Friday, October 16, 2009

another busy week

Monday I was asked to come in to cover the phones so the staff could have a meeting. Darly went shopping with her friend. So I go, but I forgot to ask how to use the phones...luckily there were only 3 calls...but it turned out that the meeting ran long thanks to a HUGE issue within the church. Hopefully we can get it all worked out soon.

Tuesday Darly & I went to this place called Jump Street. It is an indoor trampoline "park" where they have these HUGE trampolines all over the floor. It looked really cool. Darly thought so because it was her idea to go there. However, the place was soon packed with kids who had been bussed there. WHAT? Why are children who should be in school at a park that should be being used for kids who are home from school during the day??? I don't know. sigh Well Darly was not happy that she couldn't get a few feet of trampoline to herself, but I wouldn't leave until our time there was case she changed her mind at all...also I was chatting with my friends. hee hee

Tuesday night - gymnastics. I'm so glad that Darly didn't injure herself at Jump Street and was able to go to the gym. Cuz she did a near perfect bar routine! YAY

Wednesday we met up with friends for lunch before going to CYT Denver's production of Beauty and the Beast. Turns out we had met Belle at Church a while back...she was awesome as were the rest of the cast. I was a tiny bit disappointed with Beast but the rest of the kids were awesome and cast so well.

Wednesday night Darly's friend had dinner with us and loved my Pizzania and then the girls went to confirmation...where they went to buy goodies to ship to the soldiers.

Thursday was a day off, but Darly & I went to Kohls and bought her a new wardrobe cuz she's outgrown everything!

Today was Girl Scouts where the kids studied different cultures and we had some foods from different cultures. I brought cream puffs from france...yeah right, they were from the grocery store's freezer. :D but we had a lot of yummies.

Tomorrow I hope to drag Darly to Stemapalooza. Last year she didn't have a good time, but this time SHOULD be better.


  1. What's this Pizzania?

  2. The trampoline incident reminds me of when Kramer was complaining about swimming during the geriatric aquacise class, so he started swimming in the East River instead.

  3. I would like to go to Kohl's for a new wardrode. Will you take me? HA!
    The trampoline place sounds really cool, and I don't blame Darly for being annoyed. I would be annoyed too. Why weren't those kids in school? Fall break? Do your public schools have Fall Break?

  4. I had to go*gle Pizzania, it sounds great!!