Monday, May 20, 2013


I was about to tell you that I've been up to a whole lot of nuthin but apparently that hasn't been the case.

after Darly's show was over we had to hurry up and get her physical so that she can go to Girl Scout camp this summer.  The doc says she's totally weird, but that shouldn't keep her out of camp.  Sometimes our doc is cool, but I was a bit floored when she recommended that I get the HPV vaccine for Darly because it prevents cancer.  She knows I don't vaccinate and I told her that the HPV vaccine was one of the main reasons I chose not to.  She asked why that was and I told her how the manufacturer fought to have the HPV vaccine mandatory for all girls entering the 6th grade!!!!!!!!!!!  She had forgotten about that.  The reason I was shocked that she was recommending it is that she told my husband to not get the pneumonia vaccine (even though his other doc recommended it) because like the flu vaccine, it is made from last year's strand so it's worthless.  @@

Then I had fun scanning and uploading all the documents onto the GS Camp registration website...only to get NO confirmation that they had all the info.  So I emailed them and yes we're all set, she was supposed to send me a email by last Friday...didn't get it though.  hummm

Next we had to get ready for Darly's very late birthday party.  That was the one with the murder mystery.  Everything went off very well.  Hubby & I were the detectives and interrogated all the suspects.  Then the kids voted on who they thought might have "dun it."  It turned out that we had a tie vote...which meant they did it together.  So I had to figure out HOW.  LOL!
One of the guys had come here from London.  He was a detective there but was unable to bring his gun with him...he said the gun was at home.  The other guy was a mercenary (his character was based on a video game).  So we surmised that Mr London tried to come here to murder our victim, but his gun was confiscated by TSA agents, so he hired Mr Mercenary to finish the job.

The very next day we had another birthday party for a friend of ours to go to.  Her husband had won a Irish step dancing show and gave that to her for a present with the party.

The following weekend Darly, her youth group & I went to Lutheran Valley Retreat to help them with chores to prepare for their summer camping season.  Darly & I helped strip and re-wax a floor (note we NEVER want to see another wax floor in our lives!)  We also helped make dinner and cleaned more floors and bathrooms.  so much fun, so much muscle pain!

We get to do this again here soon for the Girl Scout camp, but I'm sure they won't have us stripping another floor...normally we get tent set up duty.  That should be a walk in the park compared to the mopping bonanza.  lol

Praying for Oklahoma!  Heard from OK Chick, she and her family are good.  Just got a call this am from hubby's employer making sure that we're all okay...including family.  I have a feeling that they'll be going down to help out.


  1. I think it's great that you and Darly help out like that. I have to say that my concern about vacs is now that the government is taking over health care, I'm afraid a lot of things like that will become mandatory.

    1. They act as if vaccinating is mandatory, yet on the form there are 3 exemptions.

    2. That's good.