Friday, August 07, 2015

Busy Acting Summer - Funny how that works out

You may remember a while back we were having fun with what to audition for.  And then how Darly got into Fiddler on the Roof     discount code 18TOLIFE if you would like to come and see it!

For the most part we've been in the grove of going to rehearsals and learning the part.  They decided to just rent the costumes for this show because this show is different from anything this theater group has done before and they have limited storage space for I haven't been working on costumes.  Instead I'll be working back stage for this show, moving sets between scenes.

This theater company does their rehearsals on different days, so it has meant less time with hubby and our dog.  We've been eating out a lot more.  However, since I haven't been actively working on anything during the rehearsals, I've been walking with one of the other moms...hopefully that will cancel out all the extra calories?

While all this has been going on, I've been keeping an eye out for other opportunities for Darly and found a film for her to try for.  She got in and has a small part that will hopefully start filming this weekend (they've had a few set backs).  I am kinda hoping that he ends up pushing production to the week of the 17th now because this was originally supposed to get filmed this week and now is running into tech week for Fiddler.

Then while at rehearsal on Tuesday, Darly got an offer to do another film...on Thursday!  The gal who told us about it was originally asked Tuesday for her daughters to be in it, but they were already busy.  So yesterday Darly and her friend spent the day at a high school pretending to be high school the background. 

Darly has mixed feelings about doing film work.  While it is quick with filming only taking a few days, it is rather tedious because you have to repeat the same scene over and over so filming can happen from different angles.  I'm sure this one she is about to film will be worse as it is a very small production crew.  But after yesterday she says that she isn't opposed to doing more film work, but she would rather stick with theater.

Once Fiddler strikes (is over and all the properties returned) Darly will be auditioning for another play.  We've been told that she's guaranteed a part, we just have to hope it's the one she really wants.  I am also hopeful that the rehearsal schedule changes to something that works out better for our family.


  1. Wow, the film opportunities sound exciting! I know it will be a very different experience from stage, which is great. Does Darly think about going into acting as a career?

    1. I don't think that Darly has really decided, but she does like acting a lot. She would like to continue to do it for as longs as she can, so we'll keep looking for opportunities to do that.

    2. I agree so much about giving kids opportunities. Some things they drop fairly quickly, but some things they stick with. That's one of the beauties of homeschooling, it gives them chances to explore life.