Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't Fret the Sweat - Review

Darly and her friends are now reaching the age where they aren't just sweet little girls anymore. They're starting to become young women. Unfortunately that sometimes means funky smells when we're all trapped in the car. UGH!

I feel blessed in that I can talk with Darly about this kind of stuff. Darly has known this was coming for about 4 years now and she's been excited to grow up. I got her a book about growing up back when she was about 9 or so and she read through it and couldn't wait for her body to start changing. Darly asked for and started using deodorant a while back. But we are having shower issues and sometimes her friends need a hint.

Need some help talking to your tween/teens about funky smells and telling them it's deodorant time? Check out Your glorious guide to sweat, kids and confidence for tips, confidence-building tools and more information about the Tween Confidence Index. has some really cool stuff on there like a game for parents to see how much they know about teens today. I admit that my score could use some improvement, I had no idea how many kids today have cell phones and use them to access the internet. I really appreciated the coupon section...cuz who doesn't want to save money, right? I'll have Darly take a look at the product finder so she can choose which type of deodorant she wants to use...I sure hope she doesn't choose the most expensive one. LOL!

So far Darly seems to be loving the new Suave Wild Cherry Blossom Antiperspirant/Deodorant that we got to try out. I hope she picks that one cuz it smells really nice.

I'll be sharing this post with my daughter's friends' moms in hopes that I don't get trapped in the car with Mr Funky again. I really hope this post saves you from being trapped with Mr Funky too. :D

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Unilever and received the items necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still frustrated by the doctor!

a while back I posted this lovely post. well the saga continues... @@ <-that's me rolling my eyes.

DH went back to the hematologist yesterday and came home still frustrated by this man. It seems to us that he doesn't even read DH's chart. DH asked about the repeated blood testes that have been ordered and the guy couldn't even give DH a straight answer about the results. He quickly flipped through the chart and said that the white blood cell count levels did seem to be improving a bit (funny with all the blood they've been drawing!)

The doc wanted to do another bone marrow biopsy. The last time DH had this procedure it A) costs us nearly $300. B) ended up cracking DH's pelvis and left him in pain since...and C) showed nothing wrong with him!

When DH said that he did NOT want to do another biopsy because he thinks his pelvis was cracked by the previous one the doctor tried to tell him that his symptoms were NOT from a cracked pelvis but from a pinched nerve and that he should go see a chiropractor. (yet when we checked the symptoms on line they all together point to the cracked pelvis and not a pinched nerve!) The doctor tried really hard to convince DH to take another test. DH refused.

The reason the doctor wants to run the test is to find the cause for his low white blood cell count. The doctor refuses to believe that this is just genetic. Every other doctor that DH has been to has looked at MIL & SIL's records and believed, but apparently in this day and age there MUST be a reason other than genetics.

I suggested that DH speak with his primary care doc about the results and see if she might suggest a second opinion or believe him and his charts so he can discontinue seeing a doctor who seems bent on draining our checking account. Hopefully he'll do that as he really would like to stop seeing this doctor. fingers crossed.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight's weird IM convo because getting up and walking to the other room is just too much work!

sorry for the LOLKitteh talk...we do that frequently here. I doubt it helps with spelling though.


RENEE says: U no how the oben works

Darly says: But i don't know how to makes chickens

RENEE says: read the package...duh!

Darly says: but packages can lie

RENEE says: but this one doesn't
preheat oven to 400.

Darly says: isn't u hungrie?

RENEE says: put chickie on foil covered cookie sheet
place in oben
set timer for 1/2 the time it says
when that goes off, flip the chickie
then set timer for other half (I did 20 last night)
20 total min

Darly says: Should I make something else?

RENEE says: then heat the potatoes, veggies & graby

Darly says: But I don't want gaby

RENEE says: you could make biscuits too.
I want graby!!!

Darly says: ZE U MAKE GRABY!

RENEE says: u no this goes on de blog...right?

Darly says: u no, at my house when i grow up, graby will be unheard of

RENEE says: rotflol! yeah right!

note: the child has NOT got up to make my chicken & gravy! It's frozen breaded chicken strips.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flying Dog!!!

We just returned from our camping trip. We had a great time. The cabin we stayed in was very nice. Here's a link to the cabin we stayed in last year This year we were in a similar cabin.

We went up with some friends... Darly's BFF and BFF's Mom. BFF is rather a cranky person in the mornings and didn't like being woken up...but then she didn't like it if we let her sleep either. LOL, no pleasing that kid. So to be funny we put Lilly up in BFF's bed on the top bunk. Lilly of course knows how to make folks wake up...she's very good at it.

But she isn't very good at posing for pictures. I was trying to get a picture of Lilly up in the bunk and called Lilly being a good girl came to me. YUP! Flying dog!

She scared me to death! I had the camera in my hands and didn't have enough time to try to catch her...which probably would have hurt both of us pretty badly anyway. So she hit the floor. She didn't seem at all hurt by it and now two days later doesn't seem any worse for wear.

We took Lilly on a hike and other than pulling me down on some loose gravel she did really well. Lilly likes to be in the lead so she kept pulling on the leash. Finally I had to "put the girdle" on her...that's where you take the leash and wrap it around the dog's belly and through the leash again, so it's like a choke collar but around the belly. It is really effective at keeping your dog from much so that Lilly will do anything to try to get out of having to wear the leash that way.

The Food Report for Lilly: Well Saturday night she didn't get anything special as the people went to a cookout at another campsite. bummer. Sunday night the people had stew (that smelled up the cabin all day and made us all extra hungry!) and Lilly got to eat some of that...YUMMMY! Monday night the people had hamburgers & mac n cheese and Lilly had one bite of hamburger and some mac n cheese. no smores for Lilly though. oh and she got to clean up breakfast dishes of oatmeal and grits each day.

There were lots of squirrels running around and laughing at Lilly...she got to chase a few. There were also a few dogs to try to bark at, but mom was mean and wouldn't let her. Sunday morning there was a lot of activity in the camp as most folks were packing up to leave...Lilly had to woof at them all...waking Mom and getting her really angry! Monday morning Lilly slept in the crate and Mom got to sleep in until 9:30...much better!

Now we're home, Lilly got a bath and doesn't smell like a camp dog anymore.

Friday, September 10, 2010

more suckage

as many of you know, my dear hubby spent a good part of last year over in the sandbox. He came home all safe & sound only to come down with a nasty case of pneumonia that landed him in the hospital for 10 days. ugh! and things just got even more crazy after that.

well this year his boss went over to the sandbox to do the exact same tour that DH did, but here's the twist. Due to our president deciding to pull the troops out, there is nothing for boss to do while he's there. Boss is sitting in the hot sand twiddling his thumbs! when DH was there he was so busy working that he had no time off at all, working weekends and holidays! AND

since boss is gone, DH has to do both his job and his boss' job. DH is gone at the office so much that he might as well be deployed again! He goes into work before 7 and only comes home at 8:30 because the south gate on the base closes at that time and DH hates having to drive to the north gate. In fact DH went into work on Labor day as if it were a regular work day. UGH!

and to make things even more fun...that stupid recovery & reinvestment act is stealing money from projects that DH is working on and giving it to states to tear up perfectly good roads and repave them...meaning traffic delays and decreased productivity. So DH gets to figure out what they can live without or delay to cover paying for what they need. Course it doesn't help that they have stupid contractors who get fired off of jobs for cutting through major communications lines (while operating heavy equipment & talking on their cell phones!) come begging for their contract back with their crying wife. Frankly I'm very miffed at the person who agreed to that meeting...what a waste of time!

k, I think I'm done now. LOL

Thursday, September 09, 2010

the latest...

well Darly tried out for the play but didn't make it. :( we were both really bummed as we thought she did awesome in the audition. I thought she nailed the part. I couldn't be sure but it could have been that they picked kids that they knew from previous plays. Oh well...she isn't giving up. But right now there aren't any plays to try out for.

But Darly doesn't want to return to gymnastics. I thought that perhaps she might want to do tumbling, but nope...not that either. Okie Dokie! No idea what I'm going to do to make sure she is getting PE but I'm sure something will come up. Her bff's mom mentioned dance (bff does dance) but Darly is pretty sure she doesn't want to dance. She says it's boring.

in other news: while I was researching tumbling options I came across a review for the gym Darly was most recently at...
by parkerfan

This program has really gone down hill since that review was written. In 2010 Parker School of Gymnastics is the best gym in Parker. With a new owner PSG is amazing!!

MomBaker - 09/07/10
Really, I've been to both and there's no comparison. Alpha is by far a better and more caring place to send your kids.
jenmom - 09/09/10
I've been to both and we prefer Alpha!

I'm pretty sure that the review was written by the new owner of the old gym (he was the manager...the guy we hated!)
Course I can't be 100% sure that the review was written by the owner, but the avatar he used looked pretty much like him and the attitude was all him.

funny if his gym is so great, then why did half of his USAG team leave to come to our new gym???