Thursday, July 07, 2011

House Rules Revisited sigh

Okay, I'm quite aware that the way I run my house isn't the same as everyone else.  (God makes us all different, our parents raise us all we are all different.)  I have a plan and it works for us...most of the time.

I feel very blessed that my loving husband was well trained by his parents and isn't a slob who leaves his dirty clothes all over the place.  He also doesn't leave dirty dishes all over...or even leave the toilet seat up!  I am hoping and praying that Darly will be equally blessed when she finds her soul mate. 

Some rules we have around here are:
There are TWO acceptable locations for dirty clothing.  1) a clothing hamper (locations in each bathroom and in the child's bedroom) or 2) the laundry room.  Clothing left in any other location will result in severe nagging and or the clothing not being washed.

If YOU are the one to use up the last of an item that needs to be replaced, YOU must write that item on the grocery list.  You cannot tell the MOM that you are out of said item.  She has too much to do to remember that you ran out of said item.  (that reminds MOM that she should post a separate list for items that we don't buy at the grocery store.)  If you don't put the item on the shopping list, don't expect for it to magically replace itself...unless YOU would like to make a trip to the store for it.

If YOU take something out, return it to it's original location...and DON'T expect the MOM to know where it is that you left it.  MOM has a great memory, but she isn't psychic!

The reason we are revisiting the rules today is because of a conversation that began last night.  When hubby returned home from work last night he noticed that Darly was doing laundry and asked if I had washed jeans.  When I informed him that I wasn't doing laundry and that yes he still had plenty of time to get his jeans in the wash, he let me know that he wanted a certain pair of his jeans washed.  I let him know that I would not be washing jeans that evening.
So today I decided that I should probably go ahead and wash our clothes as hubby had that pair of jeans he wanted washed.  I collected the hampers and proceeded to start the wash...I always do the whites first as they tend to have the most items that need air drying and the heat from the dryer tends to speed this process along.  However, upon sorting the clothing I realized that hubby's jeans were NOT in the hamper.  Hummm?  Where are hubby's jeans? 
So I call him...he answers on the first ring.  I ask where his jeans that he wanted washed are.  and he informs me that they are hanging in the closet...along with all the CLEAN laundry!  I question the thinking of hanging up the dirty jeans that he wanted washed.  He explains that he didn't know when I would be doing the wash.  Um I just don't get it!
Then he asks if I'm also washing towels.  uh yeah, I don't save up for a special wash day for each item...if it's in the hampers, it gets washed.  Taking that as a yes, he asks if I can go and get two towels out of a cardboard box in the garage and wash them also.  He isn't sure which box.  Wash day should NOT be a scavenger hunt!  Oye!  I shouldn't have called and just let the jeans wait until genius remembered to put them in the isn't as if that's his only pair of jeans.

The other two rules I posted are just there for your amusement one in the house has broken them recently, so there's no humorous story to go with them.

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  1. LOL. They just don't know what it's like to be the mom. Are you going to do any home ec units with Darly? I did them with Heather and she was responsible for whatever unit we were on: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping. Her last summer before graduation, she was responsible for running the entire household. She didn't get it perfect, but it really helped her organization skills, helped her realize the "whys" of the house rules, and gave me a break!