Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on DH

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Jan 19 
went to the hospital early today (normally I don't get there until 2pm) and DH had a great day. They knocked his O2 down to 2.5 ltrs per min and he was still able to keep his sat level at 95. So they finally let him walk, but at 4 ltrs O2...he did really well and stayed above 90.

Jan 20

DH is getting so much better that he might go home very soon (I don't want to jinkx it*). They asked today about an address to set up delivery of O2 (to support DH's habbit). Today they walked him w/o the O2 and he held at 93%!!!! YAY! Woo Hoo! He's now in the shower, his first shower since the 12th! :D (he's had sponge baths)  *They had talked to me about ordering O2 delivered to us for his release the next day.  But since I hadn't heard this from the doctor, I didn't want to go posting that he was being released only to have it not happen.

Jan 21

as soon as his paperwork is done we can go home! No more O2 either. They're cutting off his habbit. ;o) Because he had to take all his records back to CO with him we had to wait for the doctor to finish transcribing them and then for all the lab work to be sent up and copied also...that was 95 pages!  We got back to BIL's house around 4pm.

Jan 22

last night was rough. He was in a lot of pain. I think that they had him on painkillers in the hospital and he just didn't realize it because the onset of the pain was right about the right time for them to wear off. He slept on the recliner so that I wouldn't kill him, but got cold. I gave him hot chocolate and he's sleeping peacefully again. ugh! That means at least another day before we can fly home.  DH was actually raring to go home that day but I refused to let him fly in that much pain.

Jan 23

is finally home again...but I'm sure tired. course for me it's now midnight even though the clock reads 10pm.  It took some doing, but DH finally arranged flights home for us.  We had to pay extra for them though.  So while DH was on the phone he called the airlines and when I got out I asked/stated "I need to pack, don't I?" and he said yes.  Our flight left Detroit at 4:10pm and we touched down in Denver at 4:50pm.  gotta love those time zones!

Our first night home was a bit rough as DH was in pain again.  So he slept in and stayed home while I went to get Lilly and went to our Church planning meeting.  It was so great to see everyone from Church who had been praying for us while we were gone.  They were so happy to get the report that DH was home and doing well.


Last night, DH finally admitted that it might be a good idea to take a pain killer (thank goodness!)  He slept really really well and so did I!  YAY!  Now to get Darly over her head cold!  I got her some Sudafed for the flight which was such a good idea.  I'm going to make sure we take it from now on when we fly!!!  But she doesn't want any more of it!  LOL!  I don't blame her.



  1. oh Miss Renee - we are so sorry! we is purrrring very hard for your DH and for YOU! You needs some big time rest!! We hopes that DH is all way better very very very soon!

    Oh, we is on facebook too - Our the mom is Mary Schaffer (her profile pikshur is her when she was a little girl bean) and Billy is under Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap - if'n you wants to friend us!

  2. his first shower since the 12th!

    One reason I'm looking forward to being married. Less upkeep :)

    Seriously, glad DH is doing much better. Sounds like he had quite a rough go of it there for awhile.