Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sympathy for Mr McGregor

Growing up and reading the Peter Rabbit series by Beatrix Potter, I always of course sided with Peter and his bunny friends against that mean old Mr McGregor.  And still I'm not of fan of Mr McGregor and his desire to eat the flopsy bunnies in a pie when he found them sleeping on his compost pile.  I'm so glad they out smarted him.
HOWEVER, today I sure felt some sympathy for Mr McGregor.  I have been working and worrying over my summer garden since our terrible hail storm took the entire thing out.  We have a very short growing season here and having to start over from scratch is quite depressing.
So I was all giddy when I noticed that my cherry tomatoes were producing and that one this morning was dark orange.  I was all excited for my very first tomato of the season in a day or two.

UNTIL I got home from church today and noticed that a bird had not only ATE almost all of this tomato, but that it had also munched on the neighboring totally green tomato!  That's what gets me the most mad about these little thieves...they aren't even patient enough to wait until the fruit or veggy is even ripe!
We were hoping that with the hail storm knocking out all the apples and cherries this year that perhaps the birds would have moved on to greener pastures and we could have our second harvest.  Apparently NOT.  All the apples that weren't knocked out of the tree have damage on them, but there was still the hope that perhaps I could make apple sauce from what remained.  Ummm NO!  The birds and yellow jackets are eating them.  The other day there was a full murder of crows in the apple tree, all munching away on green apples.  No they're not at all ripe yet...normally they don't ripen until September.

So since I'm not using the bird net on the cherry tree this year...the cherries are toast from the hail.  I grabbed my net and put it over my poor little garden.  I wonder how many of those pesky thieves will get stuck still trying to steal MY veggies?

Friday, August 03, 2012


A while back a friend of mine gave me an awesome suggestion.  We were at a local festival and all these booths would give you free stuff in exchange for your contact info...I was passing on the free stuff because I get enough junk mail as it is and didn't want more.  But she suggested that I set up an email account just for the known junk mail.  Genius!

So I set up the account and right away started to use it to email folks who were mailing me stuff when I'm on the do not mail list.  That was annoying...they mail you stuff you didn't ask for and say to get off the mailing list to email now they have your email account address.  :P  Now I've got them back.  ha ha

So I hadn't been checking my junk mail account and today went in there and find the following email. 

The upper right hand corner shows the name Google+ has an issue with.

The first thing that made me giggle was that they sent it 10 days the deadline to prevent the hold on my profile is already passed.  But biggest giggle came when reading that my non-action won't harm my ability to use the account just for what I wanted it for.  YAY!  It just stops me from using the account for the services that I had no intention of using.  bwahaha!

yeah, whatever.

I wonder if I should argue that "No, Really!  My first name is Nomore." 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

daily life goes on

So Darly went on a mission trip with our church's youth group.  They had a ton of fun and barely worked at all.  She didn't miss us at all either and the kids didn't want to come home at the end...but that could have been because they didn't want to be crammed into the cars like sardines for two days. ;o)

While she was gone I took care of Oreo along with our own pets.  Once Oreo got over the fact that his people weren't coming right back he settled into daily life at our house pretty well.  Lilly tolerated him...a bit too much in most cases.  Other than being extremely jealous when Oreo got to go for a ride and she had to stay home she didn't seem to mind when he left at all.  Oreo was overjoyed to be reunited with his family and quickly shunned me when he was in his mom's arms.

I've been working on our vacation.  For part of it we would like to go to a few theme parks and I wanted to use our military discount to get those tickets.  So first I emailed the ticket office for more info on how to do that.  No answer.  Then I called...still no answer.  So thinking that perhaps our ticket office was closed due to budget cuts, I tried another nearby base.  No answer.  I tried their second answer.  So I poked around and found another phone number for our ticket answer!  (note, I left messages too and never got a return call)  So hubby went by the office in person.  Guess what, it was open!  SHOCK!  But here's the kicker... it is now too late for us to order the tickets through them as we needed two weeks notice!  I tried contacting them two weeks ago!  GRRR!

Luckily we can get the tickets in person at a location near the theme park.  I need to try calling again to see if they need to be reserved...but guess what...No Answer!  LOL!

Our window that we ordered back in June is supposed to be replaced here soon...we'll see what the new 2pm time actually turns into.