Saturday, June 25, 2011

it pays to whine!

recent advertisements for a company that provides Cable services (they provide internet & phone services as well) in our area are trying to make folks who subscribe to the land line phone provider nervous because they're switching names (being bought out or some kind of merge).  I wasn't nervous about the switch, but it did get me thinking that it was time to look at my bill.

See we have the phone/internet bill set up for auto-pay.  So I never look at just gets paid.  I looked at the bill and it seemed to me that the rate I'm paying was higher...and I had signed up for a Price for Life package.  So I went online and checked out the current rates for my internet & phone package.  Turns out that I'm paying more for my deal than what they normally charge folks for the exact same service!  So I got in an online chat session and asked what was up.  Turns out that my bill is not any higher than I remember...I just hadn't payed it any attention.  However, I was correct in that I'm paying more than what other customers are paying for the same service.

And they have a deal where I can upgrade my internet and phone service and pay LESS than I'm currently paying...even after the 5 year introductory rate price.  Wow!  I can have faster internet, more phone services and pay $10 less than I'm currently paying...AND at the end of the 5 years I still won't be paying what I am now???  um YEAH sign me up!

So I did! :D

And as for the advertisement that caused all of this.  The cable company is saying that our phone company will be taking away our choices since they're switching to the new company.  Ummm isn't this the same thing as when they switched from being AT&T to Comcast to Xfinity???

Friday, June 03, 2011

Access Denied!

I'm having with drawl today folks.  Due to site maintenance my Facebook account won't let me in!!!  Horrors!

I can get into everything else on my computer...a start.  Darly can get to her Facebook... grumble!  But my account won't let me in!!!