Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not a lot going on...

which means I'm frustrated!

DH & I can both agree on one thing for sure... we NEED to redo the kitchen!  The kitchen sink faucet was leaking when we bought the house in 2001 and of course it hasn't gotten any better on it's own.  And if you're going to replace the faucet...you might as well replace the sink.  And if you're going to replace the sink with an undermount to make me happy, well you might as well replace the counter tops.  btw: now 12 years later the countertops also need to be replaced because...
1) they're formica and just damaged from 17 years of abuse & use
2) they're white (what genius thought that white formica countertops were ever a good idea?!?!)
3) for some odd reason the dishwasher vents steam not only from it's proper vent but also from the other corner which makes the chip board under the formica chip apart (although DH has quick fixed that by sealing it.)

So we're agreed that the kitchen sink, faucet and counter tops need to be replaced.

the cabinets while still in great shape could use some updating...and since you're doing the countertops, you might as well do that too.

and then the kitchen floor needs to be replaced because the dishwasher leaked under it on one end of the kitchen...then the refrigerator leaked under it on the other end...and then there's also damage by the back door.  Sorry, but who thought that hardwood was a good idea under water leaking areas?

I'm all about practicality.  surfaces in the kitchen should not only look good, but be completely functional.

So to that end I want "bullet proof" surfaces here!

But I don't like tile or granite.  I butted heads with DH forever on this.  I wanted solid surface counter tops.  To me having the completely sealed surface that holds up to most anything seemed like the way to go.  I don't care that realtors are pushing everyone to have granite (we couldn't sell MIL's house because it didn't have granite counter tops...even when we included an allowance so the new owner could redo the kitchen any way they wanted...the house wouldn't sell until WE put in the granite.  And then we got $20K more for it!!!  *eyeroll*)

I do not like granite.  It is cold (I don't know why, but my kitchen is already too cold to get dough to rise...rock isn't going to help)  It isn't as durable as they first told us...drop something on it and you have a real mess.  If you don't get the good stuff, it pitts making for a real bacterial breeding ground!  And I just don't like the look of it.

I also like the option of having the under mount sink that is fused with the solid surface counter top.  To me this seemed like a much better solution for cleaning.  Our current sink with it's lovely lip is a bugger to keep clean...of course the white counter tops that catch every stain don't help at all.

So I wanted... Corian counter tops & sink.  Vinyl laminate flooring.  Reface the cabinets and add some new trim.

Nothing was happening because hubby didn't like my plan.  I still can not convince him that this is MY kitchen.  *eyeroll*

So the other day in an effort to get the darned kitchen finally done...I gave in.  A total concession on my part.  I told him he could have the stupid granite counter tops...if we can find one that looks close to wood.  He argued that if I went with something that looked like wood, it would be too dark in the kitchen. ?!?!?!?

I don't know what granite he thinks we should get, but I'm really mad now.  As I don't want the stupid rock to begin with!  ARGH


  1. We love our granite countertops, but they are cold... I LOVED the solid surface
    counter tops we had in our old house, but they didn't hold up as well as the granite (they cracked, installation expertise is very important!) Have you thought about painting the cabinets (or having them painted) as an update,and putting in butcher block counters? If we were going to do a complete kitchen re-do that's probably what I'd do... have the brightness from the white cabinets, but the warmth of the wood. :) Good luck with your project.. I hope you get it just the way you want it!

  2. Ok, is this progress or not, LOL. Who uses the kitchen the most? Whoever spends the most time there ought to have the final say. :)

  3. oh nuts. Blogger ate my comment.
    I am looking at painting the cabinets...but I want to stick with a wood look. There are kits you can buy.
    I have a decorative bunny shaped piece of Corian that is the color of the counter tops that I would like. I showed it to hubby and he freaked that I wanted Corian again. *eyeroll*

  4. Isn't that what man caves are for? We can put anything we want in there and everything else in the house pretty much gets decorated like the woman wants.

    1. well, yeah, that seems to be a bit of a problem. None of his crap fits in my house. ;) He was expecting to have his "man cave" but really wasn't ever around to claim it, so Darly & I claimed everything.
      So every time I want to do something, he says no. I do it anyway and he says...oh, that actually looks good.