Friday, September 13, 2013

Day book


Outside my window...It’s still raining.  Something was banging against the house which is why I’m up so early.  Probably a good thing as the clouds have eaten the sun.

I am thinking... Well I woke up thinking about costumes and as I write this I’m still thinking about them.

I am thankful... That we live so high up that flooding won’t be an issue for us but worried about others affected by it.

In the kitchen...  There’s a crockpot of tomato sauce waiting for me to attempt to can it.

I am wearing... pajamas

I am creating... ideas and lists

I am going... to rehearsal later to fit the kids into costumes

I am wondering... when I’ll get the emailed list I was promised last night for more characters in the show

I am reading... I just finished Prairie Rose…might have to look for Prairie Fire

I am hoping... to take pictures of the kids in costumes so the director can approve of them sooner than Oct 19

I am looking forward to... what God has in store with all this rain

I am learning… I’m sure there’s something.  Brain not fully engaged yet.

Around the house...something smells bad

I am pondering... hopefully the smell is an easy fix

A favorite quote for today... it’s too early for quotes

One of my favorite things... this bathrobe.  Oh and coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week:  costumes, more costumes, the observatory (probably a rainy night tour) and then more costumes.

A peek into my day... Once I get done with my morning chores, I’ll start canning that tomato sauce and then head to the basement to work on the costumes.

diet update: down 15 lbs since the beginning of my saga.  I still think 5 more might be good, although they're tougher to move now.  I'm adding carbs back in small amounts, but tacos with rice can't be resisted.  the rice was thai black rice which really does NOT go with tacos, but it tastes good.


  1. I hope your canning goes well, did you make the sauce from your garden tomatoes? Stay dry! :)

    1. yes the tomatoes are from my garden. I started tossing them into gallon bags in the freezer and yesterday made sauce from them all. I got 3 & 3/4 quarts. So I just processed the 3. I have more tomatoes that didn't fit in my crock pot yesterday that I can still cook up that might fill the 4th jar. Then I'll just water bath it. will be a good way to learn if I prefer water or pressure for tomatoes.