'm nasaly too so I guess I got sick somehow) At first I though I had just breathed in a bunch of dust from the basement. I was coughing so much that it was hurting my sides & back.

Then I stood and watched Darly's Gymnastics class for an hour.

And then at TNO last night the muscles in my legs just wouldn't calm down...they were all tight and I was very uncomfortable sitting in that chair for 3 hours. So I was a tight bundle of muscles the entire time.

By the time I got home I had a RAGING headache along with my legs and back hurting too. And I had fun trying to get warm as well.

Then wouldn't you know it, my stubborn daughter wouldn't go to bed! (Maybe I should just start going to bed myself anyway!) She wanted to read her books.

but I didn't want to take something for the pain because I was worried about konking out on the couch all night. So I was sitting there in pain and probably making it worse. Finally she was ready to go to bed and I took some naproxin but it took a while to kick in and for some odd reason it was making me hot. So it probably took me another hour to go to sleep.

Today I took some Ziacam and gargled with salt water. Gonna try some cough drops to see if I can at least stop coughing cuz it seems to be bringing back the headache.

And for those inquiring minds...

Yesterday I posted what I should be doing vs what I wanted to do. Here's what actually got done.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
What I should be doing vs What I would rather be doing
Here's what I SHOULD be doing right now...

going through my empty boxes to give them to my friend who has to move this weekend (I rounded up a few for her, and I've no idea how many she actually needs...but I should get some more.) Those are the same 5 boxes that I mentioned above...I didn't get to any others!

rounding up all my stuff I want to get rid of and donate since the donation truck will be here tomorrow. (Tomorrow is also trash day...I sure hope the trash folks don't take my donations!) I bagged up the toys mentioned above...two whoppin bags. I was supposed to put those out on the curb by 8am for pickup...I was still sleeping this morning at 8am, so they aren't out.

Take down my Christmas trees and decorations! Yup! They're still up.

cleaning my office and while we're at it get the entire house. Nope!

Calling the folks in my Girl Scout troop to see if they wanna go see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything this friday...we'll need 25 of us to get the group rate. This I acutally got done! It turns out that we couldn't round up enough folks to get the discount and the discount wasn't all that good anyway. If we choose another day we can do the twilight show and pay $1.50 less...or we could wait for it to come to the cheap theater. So instead we will make yarn babies an activity from the Brownie handbook.

What I would rather be doing:

reading your blogs...but hey! No one has posted anything! :( YAY lots of you did post new things to your blog to keep me from working yesterday!

Maybe that's a sign. I sure hate signs like that. Maybe this cough and headache is another sign...I sure hope not, cuz I'm in too much pain to do all that stuff now!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I should be doing vs What I would rather be doing

Here's what I SHOULD be doing right now...

going through my empty boxes to give them to my friend who has to move this weekend (I rounded up a few for her, and I've no idea how many she actually needs...but I should get some more.)

rounding up all my stuff I want to get rid of and donate since the donation truck will be here tomorrow. (Tomorrow is also trash day...I sure hope the trash folks don't take my donations!)

Take down my Christmas trees and decorations! Yup! They're still up.

cleaning my office and while we're at it get the entire house.

Calling the folks in my Girl Scout troop to see if they wanna go see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything this friday...we'll need 25 of us to get the group rate.

What I would rather be doing:

reading your blogs...but hey! No one has posted anything! :(

Maybe that's a sign. I sure hate signs like that.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cookies YIKES!!! & gripe

Utoh! I think we might be in cookie trouble this year. I need to beg DH to take the order sheet to work...cuz we sure need his help.

I guess my biggest problem is that we have this one customer who normally orders a lot of cookies and this year was no exception but it seems each year her order goes down. The first year she ordered 90 boxes! Then her order went down to like 70 boxes...well this year she has only ordered 28. Am I disappointed? You betcha!

Darly has a goal of selling 250 boxes this year and so far all we have are 88. And even Sunday I was already hearing "I'm sorry but I've already ordered from...." I've noticed a lot more scouts out this year...where did all these kids come from???

I know that we are normally good for another 30 or so boxes when we deliver. But at this rate we are going to need to do ALOT of cookie booths (oh MAN I HATE cookie booths!)

Two of my faithful blogging friends have offered to buy some, but unfortunately I have no way of getting the cookies to them as Alabama & Wisconsin are not in my neighborhood. SIGH

Oh and a friend of mine at Church, a former GS leader says that she's heard that one of the troops has set a 500 box per girl goal! WHAT?!?!?! Well good luck to them, but I don't think it's possible.

Another topic:

While my Mom was here she complained a lot about how warm DH & I keep our house. Mostly she was upset because she had brought all these sweaters to wear out here that she cannot wear in FL (don't know why she bought them in FL, but that's another story!) and she couldn't wear them while she was at our house because we keep it too warm. She even went so far as to remark about how she could wear these clothes at my brother's house since he keeps it cooler.

The reason DH & I keep our house so warm is that we are COLD here. Even with my house "so warm!" I am wearing sweaters, slippers over my socked feet and sometimes dragging a throw blanket over myself too. So my mother surmised that perhaps I am so cold because I am not getting enough Iron, I must be anemic. Back when I was in 9th grade we did a blood test in biology class and my blood did come up as being borderline anemic. She has always nagged me for not taking multi-vitamins & supplements. I told her I don't like taking supplements because the block me up (you know what I mean) and I eat a healthy diet that has all these vitamins & minerals in them already. So to humor her I went and bought some spinach...that's got lots of iron...right?

So I make the spinach for dinner...YUMMY creamed spinach recipe. DH & I eat spinach, try to get Darly to try it with major failure but oh well. So I'm eating creamed spinach for like 4 days straight. And right away I notice some results...oh not the feeling warmer results. Nope! I'm all blocked up. Great!

I could be way off base, but I figure that when your body needs a certain vitamin or mineral that it doesn't just get rid of absorbs it from the food you eat. Right? So when your body does not need a certain vitamin or mineral it gets rid of it. And no I'm not analizing anything here, but excess iron makes itself evident. I figure that since it blocked me up, I must not need extra iron.

And since I was still cold I figure that it wasn't anemia that was making me cold. I think that I just run cold. I always have. In fact when I lived with my mother I got stuck in the coldest room of the house so I would have a space heater in my room and a ton of blankets on my bed to help keep me warm. So I don't see why now I should be any different.

So glad that Mom has gone home now.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's Cookie Time!

It is now cookie time in our area (might be in your area too!) So this morning we went around to all our neighbor's doors to get their orders. 20 boxes so far. Not too bad. I really expect that number to go up tomorrow when we hit our folks who order from us at Church.

I'm really glad to see Darly stepping up and asking the customers herself instead of relying on me to do it for her. so that's good.

I'm the cookie director for our troop (again) but I've got lots of moms who want to be helpers. So that's good. Which reminds me that I need to sign us up for some cookie booths! YIKES!

This afternoon we were in our computer room playing and noticed another scout approaching our door. I have a magnet that I made on the door that says "A Girl Scout Lives Here." The other scout's mother read that and they left...they didn't knock on our door AND they didn't hit our street. Woo Hoo! Which saved them a bunch of time as we've already hit up our street anyway.

We seem to be having a very hard time getting folks to open their door anymore. They just are too jaded anymore. *Sigh* It looks like eventually we'll only sell cookies in front of grocery stores.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

time for a change!

UPDATE! I cut my hair already. See the results at the bottom.

I've been growing my bangs out for a few months now just to see what I looked like without them. Can you believe that I have NEVER in my entire life not had bangs...the best I've done is get them to grow to my ears...and then I WHACK them off cuz I can't stand it anymore.

Well, guess what. They're at my ears and my cutting scissors are getting itchy. LOL!

Okay, you can see what I look like with bangs in my profile picture. If you click on it you can see it full size.

And here is what I look like now as of this morning...

you wouldn't believe how many pictures I took to get that one, so don't pick on me for looking goofy please. It's hard to hold the camera out far enough and keep the straps out of the way and your fingers out of the way! I should have used the tripod. *sigh*

So I'm still kinda wanting to try out the no bangs look...I don't think I can really consider it no bangs until they're even with the ends. So I'm thinking of whacking the back off to help the bangs catch up.

So what do you think of this?
I took out the picture here.

Do you think I can pull this off? Or do you think it will be too much work? As you can see from my current picture I'm not into doing anything with my hair at all...somedays you're lucky if I got up and washed it.

I'm thinking it will probably look more like this most of the time I took out the picture here.
or this?

I took out the picture here.
I need to find a hairstylist who listens when I say "I want hair I do not have to do ANYTHING to it!" and believes me. I just don't get why it is so hard for them to get it.

Well your opinions were appreciated.

I'm happy!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Meme coolness

I found this one over at A Work In Progress...

1.Do you wear a name tag at work? I tried once but DH & Darly thought I was being weird.

2.What kind of car do you drive? 1994 Ford Explorer with lots of dents!

3.What do you order when you go to Taco Bell? My fav is the Mexican Pizza
4.Have you ever had a garage sale? yes, but I'll NEVER do one again. I would much rather donate my stuff to charity than to be haggled down to nothing especially for something that I used to love!!! I've got issues.

5.What color is your iPod? invisible! I don't have one.

6.What kind of dog do you have? she's a mixed breed of what we aren't sure. Darly calls her a Cocka-Lhasa-Poo...and I say "A Crock of Lots of Poo!"

7.What's for dinner tonight? don't know. I'm going out tonight so it's up to DH & DD what they'll have. I'm having Panera if the weather holds out.

8.What is the last alcoholic beverage you had? I had some TGIFriday's Mudslide back in April I think. MIL threw it out soon after that as it was getting way too strong to be drinkable anymore.

9.Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? bought it!

10.Last time you were sick? I don't remember

11.How long is your hair? too long, it's about 3 or 4 inches past my shoulders...time to get it cut as it won't do anything anymore.

12.Are you happy right now? I'm content.

13.What did you say last? "I love you too!"

14.Who came over last? Mom, Stepdad & my was dropping them off for their final stay with us before they flew back to FL on Jan 1st.

15.Do you drink beer? Not if I can help it!

16.Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?
I'm the oldest so no...and it wouldn't have "flown" anyway as we all knew our parents were wayyy too poor to adopt anyone.

17.What is your favorite key chain on your keys? I don't have any key chains on my keys...just the remote for the car.

18.What did you get for graduation? diamond earrings, and a unicorn pendant...oh and some other things too, but those were from Mom & Grandma.

19.What's in your pocket? Lint!

20.Who introduced you to Dane Cook? Who in the world is Dane Cook?

21.Has someone ever made you a Build-A-Bear? Nope!

22.What DVD is in your DVD player? It's empty...we always take the disk out when we are done watching it....last disk that was in there was Kipper.

23.What's something fun you did today? Oh the day is still young, all I've done so far is get up and do this meme!

24.Who is/was the principal of your high school? Mr. Ballas

25.Has your house ever been TP'd? not while we have lived here...but one of the neighbor kids did try ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night and running off a few summers in a row. But I would just disconnect it after his first time. I was pretty sure who did it, but didn't have any proof other than the ringing began when they moved in and ended when the moved away.

26.What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"? Darly wants a cat!

27.What are you listening to right now? "Holy is the Lord" by Chris Tomlin on Klove

28.Drinking? just finished my coffee

29.What is your favorite aisle at Wal-Mart? I like the garden center cuz sometimes we find wild rabbits. The last time we were there someone had put out rabbit food for them. Last summer some were muching on the plants for sale...and a clerk who worked there said "I think that Walmart can afford to feed a few rabbits!" I love that gal!

30.When is your mom's birthday? What are you trying to steal my identy? That's a security question.

31.When is your birthday? about 3 or 4 posts ago

32.What's the area code for your cell phone? NO ONE gets my Cell number. And for those of you who already have it, feel very special.

33.Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now? Kohls

34.Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror? Nope!

35.How many states in the US have you been to? 32

36.What kind of milk do you drink? 2% when I do drink it, which is very rare.

37.What are you going to do after this? I'm supposed to go see some friends.

38.Who was the last person you went shopping with? Darly

39.What is your favorite fruit? Cherry

40.What about your favorite dessert? Cherry Cheese Cake!

41.What is something you need to go shopping for? nothing...we just went shopping...Oh Wait! I need some new undergarments...I always forget those!

42.Do you have the same name as one of your relatives? nope! I'm an original. If you do one of those searches on my name, you'll find that I am the absolute ONLY person in the world with my name.

43.What kind of car does one of your siblings drive? I think the Audi is my brother's car

44.Do you like pickles? Dill, yes. Sweet, NO Way!

45.How about olives? Not so much. They're okay in pasta salad & on pizza, but that's it.

46.What is your favorite kind of gum? don't chew it cuz of my TMJ.

47.What is your favorite kind of juice? Orange

48.Do you have any tan lines? should see my nice driver's tan.

49.What hospital were you born in? Barksdale Air Force Base

Monday, January 07, 2008

Auditions are on again!

sadly they are not at Wendy's place, she decided that real life was much funner than the blogosphere.

So instead this audition will be hosted by An Island Life.

here's what she wrote: Do you remember Wendy’s Monthly Casting Calls? Sadly, a while back she decided to leave the blogging world and I really miss her and her auditions. It was a fun way to get to know new bloggers and so cool to interact with them in real time. In fact, I made some really great friends there and still keep in touch with them today.

For those not familiar with it, this is how it works. Auditions run for about 48 hours. During this time you should leave a comment showing off your virtual talents - singing, dancing, juggling (hee hee), etc.) - and shining in the spotlight. Everytime you “audition”, you’ll also need to visit the person who came before you and leave a comment on their blog. You may want to mention that you’re visiting via The Auditions so they know what’s going on. The person who comments after you will stop by your blog and leave a comment with you. . . and so on. Make sense? Feel free to come back and audition as many times as you wish. The more times you audition, the more visits you’ll get from other bloggers.

What do you think? Not only will you get to meet new bloggers and hopefully increase traffic and comments to your blog, a random winner will also be selected to receive cool button to display, and a permanent spot on my blogroll. If there’s enough interest, I may make this a monthly feature and add a spot in my sidebar to display the winner’s blog link until the next audition.

So if you’re ready, The Auditions are about to begin. Warm up those vocal chords, dust off the piano, or maybe even bust out the magic tricks - whatever your talent is, now it’s your turn to shine in the spotlight!

So if you're interested, head on over to An Island Life and show us your best stuff! Then go visit the commenter ahead of your comment and say Hi!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Birthday wishes & questions

Jennifer said...
Happy Birthday to you, Renee!! It sounds like you had a very pampering day! I'm glad you took the time to relax and beautify a bit...and shopping is my idea of a fun day, too (although I think I'd leave as many kids home as possible!!) Free steak dinner and brownies with ice, we need a Black Angus here!
I'm glad it was a happy one! :)

Thanks! I wish the shopping was better, but oh well. And actually shopping with Darly is fun. She's a good shopper, helps me pick out things and pushes the cart around for me. Black Angus is only in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico. It's a lot like Steak & Ale (which we have here, but it's about an hour away) only they don't do a salad bar :(

Lynn said...
Happy birthday to you cha cha cha
Happy birthday to you cha cha cha
Happy birthday dear Renee...
Happy birthday to you cha cha cha...and many mooooore.

Sounds like you had a good birthday. I noticed that you shared your steak dinner with Darly but you didn't mention sharing your brownie or icecream. Good for you:~)

Thanks! Actually I did share the dessert...but I got plenty as Darly was stuffed! hee hee I could eat brownie sundaes all day. YUM!

LadyBugCrossing said...
Happy Birthday!!!
Sounds like a pretty lovely day.

Thanks! Might have been nicer if I had a day at the spa and they did all the work. ;o) hee hee I might have to ask for that next year.

Nicole said...
All of my sisters have worked at Black Angus in California. I never see them around here in upstate NY.

Happy Birthday to you, my friend!!!

Hmm, a little shopping trip sounds like a nice present.

I posted locations above in Jennifer's comment, none out east yet. You don't even have Steak & poor deprived girl! Thanks for the wishes!

Joan said...
"Happy, happy slightly belated birthday to you!!!" It sounds like you had the perfect birthday day...pampering, shopping, dinner...what more could a girl ask for???

not too much! I guess I'm pretty blessed.

Barbara said...
Happy Birthday!


Mar said...
Happy, happy belated birthday to youuuuuu!!!


Friday, January 04, 2008

What I did for my birthday...

well it was a day of excitement at the Fefyfomanna house ...NOT LOL

After Dh took his shower I hogged up the bathroom for some beautifying of me.

I colored my hair (it looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better roots were really getting out of hand!)
I shaved
I gave myself a pedicure
I even blew dry my hair and curled it with the curling iron (something I normally only do on Sundays!)

After I got all pretty, I came downstairs to find Darly still in her PJ's and DH in his laze around the house clothes. *eyeroll!* Then DH is wanting his lunch...I tell him I'll have whatever he's making. hee hee then he got miffed cuz there was no summer sausage, he had to make us sandwiches. I wonder if that dishwasher ever got turned on???

Since DH didn't want to try going to the Museum (we didn't know if the other kids were in school yet or not) I decided to go see what all was on sale at Kohls. I took Darly and left DH at home...I didn't need him "poo-pooing" my birthday shopping.

So we get to Kohls and it's busy...there must be some sort of sale going on, but I don't see it. I did find a skirt & sweater for myself and some shoes for Darly...we also found a Christmas ornament for my SIL for next year...SHHHH don't tell her!

After Kohls we zipped over to Sally Beauty Supply to try to find Darly a hair pick for her newest American Girl doll that Santa gave her. This one has curly hair and the recommend a pick instead of the brush. We had previously looked at WalMart AND Target but no hair picks. But Sally had them and for only 31 cents! Can't beat that! I told both ladies at Sally that American Girl wants $7 bucks for a pick...can you believe it? They sure couldn't. So now Darly is the proud owner of a hair pick that looks just like her Nana's. LOL!

We got back from shopping at 4:25...five minutes before I told DH we would be back...but he had cleaned himself up and was dressed for dinner. We read the mail a bit before calling up Black Angus for reservations, then we headed over there. I don't know why we had reservations cuz they sat us in the order that we got there. *eyeroll!*

We had a nice dinner...although I sure wish that they would cook the vegetables...they just steam them so they aren't quite raw but they aren't cooked either. blech, I wonder what they do with all those veggies that no one is eating because they aren't cooked? I got my free steak dinner, DH got a steak dinner and Darly shared with both of us. Then I got my free dessert of brownie with icecream. YUM! They also took my picture...I have to still figure out my scanner to get it into the computer for you.

Came home to a "lovely" message from my brother singing Happy Birthday to me.

Oh and my grandmother sent me a card with money in it...SCORE! More shopping to do.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A year in review

As another year rolls around it seems time to do a year in review…or a best of Fefyfomanna as it were. Here is just a bit of the adventures that Darly & I went on this year…

December: We went Crashing through the snow…details of my car crash
November: We Thanksgiving rehashed! details of our Thanksgiving dinner. We also had Brother emailed me back....ACK ACK ACK!
October: we had an Investiture and I finally admitted to myself that It's official!
September: I admitted my obsession with Webkinz World. Which by the way hasn’t gotten much better. ;)
August: Okay I posted this in Sept, but we went camping in August. How the camping went We also celebrated our 15th Anniversary The anniversary update! by seeing the Titanic exhibit.
July: we learned what a party animal I am when I’m Alone
June: You views got to ask Darly about her life You asked, she answered!
May: we had a Guest Blogger today: Darly had her first job.
April: I told you about How I Roll
March: we had Amazing dog tricks
February: I DIDN'T DIE!!!
January: Extreme Makeover - Gingerbread House Edition!

I’m sure there were plenty of other great posts that you enjoyed and feel free to let me know about them…but that will do for now. I want to go shopping.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

even more changed plans!

After Christmas my Mom & Stepdad stayed with my Brother & his family for a few days and then they came back to my house on Sunday. They then told me that they were going to return home in on Jan 1st. I was in for a bit of a shock really. Their original plans had them staying here until Jan 6th and I had bought some groceries based on that...including a TURKEY! Oh well.

I fed them leftovers on Sunday night, and then cooked the turkey last night...I've got lots of leftovers again.

So this morning I get up to drive them to the airport. I go online to do their check in and the flight has only ONE available seat?!?!?!? What? Why did they get booked for two seats when there was only one available? Oh well...I printed out a boarding pass for my mom and a reservation slip for my Stepdad. I told them just go to the gate and they'll get seated somewhere...the flight crew DOES NOT want to take care of Mom (even though she's really quite able to take care of herself) they would rather have Stepdad do it for them. I won't be able to find out if they made it for a while now.

I also drove all of the medical equipment that we got for mom over to my brother's house for him to return because the rental place was closed today. So Brother, SIL & I got to talk about Mom a bit.

See SIL is pregnant. Mom still smokes (even after all the breathing problems she has! But the STUPID doctor told her it wasn't the cigarettes that caused her she will still smoke!) SO SIL has said that Mom will not be able to hold the new baby at all if she smells of smoke. LOL! We'll see how well this goes over. Mom has smoked so long that she can't even smell it! Oh and SIL was saying that Mom wanted to be able to help out when the new baby comes...laundry, cooking and such. SIL says that when Mom was there she didn't even make her own breakfast! I laughed cuz at my house the only meal I fixed for her was dinner...that's the only meal I make most days. Mom was very able to make her breakfast & lunch all on her own.

We also talked about where Mom would like to live when she moves here. I don't know why but Brother drove them up to Golden. They fell in love with it. There's no chance at all that they can afford to live in Golden. Brother thinks that the IDEAL place for her is these new condos that they are building out where our old airport was. I said NO WAY! Too much of a environmental hazzard (I'm not caring how much everyone is trying to say it's safe there!) Just not gonna happen...that AND Mom doesn't want a condo...she has a very loud barking dog who would drive her neighbors batty.

It will be tricky but we will be able to find her a house...sure it will be a forclosure and the neighborhood won't be perfect, but it will work. Now DH says that Stepdad really doesn't want to move. LOL! This will be fun.