Saturday, February 21, 2015

The massive snow storm

that wasn't!

Our local weather quacks were predicting our first winter blizzard.  Batten down the hatches bring in the animals kind of bad.  Folks were rushing to the stores to stock up on all the important supplies... milk, bread... and apparently bananas!
(Image by Susan Richards)

My friends and husband reported that it was a zoo out there!  Luckily I had already gone to the store and didn't need to rush out to stock up.

This was supposed to start out as freezing rain yesterday... it didn't.

We were supposed to have some accumulation today... there's maybe 3 inches in the grass, but it's melting off the roads.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the big day of this.  Honestly I don't put much faith in our local weather quacks.  It seems that their crystal balls don't really work that well and that just sticking your hand outside the door or looking out the window is a much better predictor of the weather.



  1. Can't say the weather folks are ever very accurate. What gets me is the way the news media trys to hype the whole thing up. Are they trying to whip us into a frantic frenzy? Our actual snow was non-existent, but we did get an half inch accumulation of ice. Shopping beforehand was insane and our shelves were empty as well. Of course, they don't seem to stock as much or as much variety as they used to.

  2. I always wonder why people go after milk and bread! I'd go after toilet paper. And batteries. And TWIX!!!!!!!!!!

    We're supposed to get 3 to 7 inches today here. Of course, I've yet to see the first flake.

    1. Yes! I knew I forgot something very important... the TWIX!! phoey!

  3. It does all seem to be a lot of media hype to get folks to buy stuff.

    I hate crowds so I avoid that panic shopping like the plague. Instead I figure I bought for the week... our snow storms are bad for a day or two but then the sun comes out and melts it all off. So I should be good...worst case I scrounge something weird out of the stuff hiding in the pantry.

    And as usual we had not the amount of snow they predicted... official was 10.5 at the airport and we had maybe 5 here. By Monday the sun was out melting it all away...some folks were even driving on Sunday.

    Tomorrow we are supposed to get more snow. I don't think folks will fall for the wolf cries.

  4. Well, we wound up having 8 or 9 inches. Which was about 7 or 8 more than I figured we'd get.