Monday, February 15, 2016


We started looking into the Early Colleges program that is offered through our school district.  Basically it is a high school that also offers college classes through the local community college, but some of the classes are taught in the high school building (main ones like English & Math classes.)

In order to take the college classes DD had to take a test to see if she was ready to take college classes.  She did awesome on the English part of the test and scored just 6 points off the max score.

Unfortunately since we haven't really focused on math classes much (the major she wants doesn't require math) she didn't score well enough in that area for college level classes in math.

And this particular school felt that she couldn't handle the course load if she took the college the decided she wasn't allowed to.

Well the only reason we wanted the school was to get the college English classes.

Seeing as they didn't think she could do it (even though I signed a waiver that if she didn't pass the class with a c or above I would pay for the class), we decided that this wasn't the program for DD.

We're now looking at other options.  I've got my eye on a good should work out.

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