Thursday, May 26, 2011


So Darly & I went to see a play this evening and afterward we needed to eat...

Me: So what would you like for dinner?
Darly: I don't know... something crunchy?
Me: What's that?  Popcorn?
Darly: ummm no. 
Me: Tacos?
Darly: ummm no.
Me: what???
Darly: I think I want that pizza at the mall.
Me: umm that's not crunch...and I think the mall is closed.
Darly: well what do you want?
Me: anything
Darly: okay I'll eat just about anything too.
Me: okay how about Wendy's?
Darly: no
Me: Subway
Darly: no
Me: oooh!  I know... how about those little pizzas at the grocery about 20 min we'll have pizza AND crunchy.
Darly: no

I suggested a few other things and she said no to them
Me: FINE!  We can just go home

After passing all food possibilities and are walking distance from home...
Darly: What about Quiznos?
Me: NO!  We are going home!

We get home and I make myself a bagel.  Darly pouts on the couch.
Me: are you going to eat something or just starve because you're mad at me?
Darly: Starve.
Me: okay fine!

about an hour later...
Darly:  Okay, you win.  I'll go eat
Me:  I didn't realize it was a contest. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

well no wonder! - Rant!

Today a friend of mine posted on Facebook a rant about this article

Basically some kids had a contest to see who could ask a girl to the prom in the most creative way and the boy who won is now banned from going to the prom because he trespassed and vandalized the school to do it.

The reason I'm ranting is that my friend and her friends don't seem to think what the boy did was trespassing (one said because our tax dollars pay for the school therefore making it our property) or vandalism because the letters were just taped to the building.

Um this is why our country is such a mess folks...if we don't all agree on the laws that we agreed upon then we have a problem.

I'm a bit torn about if the punishment fits the crime.  I mean typically if you vandalize something, they make you clean it up and do some community service...and if you trespass you usually get a fine and more community service.  However, I can see the school's perspective that if the parents didn't bother to teach their child that putting words up on a building you don't own is called vandalism then perhaps keeping the child from the activity they are vandalizing over is the right thing to do.

I think that I may have to show this to my child and see if I've raised her up right.  I sure hope so.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Money for nuthin - FARCE!

sigh!  I re-learned that nothing in life is free.  I should have known better...but alas I got sucked in.

recently a friend of mine posted a link on her facebook for free air line tickets.  I knew better, but I need air line tickets, so I clicked on the link...and happily gave them my contact info so I could get the free tickets they said I had won.

Then on the next page I learned the horrible truth!  It was a page that told me to get the "free" tickets I had to sign up for some more great offers.  you know the ones... "Try Netflix!" "Bookclub of the month!" "check our lower insurance rates!"  blah blah blah.

I immediately closed the window but of course it was too late...they already had my email address.  And soon enough the spam started hitting the fan.  UGH!

Since I also foolishly gave them my real address, I'm sure I'll start getting junk mail galore too.  Time to renew my subscriptions in the "Don't send me junk mail!" lists.

*hangs head in shame and leaves the room*