Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not that it will help any...

today I posted this to my Facebook


someone decided to use Facebook like Twitter to keep me totally up to date on a soccer game.  Not to worry, she wasn't the first who felt like I needed to know all about the game...  I've had several Facebook "friends" who wanted me to be aware of other sporting events or other things constantly! 


While I'm sure that folks on Twitter aren't wanting the play by play either...but really I'm pretty sure that it doesn't go on Facebook.

I had unfriend a family member recently because their FourSquare let me know where she was...all the time!  and even though I hid her posts they kept popping back up.  and I couldn't block FourSquare because I use it for the discounts...sigh!

Maybe I should just stop social media-ing....  yeah right!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I got me a treadmill!

After lots of searching, I finally found a used treadmill that wasn't falling apart and I could get home easily enough.  Turns out it was at our favorite thrift store!  I had seen several listed on craigslist but this one the money is going to a great cause.
All we had to do once it was in the house was to realign the belt.  And even though hubby nearly blew a gasket that I had got the treadmill and moved it inside by myself, he insisted that he be the one to fix it.  It really bothers him how independent I am sometimes.

I've used it several times now...still trying to figure out the controls on it...and even with the manual it is confusing.  I'm a bit spoiled with the treadmills at my old gym that "talked" you through it.  ah well.  Another thing is the book rack/control panel is set too far back.  If you get close enough to use them you're bumping your feet into the motor housing.  I know it doesn't work so well for the folding (oops, did I remember to fold it back up last night???)  but the bar should be over the tread more.

In other news:
Darly did get into the musical review (we knew she would though).  She's currently singing 4 songs with a few solos.  There are still more solos to be assigned so she's working on that music so she can get a few of them...she really wants one that would be one of her bucket list roles.  fingers crossed!

She did NOT get into the "Improv" show that wasn't really improv.  The folks casting went with their own people.  Which I know happens all the time, but why bother wasting folks time if you're not really going to consider them???  Another thing we learned was that this show was for a fundraiser that was going to be $100 per person to attend (not the cast, but if I wanted to see the show).  And then there was all that the part required, in the end it didn't seem to me that the pay was going to make the part worth doing...we're a bit spoiled in that the improv troop that Darly is in charges more per hour than she would have made doing this show.  ah well

I submitted Darly's headshot & resume for another role, but we haven't heard anything so I guess that's a no.  It would have been nice if they had told us that they got it.  sigh

Lots of Halloween gigs coming up, but I'm not sure we can squeeze them in with the musical review.  One that came up today had their show running for two weekends including the weekend of the review.

Darly went driving last night.  With me she was pretty much totally against driving.  She got mad at me for DH asking her to go drive.  But apparently that went really well.  Parents are hopeful to get her driving here soon.

Monday, September 07, 2015

BIG Sore Loser!

Darly decided to teach DH & I a card game that she plays with her friends.  It is called Nerts.  You can look it's all over the internet and it's a game that I enjoy.

At first I was winning the game almost exclusively.  I play solitaire all the time and the game is solitaire with more people.  My winning was upsetting to the other two players though, so making sure that I was following all the rules I found that I could stall my wins to make the game higher points for everyone.  Well THAT didn't go over well when DH noticed that I wasn't playing my winning card and ratted me out.  So I had to be more sneaky about it...

At this point, DH feels that to keep me from winning that HE has to be in charge of shuffling my deck so that I can't win.  And at first I allowed this because he was being rather bratty about it and I assumed that allowing him this simple concession would calm him down and show that I was winning only by skill, not trickery.

um no.  It seemed that allowing the shuffling made him worse...even though I wasn't winning the hands anymore.  He was STILL being a BRAT about it.  He was even winning hands (okay, I was still throwing hands) but that wasn't enough to make him quit.

Sigh!  It seems that I will have to give up playing my new favorite least with DH.

I've known since meeting him that all of DH's family plays for blood at games...highly competitive and will play all night in order to be the winner.  It's so sad.  I usually do not play with any from his family.  This makes them complain that I'm just a sore loser... but really I don't care about winning...I just have fun playing the game...but not against any of them.  They totally take all the fun out of the game.

At one point Darly gave DH a mini speech about how it was JUST A GAME OF CARDS!  It was awesome.  I told her that I couldn't be more proud of her.

I'm pretty sure that sore loser totally ignored her!  sigh

Friday, September 04, 2015

Dares BEARS.....

in dem dare NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!!!!!  (translation: there are bears in my neighborhood!)

okay, they found one cub about a mile from my house...but where there are cubs there are momma bears...usually.  We still don't know where momma is.  Baby was caught and taken to a rehab center where he'll be fattened up and snuck into a hibernation den in a few months to wake up and wonder "whut now?"

Apparently the word is that last winter froze the berry bushes so the bears are hungry.  There have been 8 caught closer to the mountains and one in my friend's neighborhood...which is totally odd because she's pretty much in the all human part of town.  At least "our bear" could follow the gulch to where he was picked up.

I've always said that "I don't run, unless there's a bear chasing me.  So it is a good thing I live where there aren't any bears!"  Now it looks like I'm gonna have to move.  sigh

well at least I no longer have to worry about meeting a bear on the walking trails... because I bought a treadmill.  Unfortunately, the trauma from getting the treadmill into my house has me not using it yet.  That and I also have to adjust the belt and that's just effort!  :p

In other news:  Darly finished up Fiddler on the Roof Aug 16th.  Then took a tiny break...

Aug 29th - Audition workshop
Sept 1st - Audition for Broadway Musical Review
Sept 2nd - Audition for "Improv" show  (that's in quotes because I don't think that means what they think it means)
Sept 3rd - rehearse for her standing improv show
Sept 4th - work on picking song for Musical Review
Sept 5th - Improv show


The Audition workshop was just as I suspected...a great big LONG ad for acting classes with this group.  But for FREE what can you expect?  At least we came away with some useful tips.

The musical review audition went well - but today we have to run over for a bit more work on picking a perfect song for Darly...the director wants to match her voice up perfectly.

The "Improv" show...hummm well first they asked folks to prepare a monologue, but never had them do it.  Then they provided way too much for the bits...almost an entire script.  It was weird.  and they seem to think that a 5 hour long performance will be all short form improv.  Like I said ...I don't think it means what they think it means. 

Improv rehearsal (see we know what improv is!) - I had to leave Darly to go pick up DH at the airport, so I don't know too much of what went on, but they had fun getting ready for the show.  BTW:  you can't really rehearse just run a version of the games so you can fit the suggestions into it.

and in a bit we'll be off to go work on that music piece for the Musical Review.  Hopefully she didn't fall asleep in the shower!