Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters! an idea ...

I've swiped from my friends.

I've seen this idea on a few of my friend's blogs and I've always wanted to try it...well now I'm going for it!

Dear Owner of the gymnastics gym that Darly goes to,

HOW DARE YOU?!?!? How dare you break my little girl's heart like that?!?!? We told you that we could not attend a class on Wednesday, yet YOU told us to sign up for the try-outs anyway. YOU said you would work something out because Darly wasn't the only girl who couldn't do Wednesday nights.

Yet last night after Darly did a stellar job earning her a position on the Team you had your minion come out to let us know that yes she got a spot, but she couldn't have it unless she could be there on Wednesday nights!!!

Did you really expect us to choose gymnastics over GOD??? Do you really think you're more important? I THINK NOT!!!

Lucky for you that Darly's tuition is already paid for the next 4 months! We know that Darly has the skills to be on the USAG Team, Eagles or Cara... and while my little girl's heart is breaking over not being able to do this, she won't give up God for you. I'm so proud of her! and so MAD at you!

a very ticked off mom!

Dear Roofing Companies that won't return my calls,

Yes, I realize that you are super busy right now. Busier than you've ever been...but if you want to continue to be busy, you should have someone answering the phones! I won't be giving my business to someone who doesn't have the courtesy to return my phone calls...if you can't be bothered to call me back now, how can I believe that you'll call me back when I give you my business. pshaw! You won't! Which is why I WON'T be calling you back or giving you my business. oops! There goes $11K for you!

a not that stupid homeowner!

Dear House,

Would you PLEASE stop piling up with junk all over yourself? You're really letting yourself go and it isn't attractive! Stop it now!

Your owner

Dear Postal Carrier,

Would you please STOP filling my mailbox with junk mail that I don't bother reading? You're continued stuffing of my mailbox is leading to my House's problem with the piles of junk (see letter above)!!! I have to rip my name and address off each piece and then recycle all this paper and I have NO IDEA where the recycling center got moved to!

resident, occupant, and homeowner

Dear Dishwasher,

You had better stop leaving a film all over my dishes or I'll have to call someone to come and take a good chunk of my money (money that would otherwise go to supplying you with the nice dishwashing packets) to come and rip you all the pieces!!!

Your owner

Dear Snow,

Just go away!!! It is only October for pete's sake! Now we don't get to go to the Pumpkin Patch for our yearly trip. I really wanted to see the bunnies this year. Sigh!


Dear brother,

Would you take a few seconds out of your life to call and check on your sister? I haven't heard from you at all since my hubby went out of town. Your wife my have told you that I bought a new car, but you probably don't even know that. And sorry I had to HIDE you on my FaceBook account, but all you ever post are cryptic Computer Geek updates for your potential clients.
I don't even know if you intend to be in town for the holidays, and I don't want to invite myself over.

Oh and can you let our other two brothers know that they should be checking in on me too? I know that oldest brother is intending to come out for the annual Ski week.

Your favorite Sister

Okay, I think I'm done now! Whew! That was kinda fun!


  1. Deer MomRenee {{HUGS}} and kitty headbonks.

  2. Feel better? :) I always do after one of those!

  3. I think you should complain out loud to the gymnastics owner. They had no right to do that. That was simply mean and nasty.
    That said, I'm so proud of DD for following her heart and choosing God.