Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had a very small bank account with TCF Bank, but today I closed it and here's why.

Like I said the account is very small. I had less than $500 in the account (problem #1). I don't use it very often and therefore I don't check it very often (problem #2).

So today I log into my account to check it and see that:
1) there is A LOT less money in there than there should be
2) there's a maintenance fee on my statement! WAIT A MINUTE!!! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A "TOTALLY FREE CHECKING" ACCOUNT!
3) I can't get to any bank statements before March to see what was going on there.

So I go in and ask to talk to someone about my account...the nice guy at the counter says he can help. I tell him what's going on and that I wasn't notified about the account changes. He said that online folks got notified ONLINE back in Jan/Feb. I said I never received that because I wasn't checking the account.

The "bank's response" TOO BAD! I could avoid the fees by increasing my balance to over $500 or having automatic deposit...both of which I cannot do. Like I said it was a small account and I intended to keep it small. They aren't allowed to reverse the fees. So I closed the account.

My new bank is offering my a totally free checking account.

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  1. Totally free should be totally free. That sucks.