Friday, November 26, 2010

my extra frig!

I've been wanting an extra refrigerator forever.  There are just so many times when it would be handy to have some extra room for food here.  However, my hubby says NO!  and probably with good reason.  :(

See I have this tiny problem.  I buy things food when they're it's on sale.  I had to scratch out the things part cuz I'm really good at controlling my spending when it comes to just things.  However if it is food and it's on sale...well WE NEED FOOD!  But the reason this is a problem is there is usually some food on sale nearly every week...and I tend to fill up the freezer and keep buying more food...CUZ IT'S ON SALE!  sigh!  Hubby thinks that if he were to allow me to have an extra frig, I would fill it up to the brim and then forget about my stash...and continue buying.

and alas... he is probably right.  sigh

However, when the holiday season approaches...I NEED the extra space that having an extra frig would give me.  I mean you can't find anything in our frig when it is full of a turkey and all the trimmings.

BUT we live in Colorado.  And in Colorado, most years it gets darned right cold around the holidays.  Which means my garage is as cold as a walk in refrigerator!  ding!  ding!  ding!  ding!  ding!  

So in years past and this year too, I've used my garage to store all the extra food we have.  And it is awesome!  This year I used the garage to cool down my turkey brine quickly by setting the pot directly on the concrete.  I don't think that the frig could have done that.  I also am able to put our turkey in the garage while it sits in the brine.  I could never fit it in the frig.

And this year, instead of filling up the frig with still warm food (and possibly spoiling the milk) I put all the left-overs in the garage!  Hubby was so happy about he doesn't like spoiled milk for his cereal.

I suggested that we put some shelves in the garage for me to put the food on...and hubby agreed!  (course, who knows how long it will be before I can actually get my shelves.) but one day I will have shelves in the garage for extra food storage!

and now I've just come up with an idea for what to get hubby for Christmas!  woot!  He is getting shelves for the garage!  he he


  1. That's a great idea. My business partner, Marianne, lives in New Hampshire and uses her garage as well. Here in south Georgia...yeah, wouldn't work so well. I DO have an extra refrigerator, though, and two small freezers.. cause I'm with you. When food is on sale, I stock up!

  2. So wish I could do that! Genius though, I have to tell ya!

  3. Man, now you should put a hot tub out in the garage. It'd be like Sweden in there.


  4. What an excellent idea! I only wish we had the consistent cold weather to do that. (And the garage:)

  5. SO Smart-look at you!
    I have an extra freezer in the garage, and it's great. I bought a cheap one at Lowes, best purchase every. I too, buy lots of food when I find it on sale. I'm sorry, but you can't beat bread on sale for $0.99.

  6. We always used the porch for drinks, especially pop.

    But you knew if it dropped too much below zero, that pop was gonna have some ice chunks in it.