Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where I've been, what I've been doing

Those of you who have friended me on Facebook know a bit about what I've been up to as I was able to post some...but I've been too busy to come over here lately.

As if sewing costumes for Darly's newest play "Little Princess" wasn't enough, I also volunteered us (Darly, DH & myself) to help with the LCMC Annual Gathering.

So on Saturday Darly, DH & I went up to the convention center and helped prepare the bags that we handed out to all the attendees.  The rest of our Youth Group and some of the adults at church were also there.  We even had a few folks from some of the other area LCMC churches come to help as well.  We managed to get the bags loaded and set up really quickly with enough time for some goofing around and snacks as well.
Then we brought home an extra kid for a few hours of merriment for Darly.  This worked out as there was a Youth Group event that evening that Darly & I went to.

Sunday we had the honor of having the pastors from the Estonia Tartu Academy join us and present the message.  We had a lot of guests because of the Annual Gathering.  Then the church threw a bbq lunch where we learned even more about the Tartu Academy.
Then Darly & I went to the convention center to get set up and ready for the opening of the Gathering.  We were asked to run the merchandise table along with our friends the P family.  The kids did a lot of running around for us.
We enjoyed dinner at the conference, I don't know what part of the pig that roast was from but it was sure yummy.  I had to force myself to stop eating it.  At our table was a youth minister and missionaries from Kenya who help streetkids become reunited with their families.  They provide counseling so that the kids and families are reconciled and stay together.
After dinner we got to go to worship with over 1200 pastors from all over the world!  It was an incredible experience with a great message provided by a pastor from Evergreen.

Monday we started the day early (for us) at 7:30 at the conference with more merchandise table work.  At lunch we shared a table with a pastor of a small church in Oregon...his wife homeschools their kids and runs their entire Sunday School program as it is just 6 kids...her 3 and their cousins.  They're looking and praying that they can grow.
After lunch it was time for break-out sessions.  The kids and I helped everyone find the rooms that they were looking for.  We all learned that while the convention center's computerized map was helpful the scrolling list of classes was too fast for anyone to read.  I gave Darly a list of classes & rooms which she found most helpful.

Tuesday early again and off to work the merchandise table.  As Darly was very tired she set up a nap area in the back of the coat closet and zonked out for about an hour & a half (she was much happier after that!) we had another afternoon of directing traffic...but we were prepared with a list of classes this time.  However, there was one class that not many had signed up for, but everyone wanted to it was put in a room that wasn't big enough.  I later learned that if folks had signed up for this class they could have scheduled a larger room...but they could only go by how folks registered.  I'm betting that the nearly empty larger room was where all the extras came from.  :(
That evening I had a board meeting with my homeschool I was up pretty late.

Wednesday was early again but it was also the final day.  We were expecting a lot more sales that day, but it seemed that folks weren't so eager to buy a lot of stuff they had to figure out how to get home.  So instead we had to figure out how to get all the extra merchandise back to Michigan.
I was able to get our laundry done when we got home.

Today is Thursday and Darly & I are heading up to Celestial Seasonings for a tour and some tea!  Then Darly has her CYT class at 4:30.  I think I'm going to try to go to the gym as I haven't been able to do that for a while.

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