Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All I got for Christmas...

is a lot actually! ;o)

Let's start with what Darly got for me...

I asked my friend Marsi if she wouldn't mind taking Darly shopping because when DH takes her, he waits until the week before Christmas and only takes her to one store (luckily it isn't a convenience store!) for her to get me something. Marsi was happy to do it, so we planned which stores Darly wanted to shop at and I got her gift cards for those stores. I thought the cards would be easier than money to deal with. Darly was a very good shopper and got me some wonderful gifts!

She got me some nice fleece pajama pants, fuzzy purple squishy slippers, a pair of fuzzy slipper socks with rabbits on them (each sock has a plush rabbit at the top that you slip your foot through...so it is kinda like wearing rabbit slippers!), purple fuzzy slipper socks and a nice pair of ear rings.

Dh wasn't too bad in the shopping department either this year. Mind you, I did give him a list...but it on had two items on it and he got me some extra.

He got me a pack of Hanes comfort t-shirts (because I always borrow his!), a Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD (no idea what he was thinking there!), a US Flag that was flown over the headquarters in Iraq in honor of US Veterans, a pair of Isotoner gloves (item from my list) and a anniversary ring (also on my list!)

I've been bugging DH for an anniversary ring for years and he's always said that I could have one for the traditional diamond anniversary year... that's 60 if you're keeping track of things! However, I explained to him that this ring was necessary because here in Colorado my fingers shrink up, (are smaller at the base than at my knuckles) which causes my engagement ring to spin around on my finger and the stones to poke me rather painfully. So I don't wear my engagement ring all that often...unless we go out of state. They fit fine just about everywhere else. I think it's a water retention thing or something. I also figured I deserved one after the last 7 months.

I guess that DH must have figured I deserved it too as the house is still standing, and when I showed him the ring I was interested in it wasn't a fortune. So under the tree this year was my nice new ring.

Right now my ring is at the jeweler's getting resized as they don't really make rings small enough for my tiny fingers. I can only buy rings for my pointer fingers that are "off the shelf" or a size 6. Everything else has to be sized down for me. What I don't like is that we get charged for this...they get to keep the extra gold. oh well... I'll be calling today to see if it is ready, it was supposed to be done by yesterday.


  1. wow, nice pressies!!!! Our the mom told our the dad when they got married that for their 10th anniversary she expected an anniversary ring (because her wedding ring was ugly - they were poor back then). She got one and he got one and now they never wear any rings. MOL!

  2. So...you buy gift cards for Darly to buy you gifts? Shouldn't DH at least do that? :)

    Darly sounds like a good shopper!

  3. TC: I forgot to mention that DH was still out of town when Darly went shopping.

  4. Admit it, you're a closet Blue Collar Comedy Tour fan!

  5. Bone: No idea! I've never seen them!

    well I've seen Jeff Foxworthy of course... on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"

  6. Sounds like you received lots of fleece. HAHA!

  7. Ohhh, nice presents!! happy new year! it's my first day commenting this year :)

  8. Time for new post :)