Friday, March 25, 2011

Hubby always makes the plan bigger

After YEARS of sewing little hobby projects, I've decided that I'm finally ready to be a bit more dedicated to it... I think it was trying to cut some fabric for my latest project

with scissors that were already toast that did it for me.  Don't worry, I'm not gonna start sewing my own clothes...well unless I can't find what I'm looking for!  :D

Luckily I had gotten some coupons for a local sewing place and was able to purchase new sewing scissors...GOOD ones for half price.  YAY!  I love a good deal.  I also looked for one of these. 
At first I looked for it at the same store that I bought my scissors...they had one online (that I can't find now, perhaps because when I looked yesterday it was out of stock?) but when we were at the store they were completely out of them.  So I decided to try my local Wally World.  I knew it was a long shot, but totally worth a try...right?

YES!  So worth a try!  Not only did I find it, they had it for $2 less than the sewing place!!! :D  *happy dance!*
The only problem I now had was that the table that I'm currently using to cut fabric on is 30"x40" and the board is of course 36"x60" (the size of the largest yard of fabric you can get). 

So I think I should just have hubby make me a cubby hole shelf to make up the difference in size and I'll just put the extra 6 inches in width to the back so I don't put any weight on it. :D  I drew up the plans...

When I showed them to hubby, he balked at my idea.  He didn't like that it is a book shelf but since the middle shelf could be one piece it would require that the back of the shelf a sturdier piece of wood so it can support the middle shelf.  He tried to talk me into just a regular book shelf...but I didn't want that.  So after learning why I wanted the shelf to look like this he suggests just building me a new table! 

As it turns out we have the materials to just build a new table...he could even make the legs on one side be  storage shelves for me.  And it wouldn't take that much more work.  So now instead of getting a new shelf, I'm getting a new day.  I told him I wanted it for Mother's day.  I wonder if I'll really get it by then.  LOL!

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  1. I just love it when things turn out so well. Seems like a lot of bloggers are getting in to sewing these days. I wonder if it's contagious?