Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Let sleeping dogs lie

recently 2 different people I know posted online requests looking for homes for very hard to place animals. 

 In both cases the animals in question are rescued feral animals.  In both cases the animals are going to need some extensive foster care in order for them to even attempt to be pets.  In both cases the rescuer can not take on keeping the animals themselves.  And while I love animals, I question why.

I do know in both situations that the lives of the animals were at the least going to be considerably shortened since the animals had to fend for themselves (something they were used to doing)...and at the most the animals could loose their lives rather quickly due to humans.  In both cases the animals were being abused and in cultures where animals as pets isn't the same as what we are used to here.

I know that had I been in the same situation I would have been equally heartbroken about how these poor animals were living.  However, I would like to think that I would be more realistic about the chances for these animals.

Yet, the animals were brought here.  Where there are an over abundance of animals for adoption who have way fewer issues.  Animals who are used to humans, are housebroken and who need good homes as well.

I guess the best I can hope for in both cases is that the animals go to good patient foster care.  sigh

Perhaps I feel this way because in the past I did rescue wild rabbits.  They were never completely tame.  Left in the wild these rabbits would have died quickly (silly momma rabbit had her babies in my dog's back yard!)  In my care the rabbits lived a long time for wild rabbits, but alas they considered us stoopid humans nothing more than care takers. 

And that perhaps is what I should take away from this... we are merely stoopid humans.


  1. There was a cat that showed up out back here a few months ago. It had clearly been someone's pet. While there are supposedly two "no-kill" shelters in the area, when contacted they said they were full. That kind of ticked me off, because I was like well if the regular shelter could just say "we're full" they could be a no-kill shelter, too.

  2. In both situations just taking the animals to a local shelter is out of the question as shelters don't exist. The one is out of the country and the other might as well be out of the country. :-/

  3. I think sometimes we humans do more damage in our well-meaningness than good. Sad but true.