Friday, April 01, 2011

Ya gotta be kidding me! Really?

So after all this time...after all the hard work DH has done getting MIL's house ready...oh wait, I should show you.

When the house was originally put on the market we had a lot of showings, but it just wouldn't sell.  One of the main comments we kept getting was that the buyers wanted the kitchen already redone.  I don't really understand why someone would want to buy someone else's idea of perfect, except that it seems they don't want to spend the money to do it themselves.  Hummm don't they realize that we up the price of the house when we have to add improvements?  I guess not.

Here's the before...

And here's the after...

DH put in the tile himself and we paid to have the granite put in.  So after many hours of hard work the house was put back on the market and had 7 showings for it's first weekend out.  Everyone LOVED the new kitchen.  (okay?)  and on Monday our realtor called to ask hubby a question from one of the folks who came to see the house...

The want to know if he would accept an offer with a contingency...  They need to sell their house first...And (get this) they haven't even put their house on the market yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When DH told me this my reaction was ____NO!  and he didn't even get upset with me about the expletive...apparently his reaction was very similar.

Ya gotta be kidding me... after all this time and all this work they expect us to take their offer and just wait for their house to sell???  Yeah RIGHT!  I don't think so pal!  you want the house, you sell yours first...then you go find a house.  Unless of course you want to pay the mortgage on our house while we wait.  :p

oh and what's with all these folks 1 leaving all the lights turned on in the house when they come to see it and 2 using the bathrooms???  They've used up all the toilet paper in one of the bathrooms and hubby has had to clean the toilet...cuz who knows who might get turned off from someone coloring in there.  ewwe!


  1. For the record..I do not like the "upgrades" to the kitchen. I don't like granite. It is cold and has natural fissures that hold yucky stuff...and I can't stand tile! To me tile is something designed by some sick sadist for merely making life harder on people.

  2. I would have said the same thing! If your MIL's house is meant to be theirs, they'll sell it quickly and this one will work out fine. Actually I thought the kitchen was fine before, but there's no telling with folks. Love the doors on the corner cabinets.