Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Horsey stuff

Darly & I have gone over to Miss S's place two more times since my last post.  Darly is having a wonderful time and falling in love.

I should tell you about our experience buying a helmet!  Since we couldn't find a free helmet (turns out they only give them away at certain times of the year) we went to a local horse supply place.  We asked for some help as they had a huge selection.  The lady who helped us also had her injured dog there.  The dog was very friendly and after a bit became more and more demanding of our one point he jumped up on me...I yelled at him because this wasn't the kind of jumping up on a person to just get at their face.  The lady was totally embarrassed by this and made sure to keep her dog away from us as much as she could while still trying to find a helmet to fit Darly's oval head...apparently helmets are made for round headed people.  So we ended up with a very expensive helmet...but it is worth it.

So back to the horses.  We actually went to the barn on Easter.  We didn't have any plans other than a big Easter dinner, so we spent it with the horses.  Darly had a great time and learned how to load the horse into the trailer.  Rosie is much better at this than Mark...who didn't put up as much of a fuss this time.  We figured that he was upset because Rosie didn't have to ride in the trailer last time.  Miss S wants Mark to be more independent though, so she had no sympathy for him.  Darly also tacked up and down Rosie this trip... hefting the saddle was hard work!
I learned that even if it is bring and sunny, keep a jacket in the car because it is colorado here. :p

Today the ground was too wet to ride the horses.  But Darly was still able to go and groom Rosie.  She also did some lead work with her and learned to make Rosie move where she wanted her to go more.  Darly braided Rosie's mane with a crown braid.  It was very pretty.  We think that Rosie appreciated her grooming session...kinda hard to tell with horses.

And before you ask there was no beefarino involved!

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