Monday, October 28, 2013

Changes and such

Lots of stuff going on...

First it's not even 6:30 and I'm up.  #stupidbladderalarm!

We're dog sitting this week, but he's going home today.  Which means that Lilly will go back to her regular diet that doesn't include breakfast with left-overs in it.  See border dog is free fed all day, but Lilly would eat all his food.  So both dogs are getting breakfast & dinner with something extra to make sure they eat it.  Lilly doesn't need the extra, but it makes sure she doesn't spit out her pills.  Border dog spits out his kibble.

This week is tech/show week for Darly.  We'll be at the Theater pretty much all week.  Changes there mean that DH will have to find his own meals.  He's a big boy so this shouldn't be too much trouble for him.  Darly & I will have to figure out how to eat at the theater today & tomorrow as there is no scheduled meal break.

Darly is also busy getting ready for the next audition.  She really wants to get a part in this next show...but then so do all of her friends.  There are a few parts that she doesn't want, but I'm hoping that if she's lucky enough to get one of them that she accepts the challenge gracefully.

The weather is turning fallish now.  We've already had two snow storms.  Our first frost was nearly a month ago took out my garden for good.  :(  Although the onions and carrots are still doing well.  Our trees actually have color this year...thanks to that flooding rain we got a while back.  For some odd reason our aspens always turn last, must be the watering situation.  But we finally have yellow.

I finally found Pumpkin Spice seasoning this year.  I've been adding it to my coffee.  Yum


  1. I hope Darly gets the part too. And I hope Lilly doesn't pout when she doesn't get breakfast any more!

    1. She's being a good girl. I think she's still trying to show off that she's a better dog, so that I won't want the other one. LOL

  2. Yes, the trees are beautiful this year, aren't they?

    Good luck to Darly on her part!

  3. I hope you didn't have the hot dog at the Alex Theatre. Amicrazy, or is that thing like sixty years old?

    We've had more colors this year than I remember. It's making me want to write a song -- Walking In A Deciduous Wonderland.