Monday, July 15, 2013

A great way to drive hubby nuts!

So I've been drooling over this set of furniture from Oakwood Interiors forever.  I probably even mentioned it here before.  So I had pretty much given up on ever getting this bedroom set because the company went out of business.

However, when I was at a friend's house she mentioned that I look on Craigslist.  So since then I've been doing that...and guess what?  I found the set.

But of course that set sold.  bummer

Then I found the set again...and it sold.  bummer!

Now I've found the set a 3rd time.  Only one small problem...they have the sleigh bed instead of the panel bed that I wanted.

But all is not lost...yet.

I figure I can get this set, put the sleigh bed in our guest room and then order the panel bed that bought out all of Oakwood Interior's inventory.

Oh and since this set doesn't have the armoire, I thought we should get a flat screen tv and put a two way mirror over the tv.  Then it looks like a mirror most of the time but when hubby wants to watch the ball game, it's a tv!


UPDATE:  The listing for the furniture is no longer there.  I hope it means they pulled to repost this weekend, but I fear that someone else snagged that great deal.  sigh!  

UPDATE #2 - Hubby strikes back!:  He says "Why didn't you go get it?"  grumble, grumble,'s a very good thing he isn't in town right now.  But I just thought... I could turn this into a green light to get the next set that comes along.  w00t!


  1. You know my friend, the Soup Nazi? He has an antique armoire, just sitting in his basement! I bet he would give it to you.

    1. What a great idea Bone!!! :D Can you text me his number?

  2. LOL. If it came up several times on craigslist before, there's good chance it will come up again!