Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lilly & Koda

Koda is my friend J's dog.  She's a very sweet Norwegian Elkhound (I had to go look it up for spelling!)  By the way, Lilly and Koda have never met as Lilly is quite freaked out by dogs larger than her.  Must be from her days in obedience class with being drooled on by that Bernese Mountain Dog.

Well as Lilly approaches her 12 week post-op appointment next Tuesday... our friend Koda is going in for ACL surgery Tomorrow.  Poor puppy.  From her "mom's" description she may have messed up her knee a lot worse than Lilly did.  They have Koda on two pain killers and she is still in pain.  Where Lilly was too fine on just one painkiller.  She ended up messing up her knee some more before her surgery.  But the surgery replaces the entire knee...she's all bionic in there.  I know Koda's vet will take good care of her.  I'm a bit concerned for Koda's recovery as J is also taking care of her daughter.  I wish I could take care of Koda for at least two weeks for J, but I know that Lilly would flip out at having a larger dog in the house.  And Koda needs to be an only dog for her recovery.

Lilly is doing super awesome on her recovery.  I've had to reduce her pain killers again as the silly pup keeps wanting to jump over the retaining wall instead of going around it.  I know she feels much better but she's not supposed to do such things until she is 6 months post-op.

I need to convince hubby that we should put my vegetable garden permanently against this retaining wall so that Lilly can't be a flying dog anymore.  She's 10 and a half years old now but she insists that she's still a puppy...sounds a lot like a Seinfeld loving blogger friend I know. 

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  1. I'm so glad Lilly is doing so well. Poor Koda though.