Sunday, August 01, 2010

GEEZE! Learn how to shop already!

I know better...really I do, but sometimes life just gets in the way and doesn't allow me time to go to the grocery store until the weekend comes. And every time that I am forced to go to the grocery store on the weekend I am a frustrated as ever at the lack of common sense and pure stupidity of the others in the store!

First the parking lot: Folks they have these very nice things called cart corrals for holding the shopping carts. The reason they have these is to prevent shopping carts from hitting, scratching or otherwise being the the way of the cars. Please use the cart corral to return your cart or push the cart all the way back up to the store. Do not park your cart anywhere you want. Especially NOT BEHIND MY CAR!

Second: If you are going to have a reunion with someone you haven't seen in a while in the store and catch up on old times...believe it or not they provide a location for this too! It's called the coffee shop up front and it even has tables and chairs for you to take a load off your feet while you catch up on old times with your friend. This of course means that the middle of a shopping aisle is NOT the place for this reunion. Blocking of the aisles is frowned upon by everyone and is also a fire hazard.

Third: Parking your cart in front of a shelf full of food for you to go and decide what you would like over on the other side of the aisle is Not allowed (shoot, I'm writing the rules here!) Unless you don't mind someone moving your cart to say the loading dock of the store...don't leave your cart unattended.

Fourth: Speaking of carts... underage driving of carts is not allowed either. Children have NO business driving the shopping carts...especially on a busy weekend day. And while we're at it...Is is really necessary for you to bring the entire family with you on the weekend??? Having extra people with you crowds the store more, and just frustrates everyone. Make your list at home and go me, it is much easier!

Fifth: Please do not talk on your cell phone and drive (your cart). Trust can't really do it no matter who you think you are. And your conversations with those not in the store really bugs those of us who are in the store.

Sixth: Look around you before you rush up to that open register. There might be a line for it behind you that you just cut into...especially on a busy weekend.

And finally, please know how you intend to pay for your purchase before entering the store. Trying to figure that out after all your items rung up is really annoying to those of us who are waiting behind you...not to mention embarrassing!

(believe it or not I had 4 out of the six infractions listed above happen to me today. I've got to plan my week better!)


  1. We avoid the grocery store on the weekend - we'll go without before we go there...
    You are soo brave!

  2. I have been occasionally guilty of rule #1, but more often, rule #5. :-[

  3. I disagree with 4 and 5, but not the others :)

  4. I especially hate when there are like three buggies taking up the only open parking space within half a mile of the store.

    And yeah, I love that some people seem to be completely surprise when they get to the register. Like, "Oh, I have to PAY for all this???"

    I've been guilty of #5 a couple of times.

  5. #2 causes me the most problems. Courtesy goes a long way, sometimes I think people forget.