Thursday, August 08, 2013

thoughts and ponderings on losing weight

After quite a long time of being a sloth and mindlessly eating and being up to the most weight I had ever weighed in my lifetime (including being pregnant)... I decided to make a change in my lifestyle.

When hubby and Darly were away for nearly 2 weeks each, I did some "radical" changes to my diet.

I cut out carbs as much as I could.  I had noticed that I am very addicted to carbs.  I could sit and eat half a box of crackers without giving it a second thought.  That was bad!

So I did things like no bread, no pasta, no rice, no potatoes.  :'(  Instead of pasta, I would have zucchini.  Instead of rice or potatoes, I would have cauliflower.  and instead of bread...well I just wouldn't have any bread.  I haven't really figured out how to do a sub for bread yet.

I also added a supplement to my diet.  I really have no idea if the supplement is working or not.  Online articles claim it doesn't work at all.  What I noticed is that when I take it, the scale moves.  When I don't, the scale doesn't move.  So for now, I'll take it.  It doesn't cost too much, isn't harmful and doesn't taste bad.  Raspberry Ketones in case you're wondering.

For lunch I have a really big salad.  It is full of veggies and instead of bottled dressing, I pour the vinegar from my banana peppers on it.  Sometimes I have some cottage cheese with it too.  It fills me up nicely and I don't really get any cravings for anything else.

For dinner I have what the rest of the family is having...only instead of their starch, I have more veggies.

Sorry start of rant here!

I don't know why exactly, but this seems to bother hubby... A LOT!  This man has some really weird and conflicting views on weight.  For him, he can eat pretty much whatever he wants and not gain an ounce and he thinks that if everyone would just eat normal portions they would have the same results.  He doesn't understand that hormones make weight fluxuate.  (he also doesn't seem to get that women are built differently and have different requirements for other things either!...but that's another rant!)  I know that some of hubby's issues stem from his parents who didn't get it either.  At one point he'll say that you should eat small portions but on the other hand he'll say you should clean your plate and it isn't right to throw out food!  I can't tell you how frustrating it can be.

We had a servant auction at our Church and one of the items for bid was lessons on how to make cinnamon rolls.  I already know how to make cinnamon rolls, but I don't because trying to get bread to rise in my kitchen is a royal pain and I'm not a fan of baking anyway.  Hubby LOVES cinnamon rolls!  So he bid and won the lessons.  He took the class and came home with not just the two 9X13 inch pans of rolls, but also some left-over chocolate cake that the gal wanted to get rid of.  Hubby expects Darly & me to help him eat all these rolls and is bothered that these rolls are not part of my diet.  grumble!

Okay rant over if you wanted to skip it!

So after a month, I've lost 10 pounds.  I'm feeling great and except for a few times when I would CRAVE potatoes, I'm doing really well.  I did "cheat" back when we had chili and tortilla soup, but I only had a tiny bit of carbs with them (corn bread and tortilla chips) and held steady on those days.

I'm really sure how much more weight I would like to lose.  At this weight, I am where I was back when I was working out regularly and wanting to lose 11 pounds.  But I'm not so sure I still want to lose 11 pounds now.  There's a lot that factors into that though.  One being that finding clothes that fit me at the smaller weight is really hard.  I can just alter my clothes though, but it seems a pain to pay for something that I know I'll have to fix.  Another is some areas tend to be really floppy without the extra weight.  So for now, I'm just going to try for another 5 and see how that looks on me.  If that helps the body areas that I don't like still, I'll stop there.  Course it will be interesting to figure out what it takes to maintain that weight also.



  1. Interesting. One thing I've realized in working toward food self-sufficiency, is that the hardest things to grow are carbs, except for corn and potatoes. Grains are more labor intensive, not to grow, but to process. I can't help but wonder if that doesn't mean that there should be less of the cereal carbs in our diet.

    Some carbohydrates are important. I had a friend who went 100% no carb and started to feel terrible. The doctor diagnosed her as being hypoglycemic, but I don't think she told him about her diet! With zero carbohydrates in her diet, of course she became hypoglycemic. A more balanced diet straightened her out, but I don't know if she ever made the connection.

    1. Interesting. I've had low blood pressure almost all my life (except for when on medication that was known to cause high blood pressure). I haven't noticed any issues with that.
      I do notice that if I don't eat when my body is hungry that I feel bad and get grumpy...but I did that before the diet. I haven't noticed any issues due to cutting the carbs out. Of course some veggies contain carbs, so I'm not carb free.

    2. Like most things, its probably all about balance! Your experience certainly supports that.

  2. The lake in my blog post is a private lake in the Bowmar neighborhood. One of the kids on our Special Olympics team lives in the neighborhood so we are able to use Bowmar's lake, pool etc. for our party. It is a beautiful lake, isn't it...

  3. Good for you!

    Men don't always get it. I understand your frustrations with Hubby, but he needs to learn to be supportive.

    I need to start following your diet :)