Sunday, November 08, 2015


It's over now and I'm really okay with how everything ended up going, BUT!!!

I came across this article today  Is it selfish to have adults only weddings?  and that got me thinking about it all again.

I should probably first say that when I got married I wanted an adult only wedding... BUT I DIDN'T GET IT!  I was not a fan of children back then (honestly, my kid is the only one I really like...okay some of her friends are really cool...but)  so I didn't want them at my wedding, messing anything up.  I can also add here that back then America's Funniest Home Videos was in full swing and the most popular videos were guys getting hit in the jewels and kids messing up weddings.  We also did NOT want our wedding video taped... guess what we have...

I was not able to have a kid free wedding because my dear fiance is the youngest of 5 children who were all married with kids and so to exclude their children would have really ticked off my new in we had the kids there.  Steps were taken to insure that the kids did not ruin my wedding and they didn't.  a fun time was had by most and there were no tantrums from the bride.  ;)

Now we are into the time of life where my husband's older nieces and nephews are getting married.  The same kids who all had to be invited to my wedding.  After attending two weddings in hubby's hometown we had already decided that when the next one got married that we were probably not going to when the save the date card arrived with a Fall date on it, we weren't all that concerned.  We didn't want to go anyway.

But then came the invitation for the wedding.  It was addressed to just hubby & me.  The invite and reception said it was "Respectfully an Adult Only Occasion."  and the RSVP card had that only 2 seats were reserved for us at the reception.  It was very clear that my nearly adult (17 & 1/2 year old) daughter was not invited at all.

And even though I had no intention of going to this wedding...I was really bothered by the fact that the couple had clearly excluded my daughter.  (I know, weird right?)

But then I got to thinking...

Perhaps the couple really didn't want any of us at the wedding?

I mean think about it...

Do they really expect for us to a) leave our kid at home alone (I know, loads of people do at her age and that's fine...we choose not to) b) pay to fly the 3 of us out there and leave daughter to do something else while we go to the wedding?  Or did they expect us to fly all 3 of us out and then ask for kiddo to babysit her younger cousins?

I don't know.  And honestly I am not upset at not going to the wedding.  We've done two there and there isn't much of anything else for us to see or do in and around hubby's hometown.  And sorry family but the thought of flying anywhere for just one or two days?  I don't think so.

I guess this opens the door for when kiddo gets married though and she doesn't want kids there... thanks for making it okay couple...  and I really do hope that no one gave you any grief about your kid free wedding.  It's your party.  I guess I'm just a wee bit jeally cuz I didn't get my kid free wedding.  :-/


  1. That's a tough one but I can only see it as a debatable issue for younger children, who undoubtedly don't get or enjoy the occasion anyway. I've heard of some offering childcare during the ceremony. After seeing a couple of wedding videos where you can't hear anything but a child in full-blown temper tantrum mode, it's understandable. But an older teen? That one doesn't make sense. Maybe they only want you to send a present.

  2. I totally agree with you on all counts. and I did send a gift, but that was mostly because his mom would be upset if we didn't.