Friday, March 30, 2007

Let the WHINING begin!

I mailed out my LLL invoices today and sent an email letting them know that they're coming.

Now I'll be inudated with calls & emails asking "Do I have to pay this?"..."Didn't I just pay dues?," etc...

And I'll have to tell them yet again that like it CLEARLY says on the invoice this is different than the dues they just paid to LLLI. And yes they have to pay it.

I've written an article about this, I send out emails and I send out the bill. I don't really know what more I can do to make it clear to these people. *sigh*

Perhaps after all my blogging about this, A miracle will happen and NO ONE will complain and they'll all happily pay their invoice without question.

YEAH RIGHT! I'm not holding my breath either!

UPDATE #1: Got my first email today, but it wasn't so bad. It was just asking for her bill to be sent to her treasurer...the same treasurer who didn't respond to the 3 email requests to get the invoice sent directly to her and the same treasurer who didn't pay the hotel for our last conference on time so now they want a deposit from us to be there again...yeah that one.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

very busy...

Who tried to say it was "Spring Break" around here??? I didn't get any break.

Of course March/April is the busy time of year for everything that I'm involved with.

At Church I've been entering our Time and Talent sheets. I've mentioned this before. It's where they give us a list of all the jobs that need to be done around the Church and we put checks by the stuff we're willing to do. Well someone has to compile those sheets into a list that can actually be used...that someone is me. (yeah, two other ladies work on it too...but it's mostly me!) We finally got it all done today.

Then there's LLL end of fiscal year stuff. I finally got my invoices printed the other day and am now hoping that the Groups will say that I don't have to mail them out because they'll take an email copy...hoping to save the postage. So they sit in a mess on my desk. It's so nice to find out who all moved and didn't tell us or who wants to retire now instead of paying dues. But so far everyone who has answered my emails is all set to send in the paperwork. Yay. It's just those who haven't answered me that I worry about.

But I've been having fun with my homeschooling group stuff. I'm getting ready to start up another coop. And except for a bunch of deleted's all been going fine. Luckily we managed to each save enough stuff that we weren't too messed up at all.

Now for the fun with my car. I had my car in the shop last month because DH finally got it away from me long enough to get the damage from him hitting the deer last mother's day fixed. While it was there they found out that the car needed new breaks and the funny sound we were hearing was that the 4x4 was not disengaging.(that must have been eating a lot of gas all summer long!!!) So they replaced the 4x4 and the breaks.
Well it finally gets warm enough to crack the windows while driving and I notice the car is making a weird ticking noise from the front tires. At first I wondered if it was even my car...but then I realized it had to be me. So we take the car in and tell them it's making a noise on Tuesday. They kept the car all day and couldn't hear the noise. So they come to get me to point out the noise. And I couldn't hear it! I was so shocked. but as I'm driving the guy back to the shop I finally hear the noise. We couldn't hear it because of all the wind. So he lets me take the car home as it was closing time at the shop. I take it back in Wednesday. It turns out the problem was that when they replaced my brake pads in Feb, they didn't put any hold down springs on the pads. So the pads were floating in the callipers. That was causing the ticking noise. My invoice reads that the previous pads didn't have any springs on them (can you say CYA?) I ask the guy if there was any damage and he says no...but I find that hard to believe. I'm gonna surf the net to see if I can prove him wrong...since I'm not willing to climb under my car to look for myself.

Monday, March 26, 2007


After a week of what seemed like spring here (I saw folks in shorts and I even wore short sleves a few times!)...we had a cold snap on Friday. And actually Friday started off being kind of a nice day with a little bit of a chill

But it eventually started raining and it got colder. But everything was fine in our nice cozy house...or so it seemed.

It was at dinner that I mentioned that I was feeling cold. I thought that it was just the cold front and I said something to that fact. Dh said that he felt cold too. So I got up and looked at our thermostat because sometimes for no known reason it decideds that what we really want our house set at in the winter is 68 degrees when we normally keep it at 73.

So I go and look and it says the hold temp for the house is 70? But when you go to bump it up it says that it is set for 73. Hummmm something is WRONG here. I monkey around with it but it doesn't seem to help any.

DH monkeys around with it and doesn't get it to do anything more than I did, so he goes to the basement and starts looking and poking around down there. Ut oh! Things are not looking good.

So he calls one of the guys he works with who does the HVAC where they work. The guy offers to come over, but DH is hoping to avoid spending any he asks if he can be talked through what to check. The guy talks him through and they realize that the gas valve is not working. But if DH bangs on it (or at least that's what it sounds like he is doing) then the furnace will kick DH thinks it is all good. He then hogs the computer to find out how much a new gas valve is gonna cost us. not looking good.

DH gets the furnace to run again before bedtime, but the house is not at 73. I tell Darly to put on warm PJs and we turn on our heated mattress pads (LOVE THOSE THINGS! THE BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!!!!!!) DH tried to run the furnace again at 2am but it had finally given up the ghost. I slept fine with my heated mattress pad, and so did Darly. DH didn't get to sleep.

Saturday morning I got up at 7:30ish and asked DH if I should run the oven's self cleaner to try to heat the house some since all we had were the fire place and one space heater. He said go ahead. So I'm huddling by the stove with my coffee. LOL

DH calls his friend up and he can't come over until after noon. I'm fine with that as I've got on 3 layers of clothes and a worries. The oven was still going.

We were talking about staying at MIL's if it didn't get fixed soon. They guy showed up and we needed a new gas valve & a new ignitor. He got us all runnning in time for dinner.

DH whined that it picked a fine time to break. I was very greatful that it chose a weekend when it only dropped to the low 30s instead of during Christmas when it went to below zero.

We're warm now.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Guess what!

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They're here!

Today on our way home we stopped by Wally world and they were in.

Darly loves them (as seen in the above photo!) She was shocked at how well she can see well as I can.

Dh tried them on when he got home and it made him see better...which means it's time for him to go see the eye doc...his lasik is not as good as it was. *sigh*

As you can see in the picture, Darly put the fingernail stickers on the lenses. And she's so happy.

Oh, here's the real photo. The one above was just being silly.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not much to report...

We're still waiting for Darly's glasses to arrive...she thinks they'll be here today. We'll see.

She's still asleep and it's about 11am. She promised me that she would take her assessment test today. I hope that she doesn't plan to sleep through it. She'll be in for a sad suprise, cuz we can stay up until 3am taking this thing if necessary.

Tuesday we went ice skating. Wonderful rink and we had a good time. I had to holler at a few of the kids that came with us. Their mothers were not out on the ice and they were in the center of the rink chipping the ice with their skates! I guess their moms didn't make them read the RULES before they got on the ice. *sigh*

Yesterday I begain working on a time and talent assessment for our Church. The Church hands out a list of jobs, and the members mark which ones they are willing to do; then someone (me) gets to enter them into the computer. They had the first set of these last week when I was working, but they mentioned that some jobs were left off and they wanted to have everyone redo the lists. So we were asked last week to not enter the info until this week. But I guess they figured out that the members wouldn't do that for instead they gave out the exact same list so more folks could fill them out. So the office manager & I are both annoyed as we could have started filling in this info last week and gotten a jump on this. Anyway...the council is now saying that they want the report back on this already. WHAT??? Luckily the office manager says that we can have all the time we need to get it into the system.

So yesterday we printed out the list of jobs the computer has entered. Of course it does not match the list that the members filled out. So I took the list home to try to match up the jobs. I emailed the list back to the office manager. I hope that I can get over to the Church today to work on it again. I would like to get this done asap.

I should wake Darly up to take her test if I ever want to get this done.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kukka is Innocent!

I've heard the terrible news of Kukka-Maria getting arrested in connection with the recalled dog & cat food case. I'm here to say that Kukka is definately Innocent. She did not do this in any way and she does not hate dogs.
I could she?

Lilly is wearing the lovely designs of Darly in a ribbon tutu. The ribbons are attached to high quality elastic and fabric ribbons have been glued to the ends of the ribbons.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Can you help?

Greetings From The Live Monarch Foundation

Spring is Finally in the air for most of North America... unless it is still snowing outside your window. We have spent this long winter preparing for the return of millions of Monarchs on their migration North. This winter weather has been crazy, with far too many temperature reversals and frosts. Our field agents across America have reported that again milkweed is in very short supply along much of the 3,000 mile annual Monarch migration route from Mexico to Canada.

This year more than any in recent memory will be a challenge for the migrating Monarchs as their only food plant Milkweed, will not be growing or mature by the time they need to lay their eggs and continue their journey. It is critical that all who can help grow milkweed start as soon as possible and get your friends and neighbors involved too.

Please visit our newly improved site for your Free seeds and to sign up for our partner program that pays you to help us spread the word about helping Nature and the Monarchs. You can choose to keep 10% for your efforts or extend a 10% discount to anyone you choose. This program has been designed as a fast, free, simple tool for teachers and enthusiasts to raise needed funds for their ongoing educational programs.

Thank you for your assistance;
LMF Staff

Check our site navigation links for new pages and new products that you may have never seen. Our Milkweed plants are perfect get yours before we run out.

This email is a free service from The Live monarch Foundation.Please help us reach others whom may benefit from our onlineeducational materials. Please assist us to create naturalrefuges for the Monarch Butterfly and other animals that have lost natural habitats. Spread the word and visit our site for Free Garden Seeds, living Milkweed Plants and all the life stages of the Monarch Butterfly.

One Seed Can Change The World...We Need You To Plant It.

Update: Carmen mentioned watching the metamorphosis. One of the wonderful Librarians at our local branch found two monarch catapillars and brought them into the library. I got to watch when one "went into" it's crysalis... that was kinda freaky. We missed when they came back out though. But we have bought the Painted Lady catapillars and done the entire cycle we got to see eggs - butterfly. BTW: painted lady catapillars are small enough to crawl through the mesh on those butterfly gardens and will crawl off everywhere in your house.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Eye Eye part 2 - Questions answered.

Traveling Chica said...
I hate the Glaucoma test. :( And it hates me! I've worn glasses since I was eight, contacts since I was 12, and I'm still horrible at it. hoping that she doesn't have to do it too often. On my side of the family the prescription doesn't change very quickly...Nana wore the same prescription from her teens until she was 40. But DH's family has the weaker eyes.
7:03 PM
Kukka-Maria said... we need a pic of the super-model in her new specs! We're still waiting to get the glasses. Wallyworld sends them out to a lab. Pictures coming... I promise.
7:36 PM
Sean said...
she dealing with glasses okay? i know i hated it, felt like the dealth knell to my social life in jr. high, but wasn't as bad as i thought... She had a hard time with the idea at first. She thought that people wouldn't recognize her. But since her script is just for her distance, she doesn't have to wear them full time. We'll have to get her a nice purse to carry them in
11:13 PM
Kailani said...
I'm very near-sighted. In fact, without my contacts I think I may be legally blind. :-)I hope Darly adjusts well to her glasses. I would think it's a tough thing to deal with. I know I wouldn't have liked it when I was younger. I've told her that she can get contacts and even lasics when she is older, but she's picked out a really cute pair of frames...she may just like wearing them
1:06 AM
mar said...
Let's see her new glasses! I have been far sighted all my life but waited until I needed reading glasses to get a pair...Now I got new reading glasses (getting stronger, lol) but the doctor got the left eye with the right eye mixed up for the far vision so I wasn't getting used to the new was on my TT this week... as soon as we get them
2:38 AM
mar said...
got mixed-up myself: I am slightly nearsighted!
2:42 AM
Uisce said...
is that the puff of air thing? I hate going to the eye doctor. I remember my first pair of glasses -- 7th or 8th grade, that's how long ago, and GLASS they were -- very heavy. the next pair was plastic but the case they gave me actually scratched them. my parents never complained, but they didn't need that kind of hassle. it was like the puff of air thing, but this test they put a device on her eye. I don't know which is worse.
6:29 AM
Carmen said...
I'm an eye doctor's worst nightmare, too. My eyes are so sensitive, to light, to that test, etc.We want to see the new glasses. I bet she looks super cool and super smart in them. poor kiddo they put dye in her eyes too. But they didn't dialate her eyes...thank goodness.
7:10 AM
Lynn said...
My friends 9 year old daughter just got glasses (she's also near-sighted). The nine year old wasn't too sure if she liked them until I remarked that the glasses made her look older...suddenly she stood up taller and had a great big smile on her guess is that Darly will look older too! She does look very cute in her new frames. I don't know if it makes her look older yet or not.

We also bought some finger nail stickers for her to decorate her glasses with. I've done this with my sunglasses and they stick very well and look really cute.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eye eye!

Yesterday I finally broke down and called our health insurance company to see what kind of vision coverage we have. I wasn't entirely sure our plan even covered vision anymore because they used to send us a separate card and now they don't. So I was quite pleased to see that they do still cover vision...but they do not cover the glasses. figures!

So after that I found that the eye doctors that are within 5 miles of me are all at the same practice, but if I want to go farther I can go to a bunch more. But the appointment was for I let her decide. I looked up the website for the office that is closest to us and she liked the picture of the doctors that's where I called.

We had an appointment this morning at 10:30am...kinda early for Darly, but I didn't let the doctor's office know that.

Last night at dinner, DH gave Darly a pep-talk and let her know everything that would happen. I really couldn't do that for her as I still have 20/20 vision.

We got to the doctor's office a bit early because I had a few questions and we looked at their frames...oh my gosh! They were so expensive!!!

The exam went really well. Darly did very well...she remembered all her dad's instructions.

I saw the machine they use for testing for glacoma and I almost said something about it to Darly but I decided not to. Good thing. My dear little girl is just like me with that darned thing. LOL after they did her first eye she wouldn't put her head back in like she was supposed to and she had to try like 10 times to get the test to work. I think it took like 20 times for the guy to get my second eye the last time I did that. The doctor was able to finally get the second reading though.

Yes my little girl is near-sited. Just like her dad, grandmother, grandfather & nana (all aunts & uncles too.) My father & I are the only ones with 20/20 vision in the entire family. My vision and one other thing are the only good things that I inherited from my father. har har

So after the doctor's visit we took her prescription to our local Wallyworld and found a great pair of frames at less than 1/2 of what the Doctor's office was charging. We found a pair that had the spring loaded hinges and got the polycarbonate lenses (they're supposed to be the good kind). I started looking at sun protection but the sales guy there didn't have much for kids. He suggested that we get a pair of cheap sunglasses that she can just wear over her glasses...and that's what we'll do as it's a cheap option...hello... we already have a pair that she can wear. har har they won't be pretty but they'll work just fine.

I should go's TNO tonight and DH promised to be home soon. bye

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3WW #2 for me

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday.

Each week, Bone will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. This is a writing exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. The idea is to let your mind wander and write what it will. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

Jim was so excited! He was finally going to his very first ever football game. Dad had finally thought that he was old enough to go. YIPPEE!!! He just couldn't wait. But wait he had to do because the game wouldn't be for another month. darn it!

The week past slowly with Jim getting more and more excited...and finally the game day came. They loaded up the car and headed for the train was silly to drive to the game and pay a fortune for downtown parking when you could ride the train and get dropped off right next to the stadium. Unfortunately, everyone else it seemed had the same the trains would be crowded.
"hurry, hurry!" Jim thought as they made their way to the station.

Finally they got to the train ticket machine. Dad started putting his bills into the machine to buy their tickets and all went well except for that one stupid bill. Jim couldn't believe that the machine wasn't accepting the bill...yeah, sure it was bended in ways only a 2 year old could imagine...but it was still money. "TAKE THE BILL!" Jim was thinking...and finally it did. "Whoa!" Jim thought. "Maybe I have some kind of power here."

They boarded the train with a lot of other people and made their way to the stadium. It was fun riding the train...also another first for Jim. Dad reminded Jim to hold onto his hand when they were getting close to the stadium...this was NO place to get lost. But Jim didn't get lost and they made it to the game on time.

Jim watched the game with all the enthusiasm of all of his Uncles in one room. Yes, he was screaming his little heart out. He screamed so much that he made himself hoarse. Poor little guy. He didn't have any voice left for when his team won the game. But he could still waive his flags with all his might.

By the time Jim & his dad made it home they were both very tired and a mess. It seems that stadium food tastes better when worn on your clothes. Mom just sighed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The movie is never as good as the book!

I bought a copy of "The Wedding Date" by Elizabeth Young. It was originally published as "Asking for Trouble", they changed the name when the movie came out. I read and thoroughly enjoyed I decided that I should watch the movie.

So since I'm cheap, I put the movie on hold at my library. I finally got it on Monday...came home and immediately put it in my DVD player...well after I cleaned the thing. I don't know what these people do to the DVDs they check out from my library...most look as if children are allowed to lick them, perhaps the dog. This one looked like someone rubbed their runny nose over it. BLECH!

I got my first clue that the movie would be different even before I checked it out because the book takes place entirely in ENGLAND and the main character in the movie is Deborah Messing (clearly AMERICAN). And my second clue was that in the book the main character's name is Sophy and in the movie, her name has been changed to Kat. All the names in the movie were changed...(to protect the innocent?)

To cover the entire American/English thing...they've given Kat a different background. Kat and her mother moved to England after her mother married an English man when Kat was very young. They didn't explain why Kat had moved back to America, but it's a good guess that she did so after she was dumped by her fiance. Which is why in the movie Kat hires an escort (Nick) for the wedding.

In the book Sophy hires an escort because she has been lying to her family about the existence of a man in her life, mostly because her mother is trying to keep up appearances with the neighbor. We don't find out that the ex-boyfriend (they weren't engaged in the book) is attending the wedding until Sophy and Dominic/Josh arrive for the wedding.

I just looked at some of the reviews of the movie on (in the movie link above) where people didn't see any chemistry between Kat & Nick and couldn't figure out where it was that they fell in love. In the book it's pretty obvious as Sophy clearly states over and over that she "fancies the pants" off of Josh.

Okay, I'm gonna stop spoiling the book, because if you would like to read it...leave me a comment. I'll use a random drawing to choose who I mail the book to. Sorry I don't have the movie as I just returned it to the Library.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Amazing dog tricks

Since that last post was so boring and my brain is a little more awake now...I've got a better post for you.

When we got Lilly from the shelter, we knew there were some things that we wanted her to know. There were other things we figured out later that we wanted to teach her. But whenever we have our friends come over they're amazed at "how smart" my dog is.

The first thing we taught Lilly was that she is not allowed to go into the Living room/Dining room area at all. That was just an area that we didn't want invaded with Dog hair. So before she came home from the shelter (we had to wait until she was spade) we put up baby gates in the doorways to those two rooms. Soon after she arrived we figured out that she shouldn't go upstairs either...this was just too much house for her to deal with and she would sneak up there and pee. So we had another gate at the bottom of the stairs. The gates stayed up for about a year. They probably could have come down sooner but it wasn't until we had guests come over for dinner that DH suggested that we take them down to see what Lilly would do and sure enough she knew that wasn't her part of the house. Even with my nephew calling her she didn't go upstairs. We now have a fun game with Lilly where we will be in the Living room/Dining room and will run back and forth between their doors for her to chase us...she has to run further because there's some rooms in her way.

Next I had to teach her to not be at the bottom of the stairs when we came down because she would be all in our feet looking for attention and that was a dangerous tripping hazard. So I taught her to back up and sit in the Family room until we came to her. She still argues (makes moaning/growly sounds) when I tell her to do this, but I insist every time I come downstairs and if she's not sitting in the family room I won't pet her when I get to her...I just walk past her. Dogs don't like to be ignored.

Lilly has taken basic dog obedience class and she seemed to know everything. She still learns very fast ...for a treat. The obedience instructor suggested that we should do agility training. I didn't see how I could fit that into our life and now I'm even busier. If I ever find some time, I'll take her to another basic class to work harder on the "drop it" and not pulling on the leash as those are two lessons she didn't quite get.

Oh another good trick is that Lilly stays in her bedroom when we are not here and at night. Her bedroom is really my laundry room. I learned with a previous dog that it's less expensive to keep the dog in a small room or crate when you're gone. So Lilly has always gone into the laundry room since we first brought her home. "Crate" training is so awesome. Dogs by nature like to be in a den and the laundry room fits the bill for her. She has her blankets and the new bed I made her for Christmas in there along with her food & water dish. She'll even go in there to nap when she's in need of a nap. And when we're about to go somewhere we give her food in there so she's happy to see us leave. "Oh you're putting on your shoes and coat...that means I get food! Yippee! Food food food food!"

Speaking of leaving and food... Darly & I are about to leave. So Lilly will be getting fed in just a few minutes.

not much to say...

After such a busy week, it was nice to have a "boring" weekend. I finished reading a book. I turned in the final cookie sales paperwork and we finally put away our Christmas lights.

The reason the lights weren't put away earlier was that it was too cold to be outside long enough to untangle them. The day I took them down, I just tossed them in a pile in the garage before I froze to death.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where in the world have I been???

Wow, it's been a busy up at (an early time for me) every morning kind of week.

Monday was calm, I don't even remember what it was we did that day. Well, except for Gymnastics class...that I remember.

Tuesday we went to the Button Tour. This was kinda neat. First we saw a room where they showcase a lot of the buttons they carry and were told about the history of the company. The link sums up the the history for you. They do not make any buttons there (bummer!) they buy the buttons from manufacturers here and overseas and then package them to go to stores.

For those of you who sew and are annoyed (like I am) by buying buttons on those stupid cards with weird numbers of buttons on them... This company puts the buttons on the cards...either with the metal staples or by hand depending on the kind of button. The buttons come to them in a bag, they go through the bag to make sure all of them are in good shape and are uniform in size...then they package them and store them. Then they process the orders and ship them out.

We got to see their special scale that weighs the buttons and estimates how many buttons there are. A person counts out 100, then weighs them...then he puts the rest on the scale and the computer figures out how many there are total. very neat! He also gave the kids cookies.

Next we got to see the Museum which holds the button collection of the founder. She has a crown made of buttons and several button bracelets. Very cool to see all the different kinds of buttons, including some very expensive hand painted buttons.

At the end of the tour they have a gift shop of sorts where they sell their discontinued buttons...for a HUGE discount. If I ever need buttons for sewing, I'm going there first...they're not on the cards either. he he

Wednesday we went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to see two IMAX movies. First we got to see Dolphins. This was our favorite. After the movie we had lunch together and chatted a lot while the kids had fun watching coins go down the funnel. Then we split up because Darly wanted to see the Benjamin Franklin exhibit and the other kids wanted to see the Hall of Life. Then it was time for our second movie Africa the Serengeti which wasn't quite as interesting to us as the first one. I kept thinking... "Lion King" during the show. LOL! After the movie we split up again as now Darly wanted to see the Hall of Life and the other kids wanted to see the Ben Franklin. too funny. I was very suprised at how not busy the museum was...normally it is very crowded in there. We'll have to go back (we have a membership) to finish seeing the Ben Franklin exhibit as we were kinda rushed and the kid friendly parts were very busy. I don't know how but one of the volunteers there got Darly to actually interact...amazing. LOL

And then today we went to the Mizel Museum for their Rites of Passage presentation. A two-hour multicultural teaching experience that addresses universal life cycle events throughout the world, experiences of birth, coming of age and marriage. There are six cases representing cultures from Asia, African American, Jewish, Hispanic and more! These interactive activitiesare designed to accommodate both younger and older children and include costumes to try on and objects to inspect. There is also an art project at the end of the class representing one of the studied cultures. It was very cool to see how many cultures that seem so different have very similar rites of passage... like very similar birth rituals (the babies are all given a taste of honey or something sweet to ensure a sweet life) and death rituals (similar death shrouds). On the way home I talked to Darly about how our own rituals are similar...and similar to eachother in that a baby shower, bridal shower and graduation all have gifts to prepare for the next step. The craft that the kids made were paper chinese lanterns.

Tonight I still have to run out and get some info on Girl Scout camping for Darly and may have to pop in to Teacher's Night Out too. But tomorrow looks like it will be a day of rest...YAY.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Conversation with the child...

Darly: Why cant I have a blog? Drunken cats have a blog! (thanks KUKKA!)... I wonder if drunken cats like dunkin doughnuts? he he he

She likes to be blog fodder lately

follow up: DH & I really can not see any good that can come of Darly getting her own blog. Not that we see that blogging is bad (of course I'm not saying that) it's just that there are too many weirdos out there and I have no idea what kind of things she would post and what they would attract. She is more than welcome to guest blog on my blog any time she wishes, I like the creative outlet it gives...I just want to be able to keep an eye on it for her.

And Darly & I both know that Kukka isn't really drunk...she just plays that on her blog. I don't allow Darly to read Kukka's blog most of the time, but we both thought that the picture of her "being drunk" was very cute. She didn't see the post that went with it.

better stuff

I was looking through a back issue of Good Housekeeping and found the following...

Both are places for swapping your old books. What a neat idea. Now I've gotta clean out my junk and find some books to swap. The're here...just gotta find them.

Is the end in site?

Don't hold your breath!

First the snow. It seems that we may have seen the last of the white stuff. Well according to the weather folks... however, the latest commercial for one news chanel here kinda proves that we never know. I hope this link connects to the's very funny. okay that first link didn't work well...try this. then click on the graphic in the top left corner that says "Tired of the Snow?" that should bring up the commercial.

But I was reminded yesterday that March is usually our snowiest month. I so hope that is wrong for this year. But I also have to remember that our worst blizzard ever (well since I've lived here) was in March. We had snow drifted up to 5 feet in front of our garage. And of course the snow plows can and plowed us back in as soon as we had gotten ourselves out. But that's the thing with snow...even if you are able to shovel yourself out, most everyone else isn't out yet so there is nothing to do once you get out. It's just the feeling of freedom that you are no longer trapped, even if you have no where to go.

I also have to whine and complain about something else though. I don't know when it will ever end because it seems that the other parties involved are not letting it end. I really just don't understand why either. It was their decision to leave with no notice leaving us in the lurch to pick up and do their work. We did so thinking that this would be an amicable split. I fully expected to even send people their way. But they have decided that burning bridges and trying to make us fall is more important. It appears that they will not be happy until we are no longer here... (I'm talking the death of a group, not people). It's so sad when supposed friends stab you in the back and sit there turning the knife to make sure you're dead.

What really gets me about this is how one of the two used to talk about how other groups similar to ours have had major schisms and never recovered, but how ours had been so strong. It makes me think that this person was planning just how to destroy our group for a very long time. This person also used to talk about how she so detested sophomoric behavior in adults...and yet this is exactally what she and her cohort are doing.

For what? I just don't understand what it was that we did that could cause such vindictive behavior. All we've ever done was to expect that they follow the same set of guidelines that everyone else does. They seem to think that they should be exempt because they did all this work for us, and that they should also be allowed to continue to twist the knife.

What the don't seem to realize is that the group is much stronger than just those they are trying to hurt. This group would go on even if we stepped down. So in the end we will not step down, we will take their abuse and continue on.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Audition time again!!!!!!!!!

Run over to Wendy's to audition for a part in her next big feature... read the small print.

See ya there!

I am SO SICK OF SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we got hit again with more snow. And I am so sick of it. When is summer coming?

For most of the day it wasn't too bad...the snow wasn't sticking to the roads. But after the sun went behind the mountains the water on the streets began to freeze... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!

Darly has gymnastics at 4:30. I get to the gym by 4pm because parking there is a nightmare. And this building is the major cause of my snow stress. Let me see if I can describe the logistical nightmare of this place to you. Or maybe I should make a drawing. Hummm... let me see if I can make that work.
Okay I made a drawing. To actually read it you may have to click on it and see if it gives you a larger version. The very sloppy arrows represent the very steep grade that you have to drive on. I don't know the angle...I just know that if it is snowing and you don't have 4x4 you are not going to make it up.
The little tiny lines in front of the building represent parallel parking in front of the building. There is also supposed to be room for two cars to pass eachother in front of the building...but it's very tight and scares me to death...I've been known to have my tires rub the sidewalk. Also notice that very tight turn once you turn into the parking lot in front of the driving school/dance shop...a white knuckler! even when it's dry.
So yesterday after class I'm taking my time so that hopefully no one is on the hill and I can get out without hitting anyone. Because while I fear wrecking my car...I fear wrecking my car into someone else's car even worse! I know that I should have put my car in 4x4, but since we just had it replaced I wasn't 100% sure I knew how to do it properly and I didn't want to have it only partially engaged and ruin yet another set of 4x4 hubs.
Well it seemed that while not many people had come on time for the 5:30 class they were still coming...just late. So the road & drive never cleared out completely. Most people were just driving up the street and parking on the street instead of trying to get into the parking lot. One person (someone I knew but she didn't recognize me) decided to park right across from where the parking lot entrance is...I call this the chute, because if it's snowy you're going to get thrown out of the parking lot like a chute. So in my efforts to not use my 4x4 and not hit her van, I slowly inched down the hill riding my breaks the entire time. This worked for about 1/2 the way down...then my car began to slide down the hill with the back end heading in the direction that I wanted to go (toward the main road!)
So after my car stopped, I tried to go forward. Not gonna happen. I tried luck either. So I then proceded to try to put my car in 4x4. I followed the directions, but I had assumed that when I turned the "Locking 4x4 hubs" that they would actually LOCK and the knob would turn all the way to lock. It didn't. This led me to believe that I had done something wrong and that they were not locked. So at that point one of the coaches at the gym was out there trying to help me and he tried turning the hubs. He couldn't get them to move to the lock position. Freaking out because I was blocking traffic and totally stuck, I called my house to see if DH was home. I left a message of me screaming at him to come get us. Which was totally stupid because his car doesn't even have 4x4. But I was paniced at the time.
Since I had no other option, I tried putting the car in gear to see if it worked. I tried thinking was that I should try to back down the rest of the hill into the main road and then go forward, hopefully in the direction that I wanted. I hit the curb and there was a road sign behind that. Bummer. I put the car in drive and it went forward!!!! I was in shock. I was able to drive up this hill and turn my car around up the street...going in the direction that I wanted to go. YAY!
I'm sure the two coaches who were out there to help thought that I'm a total idiot. Frankly I don't care. I'll go appologize for freaking out on them on Monday...if it's not snowing. BTW: the one coach fell down the hill and slid all the way into my car's tire. I fell on my butt right before that.
So I'm up the street from the gym, near the building that won't let us park there and more people are trying to get up the hill and getting stuck. After waiting forever it was clear enough for me to drive past them and get onto the main road. We made it the rest of the way home with no problems.
I handed my cell phone to Darly to call home and tell DH that he didn't have to come to get us. Still no answer.
By the time we got home, DH was in the driveway shoveling it so I could pull the car into the garage. He is such a sweet guy. He shovels my entire side of the driveway but only shovels two paths for his tires. I guess he knows that I'll never hit those paths!
He never got the messages because I errased them...he's bummed because he wanted to tease me for freaking out.
I told him I want to move to someplace warmer. He agreed. He had a tough time getting home too.