Wednesday, December 04, 2013

5 Acres & A Dream is now a book!

My friend (I think I can call her a friend...we've never met in person!) has written a book about her experiences in starting her homestead... working off the grid and becoming self-sufficient.

Here's the info

I've been following Leigh for years now and been very jealous of her 5 acres.  So much so that I've been known to look into finding my own spot of land nearby.  I also recommend her blog to everyone.

If you're at all interested in farm life, check this book out.

Note: I'm not being paid to write this.  Look baby goats!  :D


  1. Renee, thank you so much! I'm glad you didn't have trouble getting the cover photo and the link. That's been driving a few folks crazy. Here's to your having your little niche in the country some day. :)

    1. lol I've been known to follow directions well. ;) I hope your other friends get the links to work for you.
      and days like yesterday make me glad to be living in the city. ;) We got dumped with snow again.

  2. Wow! And I thought it was cool that my sister gets eggs from her chickens.