Tuesday, October 16, 2012


so last week we were at the conference for a good portion of the week.

Hubby had to work over the weekend and while there he got into his files and see that Darly & my ID cards will expire this coming Saturday.  We need to come and get our cards renewed this week!

I so wish that he would have checked this LAST week so we could have renewed the cards one of the days we drove right by the office.  :p

I also need to go by the store and pick up some new pants I ordered...I sure hope I ordered the right size.  That order of course didn't show up until the day AFTER the conference ended.


oh and the neighbor's roofer decides to show up today.

I wonder why Darly is still asleep?

In other randomness?

We've got this one member of our Church who is a bit eccentric (I hope that's a nice term for it).  I'm not sure what all is going on there...
At any rate this guy wanted to do a Reformation Fair.  This guy had set up a facebook page for it so that he could keep us all informed.  When I joined the page he made me an administrator.  lovely!  We quickly realized that there was no possible way to be ready to do this by Oct 31st this year.  We didn't have a location, a plan or the resources to do it. So the page has been sitting dormant since we canceled the plans to do the fair this year.
Today guy gets on the page and goes into a full blown rant about political issues.  Just what we need associated with our Church!  I was out of there pretty quickly.


  1. He needs a personal FB page! Was the conference a good one?

    1. He has a FB page. I guess he just wanted a bigger audience for his rant. One of the other admins on the page (he started the page but then made everyone who joined the page from our Church an admin) commented that he shouldn't post such rants on a page for the Church's activity...and he says that he'll just take it down after the election. @@ I wonder if she noticed that I left the page?

      The conference was really for our pastors and I didn't get to attend it, just helped run it. I heard from several attendees that it was really good and that all our help made it go very smoothly. Some of the speakers were really good, there was even a Christian comedian there (I didn't get to see him as I had other commitments). They weren't totally cruel though, we were invited to as many activities as we wanted to go to. And I had a great time.

  2. Congratulations on the workout. Looks good. A lot better than me. I've got an exercycle in my office. It's gathering dust.

    1. Hi Norma! I have an eliptical in my bedroom...the darned thing doesn't hold clothes at all. ;o)

  3. Just remember, if you do have to return the pants, don't wear them when you're returning them. You might slip in mud, RUINING the very pants you were returning.

    1. now days you can probably still get the store to take them back...they aren't as snooty as the store that wouldn't take it back for revenge.