Thursday, February 17, 2011

Window crap continues

today after waiting since December to get this window replacement finished I find that we are yet still tied up in this drama!

After installing the windows I called the city building department and had an inspector come out to finish up the project...only we couldn't because one of our windows was ordered wrong and didn't meet fire safety codes.  Turns out when the guy ordered the window he forgot to mark that this window needed a special hinge on it so that it would open up all the way.  And so the window that was installed in December only opened to 19 inches and needed to open to at least 20 to pass.

So we waited for a new window to be made.  I was told this would take only a few weeks, but as you can see it took much longer as I was only called to make the appointment to install it last week.

The guy gets here and first off he never showed me the window before ripping out the "old" window.  I didn't notice the new window didn't have the decorative grids that we ordered until he already had the window half installed.  OYE!  So I called up hubby, who isn't pleased at all...we paid extra for the grids.

I mentioned to the installer that the window should have had grids and he says "did the one I pulled out have grids?"  I'm ready to smack him.  Then he says "well it's always something!"

I've got an email into the sales guy...we'll see how long it takes to get this resolved.


  1. What a ning nong. Obviously he didn't listen to you! How frustrating. I hope it gets straightened out quickly.

  2. Man, what a nightmare. I hope you get everything straightened out! YUCK!