Friday, August 03, 2012


A while back a friend of mine gave me an awesome suggestion.  We were at a local festival and all these booths would give you free stuff in exchange for your contact info...I was passing on the free stuff because I get enough junk mail as it is and didn't want more.  But she suggested that I set up an email account just for the known junk mail.  Genius!

So I set up the account and right away started to use it to email folks who were mailing me stuff when I'm on the do not mail list.  That was annoying...they mail you stuff you didn't ask for and say to get off the mailing list to email now they have your email account address.  :P  Now I've got them back.  ha ha

So I hadn't been checking my junk mail account and today went in there and find the following email. 

The upper right hand corner shows the name Google+ has an issue with.

The first thing that made me giggle was that they sent it 10 days the deadline to prevent the hold on my profile is already passed.  But biggest giggle came when reading that my non-action won't harm my ability to use the account just for what I wanted it for.  YAY!  It just stops me from using the account for the services that I had no intention of using.  bwahaha!

yeah, whatever.

I wonder if I should argue that "No, Really!  My first name is Nomore." 

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  1. I always enter some non-existent email address like that on websites that require one. Like

    Come to think of it, I never hear from my bank anymore. Hmmm.