Friday, September 30, 2011


So today I sent an email out with the following...

All children should have either Jazz shoes or Ballet Slippers.  Children’s sizes of these can be found at Payless Shoes and larger sizes can be found at the Dance supply stores here in the Our Area.  Because dancing shoes are not sized the same as street shoes I would advise trying these on in person before purchase.

All girls are asked to wear either a white or light colored camisole or tank top with form fitting (non-denim) shorts.  This is to be worn under all costumes to facilitate costume changes with modesty in the dressing rooms.  With the exception of a few girls (noted below for your child) girls will be able to wear whatever stockings or socks they are most comfortable with.

~~~~~~~~~~~~I hear back...
I am a little confused you asked that all children should have either jazz shoes or ballet slippers.  Then in the last paragraph you said girls will be able to wear whatever stockings or socks.  Can the girls wear either ballet slippers or socks?  Can you please clarify?  Thank you.

~~~~~~~~~I write back...
or shoes they can wear either Jazz shoes or ballet slippers... for leg wear they can wear stockings, tights or socks.  They do NOT want to wear socks without shoes on the stage as it is just painted plywood and prone to ripping up clothing.
I'm still curious to know what in the first email suggested that the girls could wear just socks???  I would like to hear your thoughts cuz I need to hear something different.


  1. please note the misspelling of my name!

  2. They don't read. They just assume they know what it says.
    My suggestion? Take a deep breath... it's going to be a long season.

  3. I asked other moms if they understood it...but they were all regulars. The question came from a new mom.

    I am just flabbergasted that there would be any paragraph is about shoes, the other mentions socks. :-{

    Well no one asked me any questions at the Parent meeting, and no one else has emailed back. sigh!

  4. LBC is right, folks don't read, they scan and assume! Her spelling of your name is a big clue. Even if you didn't have two explicit paragraphs addressing first shoes and then socks, it only makes sense that socks are worn with shoes! LOL

  5. so glad that I'm not going crazy!