Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harry Potter #7!

I have to admit that I avoided the Harry Potter series when it first came out.  I just didn't see what all the fuss was about so I didn't pick up any books until the first book came out as a movie and was aired on TV.  So yeah, very late in the game.  But one day we were at my MIL's house and the first movie came on and I got hooked.
I didn't even get to see the entire movie that day because we went home before it was over.  So I quickly hopped onto my local library’s website and reserved a copy of the movie so I could finish watching it.  And then I also checked out the second movie.  It was during the second movie…checking out the deleted scenes that I realized that I was missing parts of the story and it was time to read the books.  And so I started reading the books.  And I loved the stories.
Soon I got to be a book snob and hated what they were doing to the stories when they turned them into movies.  I guess the worst was in Goblet of Fire when they deleted major portions of the story (Dobby the house elf!) and put in stuff that wasn’t in the book (Harry’s flight scene where he is hanging off the roof of the school with the dragon in hot pursuit.)  For the other movies I had to remind myself that the movie was not the same as the book.  I still get upset with the liberties that the movies take.
However, I’ve been watching the trailers for the HP#7 part one movie and I have to say that for at least one scene that I’m happy with a change that has been made.  I just grabbed my copy of the book and checked it to see how different they’ve made it…but yes, I’m still happy.  I won’t spoil the scene for you here…Let’s just say that I’m looking forward to seeing the movie and I sure hope that any other changes make me just as happy.
Oh and one more thing…they sure are showing a lot of sneek previews for this movie…wondering what we’ll see when it’s all together.


  1. My now 22yo was a big HP fan and avidly read all the books. I have read only two and a half, but only because he kept asking me to do that, then...I guess I only saw a couple of HP movies, when my son wasn't old enough to go there with friends only.
    Enjoy the new movie!!

  2. Am I the only person left on Earth who hasn't read a single Harry Potter book? :-)

    An Island Life

  3. I avoided HP too until one night in a motel when one of the movies was on TV and there was nothing else to do. Actually, I was kinda bored. Call me the oddball, but to each her own. LOL

  4. How old is that kid now, like thirty?

    Maybe I'm thinking of the Lord Of The Rings kid. I always got those two series confused.